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Sports broadcaster, specializing in play by play. Have called every sport under the sun with the exception of cricket, rugby, and kabaddi, but I wouldn't mind giving all three of those a try. The only promise I give you is if you tune in to one of my broadcast, for however long you do so, you'll enjoy life during that period of time. These blogs are my way of sharing with the world my passionate (and hopefully articulate) responses to the sports world and the world in general. I do not mean to offend anybody with these blogs, but if you're offended, hey, contact me and I'm always up for a discussion or debate.

Reflections: When It Is More Than the Game

Three Instances This Weekend Reminded Viewers Life Is More Than the Game Tonight at sundown (September 18, 2018), Yom Kippur starts. Yom Kippur is the Day of Atonement for Jewish people around the world. It is a time for reflection and a time to apologize for all the sins of the past year. These moments of [...]

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MicroPats 2018 Week 2 vs. Jaguars: The Absence of Marcus Cannon

MicroPats 2018 Week 2 vs. Jaguars: The Absence of Marcus Cannon Leaves Big Hole in Patriots O-Line Marcus Cannon and his calf injury was one of the least talked about injuries heading into the Patriots Week Two tilt against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Cannon was a question mark when the Patriots drafted him in the Fifth [...]

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Serena Williams Loses Temper, Loses Respect

Serena Williams' Tirade Ruins Naomi Osaka's Historic Win When Naomi Osaka blistered an unreturnable serve on her second ever Grand Slam Championship Point, the celebration should have been raucous. It should have sent everyone at Arthur Ashe Stadium into an unmitigated pro-Osaka uproar. The first Japanese born player, male or female, to ever win a [...]

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Why the National Anthem, the Flag, and Memorial Day Matter

Standing for the National Anthem, Respecting the Flag, and Honoring Memorial Day Some say it is just a flag. Some say it is just a song. But Old Glory and the National Anthem are more than that. The last time I remember really staring at the United States' flag was on a blisteringly cold Sunday [...]

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How to Lose a Game Three Minutes at a Time

The Final Three Minutes of Every Quarter Are Deciding The ECFs The best coach I ever had in any sport was my first basketball coach, Mr. Smith (his actual name). Mr. Smith had a wealth of basketball knowledge, but his gift was simplifying the game for his players. One of his best tricks was to [...]

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The Problem with “The Problem with Apu.”

The Uproar About Apu is Either Much Ado About Nothing... or Everything By now you have probably heard about, if not watched, Hari Kondabolu's "The Problem with Apu." He goes about examining "The Simpsons" character and discussing how he, and others, feel about the rife-with-stereotype Kwik-E-Mart owner. While normally I would let somebody "being offended about [...]

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The Dancing Bear Finally Gets Asked to Prom

Guerschon Yabusele (The Dancing Bear) Gets His First Career Start In honor of Guerschon Yabusele, AKA the Dancing Bear, getting his first career start, here is the live blog of the Boston Celtics game against the Washington Wizards on March 14, 2018... a date that... well, we probably we all forget soon once the Celtics [...]

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Top 8 Misused Words and Phrases in 2018

These Misused Words and Phrases Make Me Immediately Stop Listening I know I am not the easiest going guy out there. I get that from my pops. My pops, however, was a great guy. What he was not great at though was hearing.  Several years in a USMC tank will do that to a man's [...]

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Heroes are Heroes, No Matter the Skin Color

Whether Black, White, Catholic or Jewish, Heroes Transcend Barriers This should not be that difficult. If you live your life in a righteous fashion, if you abide by a strict code of morals and values, and if you put yourself in harm's way to help others, you are a hero. If you subjugate your own [...]

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