The Boston Red Sox and One and Done Baseball

How the Boston Red Sox are 12-10 While Playing One and Done Baseball A couple of weeks back ESPN debuted their new 30 for 30 featuring John Calipari called "One and Not Done." It detailed the basketball coach's journey from UMass-Amherst to Memphis to Kentucky and how he has successfully navigated the new "one and [...]

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What Happened to the Red Sox Offense?

The Red Sox Offense Can Hit... Just Not Far After last night's (April 27th) 3-0 shutout at the hands of Masahiro Tanaka and the New York Yankees, something is very clear about this Red Sox offense; no David Ortiz means a Big (Papi) problem (sorry could not resist). Through the first 21 games, the Red [...]

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Jackie Robinson’s Actual Legacy

Jackie Robinson Opened Up All the Sports Doors Jackie Robinson broke the baseball color barrier on April 15, 1947. When he was slotted in at first base for the Brooklyn Dodgers against the Boston Braves, Robinson became the first black baseball player since Moses Fleetwood Walker... who played in the 1880s. Although Robinson specifically broke [...]

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Brad Marchand & the Best Dirty Players of All-Time

Brad Marchand & Spearing 101 Brad Marchand of the Boston Bruins has once again found himself in the national spotlight for something painfully dirty. Just ask Jake Dotchin who took a Marchand spear right to the "lower nether regions" (my play by play phrase for when somebody gets walloped in the mommy and daddy button). (Click [...]

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Occam’s Razor has Rusted

Occam's Razor; When Simpler is Better The sports world has been going crazy for quite a long time. Hot takes are the norm. Men and women yelling at each other and spewing out nonsense while only rarely relying on facts is the state of things at the moment. It should be no surprise that in [...]

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