Heroes are Heroes, No Matter the Skin Color

Whether Black, White, Catholic or Jewish, Heroes Transcend Barriers This should not be that difficult. If you live your life in a righteous fashion, if you abide by a strict code of morals and values, and if you put yourself in harm's way to help others, you are a hero. If you subjugate your own [...]

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The 10 Anti-Patriots Patriot Plays of the First Half

How the Patriots Went Full Anti-Patriots on 10 Occasions in the First Half Many people are wondering what in the world happened with Bill Belichick and Malcolm Butler after the cornerback did not play a single defensive snap in the Patriots' super bowl loss. It seemed that Bill Belichick, the man that always puts his [...]

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The Memories of Heartbreak; The Whalers Belong to Hartford

The Hartford Whalers Will Forever Be Linked to One City; Hartford 11,776. 12,203. 12,594 vs. 13,680. 11,983. 11,835. The first three numbers are the season averages in attendance over the last three years for the Carolina Hurricanes, no longer owned by Peter Kampanos. The next three numbers are the season averages in attendance of the [...]

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Hush Up Now; Your Sexism is Showing… And Not How You Think

How Sexism Manifests in Sports; If You Do Not Like "Ice Girls" and "Grid Girls," YOU Might be the Sexist In a recent (and well-written) article by ESPN's Greg Wyshynski about Gary Bettman's tenure, Wyshynski dropped a line that gave me pause. In his section, "BAD: Failures on Inclusiveness," he wrote the following, "Meanwhile, the [...]

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