Kwity Paye and the NFL Draft Prove the American Dream is Still Possible

If you turned on your television this week and listened to the president’s joint address to congress, you would have thought that America is a terrible place and disenfranchises black people and women. He preached a need for black social justice, equity (not equality), and bemoaned the plight of women in America while simultaneously motioning to his vice president… a black woman… and the Speaker of the House… also a woman. This is deadly messaging from the President. Not only is it simply untrue, but it stops people from going after the American dream, thereby keeping more people in poverty. Luckily for Kwity Paye, Agnes Paye never listened to that messaging and now they are both living the American dream.

The NFL Draft is story after story of watching the American dream happen in real-time. However, the story of Agnes Paye is the quintessential American dream. Agnes Paye embodies the American dream and the American way in a manner that many current Americans do not. Instead of wilting under the horrors of her life, she decided she would make a better life for herself and her family. The way to do that? Move to America and seek her own American dream.

The American Dream of Agnes Paye, as Told by Kwity Paye

What makes Agne Paye’s American dream so sweet is how her life started off as a nightmare. Here is a woman who survived two civil wars, one in Liberia and the next in Guinea. In the first civil war in Liberia, she fled with a baby (Komotay) strapped to her back. She did this after watching her father get murdered. In the second civil war in Guinea, she fled with a baby (Kwity) strapped to her back and an infant (Komotay) in her arms. But America’s borders were open to true asylum seekers in 1999 so they all landed in Providence, Rhode Island on August 3, 1999.

But why America? If America is the country Democrats claim it is, why would a woman who endured a living nightmare choose America? According to Kwity, Agnes chose America as a “way to having a better life… where there was opportunity and a possibility to give her children the life she wished she had.”

She chose America because this is the only country that offers the American dream. Anybody can achieve the it, but it takes work. The type of work few people are willing to undertake. But Agnes Paye fled two civil wars with babies strapped to her back, watched her father get killed in a hail of bullets, and had to abandon the father of her children–they remain friends–in order to chase the American dream. Do you think hard work scares a woman like Agnes Paye? No way.

Agnes Paye knew the road ahead of her. She knew the road was going to entail, “sacrific(ing) fun, free time, and relaxation to make sure her kids would never experience anything she did. She vowed to do whatever it takes. There was no room to feel sad or tired. Agnes came for one reason only (the possibility to give her children the life she wished she had).” And what happened? She sacrificed all that. She sacrificed it for her family. And then what happened? “With the 21st pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Indianapolis select…”

The American Dream is Available to Everyone… Not Promised to Everyone

People complain that becoming an NFL star and compelling your mother–with love–to retire immediately upon doing so is not possible for everybody. True. Becoming an NFL star is not available to everybody. But the American dream is still available to everybody no matter what Democrats say and despite their love affair with regulations. Anybody can start their own business. Anybody can have an idea and try to execute it. Yes. Anybody. Anybody can do anything in America… but it requires work. The type of work most people are unwilling to do.

“Oh, but Agnes and Kwity Paye are the exceptions to the rule; their dream and journey are no longer possible in America.” But they are! You cannot say they are the exception to the rule because that is the rule. The American dream is exceptionalism and Agnes Paye is exceptional and excellent, and so is Kwity Paye. America does not promise that this will happen to everybody, but that this avenue is available to everybody. The promise of the American dream is not that it will happen, but that it can happen and it is up to you whether you want–and are willing–to go for it.

Agnes Paye went for it. She went for it to escape civil war and death, just like Ilhan Omar. America is better off having people with the backgrounds and experiences of Anges Paye and Ilhan Omar in its midst. Even though most of Omar’s opinions are revolting and hateful–including about America–she too is the embodiment of the American dream while claiming the American dream is impossible for some Americans. But the American dream is not dead. It is flourishing in the lives of Ilhan Omar, Agnes Paye, and Kwity Paye. All because they wanted to achieve it and live out the American dream… and that is exactly what is happening.