Donald Trump is Good… Really Good at Being President

Americans, it is time to admit something that might make many of you gag; Donald Trump is good at being president. Like, really, really good. Yes, he is an absolute dumpster fire when it comes to PR and appearing presidential, but when it comes to making decisions, Trump is good. Trump is good not only in comparison to his predecessor (a very low bar), but he is good at his job full stop.

The economy under Trump is unsurprisingly booming (he is a businessman after all) and there is virtually no unemployment across all races and genders. The fact his asinine love of tariffs somehow worked is baffling. However, where Trump is inexplicably doing well is on the international stage.

Trump is good on the international stage specifically because he is everything his predecessor was not: Trump is not erudite, he is not debonair, and more than anything else, he is not contrite. President Obama spent eight years apologizing to the rest of the world for America’s sins. His outlook was such that America looked weak on the international stage and the rest of the world took notice. When all you are doing is apologizing and appeasing terrorist regimes, it is fairly difficult to look strong to other countries. With Trump, America is building up its backbone once again.

And he is bringing the hammer.

One of my favorite quotations of all time is by USMC Maj. I. L. Holdridge

The quotation perfectly encapsulates everything the rest of the world hates about Americans: it is brash, over the top, and exudes arrogance. There is not an ounce of pity in that statement. No time for niceties and etiquette. Nope, America is about unapologetically smashing something that needs fixing. President Obama knew that is how the U.S. was perceived and tried his best to fix that perception. However, in his attempt to give America a makeover, he made the country weak; taking the sledgehammer and replacing it with a dandelion. Now with Trump in charge, the hammer is back and it’s striking everything in sight.

President Trump is Good, Refuses to Make Predecessor’s Mistakes

Obama tried the flower approach with Iran and it was an unmitigated disaster. Apparently he learned nothing from history and decided to appease Iran was a viable option to quell tensions. It, of course, did not work. His Iran Nuclear Deal is one of the worst contracts ever signed by America on the international stage; Iran did not pause for one second in its attempt to achieve a nuclear weapon. Moreover, the Obama administration succeeded in helping Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad stockpile rockets when it decided to release Iranian funds with no purpose. Not only did the administration not halt Iran itself, but it allowed Iran to grow its influence in the region and put other countries in danger.

Iran decided with the recent American history of appeasement it could do whatever it wanted in its area of the world: bolster a Syrian regime that massacred 500,000 people, ravage Lebanon and turn it into a hellscape, start a civil war in Yemen, attack boats in the Strait of Hormuz, hold American sailors at gunpoint, shoot down an American drone, and finally, attack an American embassy. These were all attacks by Iran. All of these acts were orchestrated by Qassem Soleimani. Now, Soleimani is a cloud of pink dust.

Trump is good at this president thing.

How Trump Turned Baghdad into a Positive

There was going to be no Benghazi under President Trump. President Obama’s reaction to Benghazi was–to borrow a phrase from an Obama official–deplorable. They reacted slowly and without the proper amount of deterrence. Americans lost their lives because of it. An inexcusable situation that only grew worse in the aftermath. The Obama administration’s concocted excuse of the Benghazi attack getting spurred on by a YouTube video was more fanciful than a $200 cocktail. Worse, they lied to the parents of the dead Americans. This is not how America is supposed to act on the international stage. Thanks to President Trump, the swagger, and yes, arrogance, is back. And this is a good thing.

There comes a time when you do indeed need to kill a fly with a sledgehammer. Sure, the rest of the world believes that Trump is a buffoon who does not know how to act presidentially. They are right. But who cares? The rest of the world will never like America and Trump. So? They make pithy comments behind Trump’s back as the American media cheers them on and snickers. Good for you, that will certainly stop Iran from committing atrocities.

Trump’s method of stopping atrocities is by blowing up the men responsible. Whether it is the Rock-like strength of the economy, the resurgence of religious freedom, or the new and improved American backbone on the world stage, Trump is helping America. You might hate everything he says and everything he tweets, but when it comes to making decisions, you can go ahead and admit it while taking some Pepto Bismol; Trump is good at being an American president.