Are You Defending China? Take a Lap

If You Are Defending China… Take a Lap

There is nothing like a global pandemic for people to really, truly, show their moral depravity. Fights over toilet paper, depriving medical personnel of face masks because of selfishness, and somehow, someway, deciding to politicize a friggin’ worldwide virus. What the hell are some of you doing? But something has stood out more than anything else; the end all and be all of America’s problems are Donald Trump. Why? No idea. Yet, this is Trump we are talking about. The 45th President of the United States is such a polarizing figure he can make smart people dumb and rational human beings behave like third graders who got their favorite toy taken away. Case in point; the uproar about what to call the virus currently sweeping the world. No matter where you fall on the scale, if you are defending China, you need to take a lap.

Taking a lap is a sports term given to anybody that has done something so stupid and incomprehensible they need to be put in a timeout (and engage in some corporal punishment) for their sin. It not only punishes you, but gives you time to relax, think about what you did, and come back a smarter, and hopefully better, player. Again, if you are defending China, you need to take a lap.

Is Trump’s insistence on calling it the Chinese/China/Wuhan Virus a little childish? Maybe. But the virus sure did originate in China and it was the Chinese government that let this thing off the leash like a drunken, handless dog walker. Trump’s most amazing ability is to make people take opposition to him, even when the opposing position is morally reprehensible. It was the Chinese government that took umbrage with the original name of the virus, and now media personalities and “journalists” are joining forces with the Chinese propaganda machine to do their work for them.

China! The land of some of the worst human rights abuses still going on today. A country that currently has a million Uyghur Muslims in concentration camps and is harvesting their organs. Sound like a country and government that should be defended? Of course not. But because Trump is going after China by dint of calling Covid-19 the “China Virus,” people are lining up to defend China like they were rebels in Stonewall Jackson’s army. It is unfathomably stupid. The same Chinese government that hid the truth of the virus, spent months trying to cover it up and downplay the severity, now has the bulwark of America’s media coming to its defense. Beyond that, Trump is fighting a literal conspiracy theory put out by China that is trying to blame the virus on American military… he’s 100% correct to throw it back in the face of the Chinese government.

What are we doing? Are we so crazed in our hatred of all things Trump that the Chinese government… Again… THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT THAT SEALED PEOPLE IN THEIR APARTMENTS AND LEFT THEM TO DIE… that is the entity a massive portion of you are currently deciding to defend? And yes, it is sad that some people are currently accosting (or worse) Chinese people because they don’t understand cause and effect. This is not the fault of the Chinese People, and anybody that thinks this is the case and is taking their emotions out on them, deserves to get a lobotomy the second elective surgeries become a thing again. The Chinese Government is to blame for all of this, and if you are toeing the line and parroting the talking points of President Xi while attacking President Trump, you need to go hit yourself over the head with a ball-peen hammer.

We are divided enough right now. A global pandemic should make you think we are all in this together. Yet instead, many people are taking the opportunity to score political points. Could the Trump administration and the CDC have done a better job with this from the outset? Of course. But expecting the CDC to handle a possible pandemic properly is like expecting Bill Belichick to overpay an aging veteran at a skill position (not gonna happen). The CDC screwed up the Swine Flu, Ebola (“you may walk around until you start feeling symptoms”), and now the Corona Virus. They are actually quite good at screwing up. In fact, it’s like a tradition for them and not one that started with the Trump administration.

But here we are–in the midst of one the most thorough pandemics of the last 100 years–and people are arguing over what to call the damn thing! AND MANY OF YOU are taking the side of the oppressive Chinese government. Stop defending the Chinese government, you dummies! Look, here’s a tip; every time you have a thought that begins with “I want to defend the Chinese government to get Trump,” just let it go… and take a lap.

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