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Sports broadcaster, specializing in play by play. Have called every sport under the sun with the exception of cricket, rugby, and kabaddi, but I wouldn't mind giving all three of those a try. The only promise I give you is if you tune in to one of my broadcast, for however long you do so, you'll enjoy life during that period of time. These blogs are my way of sharing with the world my passionate (and hopefully articulate) responses to the sports world and the world in general. I do not mean to offend anybody with these blogs, but if you're offended, hey, contact me and I'm always up for a discussion or debate.

The Religion of Socialism

The Religion of Socialism and its New Pope, Bernie Sanders Despite what many people now say, religions are a great thing. They bring people together behind a common cause, fomenting relationships and social orders while providing large numbers of people with a purpose. A shared goal that everyone can strive towards and--more important than anything [...]

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The Biggest Blown Call of Super Bowl IV

The Biggest Blown Call of Super Bowl LIV Super Bowl LIV between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers was a hectic affair featuring an avalanche of a comeback by the Chiefs when they scored 21 4th quarter points. Kyle Shanahan, Jimmy Garoppolo, and the 49ers had the game in their hands but [...]

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Americans; Trump is Good at This

Donald Trump is Good... Really Good at Being President Americans, it is time to admit something that might make many of you gag; Donald Trump is good at being president. Like, really, really good. Yes, he is an absolute dumpster fire when it comes to PR and appearing presidential, but when it comes to making decisions, [...]

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My Manic Moods; A Week of Crazy

What is Happening During My Manic Moods *Disclaimer: I have never been--nor will I probably ever be--diagnosed with any mental condition* With that being said, I don't think it would come as much of a surprise to anybody to learn I've dealt with something close to or exactly like manic moods or manic episodes my entire life. [...]

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The Dissident Right is a Case Study in Intellectual Apathy

Nick Fuentes, the Dissident Right, and the Lowest Common Denominator What is the Dissident Right? Until a couple of weeks ago, I had never come in to contact with the phrase. Well, because I fear ignorance, I looked into it and came across the persona of Nick Fuentes. Fuentes is what you get when you [...]

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Taking Crazy Pills: Patriots vs. Ravens Week 9

The Undefeated Patriots are in Trouble Against the Ravens? Are You Taking Crazy Pills? Every year the same thing happens. The Patriots conduct themselves like a dynastic team should; they either come out of the gate on fire--laying waste to their opponents and snatching their souls like Shang Tsung--or they stumble a bit before course-correcting [...]

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The Patriots Bible: Book 21: Chapter 6

The Patriots Bible: The Story of the Patriots Prophet in a Whirlwind I. The Patriots Prophet sauntered confidently over the exposed black pellets and let out a mighty roar as was his pre-battle ritual, but this battle was to be a difficult one. For although he would no longer have to face his most perplexing [...]

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NBA Hypocrisy: Progressivism vs. Capitalism

How Adam Silver, Gregg Popovich, and Steve Kerr Highlight NBA Hypocrisy Last year, Marc Lacey asked Adam Silver, "how does it feel to be the wokest professional sports league?" Silver responded simply, "...we're proud of that." It was a dumb, leading question at the time, and Silver's answer has aged like warm milk. The league [...]

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Protecting Yourself Is Out of Style

Whatever Happened to Protecting Yourself in Sports? Josh Allen got knocked out of the Buffalo Bills' Week 4 game against the New England Patriots because he did not protect himself. Jonathan Jones crushed him with a hit where the initial point of contact was the head--and the fault was not Jones'. Jones did his job; [...]

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Idiots on (Straight Pride) Parade

The Straight Pride Parade Brought Out the Dumbest of the Dumb The Straight Pride Parade occurred this past weekend in Boston. If you did not know the Straight Pride Parade was a thing, you are in the majority. At one point--roughly an hour or so into the affair--20 people were present and a handful of [...]

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