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Sports broadcaster, specializing in play by play. Have called every sport under the sun with the exception of cricket, rugby, and kabaddi, but I wouldn't mind giving all three of those a try. The only promise I give you is if you tune in to one of my broadcast, for however long you do so, you'll enjoy life during that period of time. These blogs are my way of sharing with the world my passionate (and hopefully articulate) responses to the sports world and the world in general. I do not mean to offend anybody with these blogs, but if you're offended, hey, contact me and I'm always up for a discussion or debate.

Hate Should Not Be a Partisan Issue

Why Hate is How We Can All Come Together Confession; I LOVE to hate. Sometimes it is one of the few things that gets me out of bed in the morning. I thrive on the motivation derived from remembering past insults and utterances of "you are not good enough." I am not alone in this; [...]

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Weapons! Brady Needs Weapons! So Does Belichick

Weapons for Brady vs. Weapons for Belichick. Who Needs Them More? This weekend (Saturday, January 12, 2019), WEEI had the duo of "James & Dickerson" on for their Saturday 2-6 time slot. The weekend crews for sports talk radio are usually pretty brutal. This was no different. The first 20 minutes were some of the [...]

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Racism is Really Taking Off in 2025

Racism By Another Name Is Still Acceptable in American Politics Ever since President-Elect Nikki Haley cruised to victory in the 2024 election to become the first female President of the United States, the world has waited with bated breath for her inaugural address, and she did not disappoint. With her running mate from Utah, Mike [...]

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Pop’s Best Sports Moments of 2018

In Honor of Pops; The Sports Moments of 2018 Where I Missed Him the Most This is not one of my normal articles. This is going to be a way-too-deep dive into the sports moments of 2018 where I missed my pops the most (not in sad way mind you--more just, oh man it would [...]

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Jon Gruden; The Litmus Test for Patience in 2018

How You Think of Jon Gruden Perfectly Captures Your 2018 Mindset If you ever made fun of Jon Gruden during 2018, you might be a millennial. You might lack perspective if you ever watched a Khalil Mack sack with the Chicago Bears and proceeded to use it as evidence that Jon Gruden does not know [...]

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Proposing a Change to the Fumble Rule

The Fumble Touchback Rule is Inconsistent, Here is How to Fix It Joe Thomas is one of the greatest football players of all-time. He will be a first ballot Hall of Famer. From all of his post-career work it seems like he happens to be a wonderfully smart, witty, and apparently kind human being. He [...]

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Do NOT Panic! Ok… Maybe Panic? Patriots Post Week 15

Five Reasons NOT to Panic... And Five Reasons TO Panic About the Patriots Please do NOT panic New England Patriots fans... also... if you want... you have the right TO panic. For the second straight week, the Patriots blew a chance to put a stranglehold on the ever important bye week. Week 14 was a [...]

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Merry Christmas… to Every American

Stop Being Stupid; Just Say "Merry Christmas!" Here is a dirty little secret; it is now more fun to say "Merry Christmas" as a Jewish person than it is for just about anybody else in America. Why? Because plainly saying "Merry Christmas" has become taboo in America. The irony to all non-Christians is obvious; we [...]

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Face-to-Face is Now Screen-to-Screen

What We Lose When We Lose The Ability to Talk Face-to-Face Rarely do I write columns or articles in the first person. I was told at a very young age it reeks of an inability to connect, or as my remarkable (and narcoleptic) high school English teacher Gordy Glover put it, "if you have to [...]

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Appreciating Dustin Pedroia

Dustin Pedroia is About to Pull Off Something We Might Not See Again Dustin Pedroia played all of three games in the 2018 season because of complications from a right knee surgery. That surgery was required thanks to a brutal spiking slide from Manny Machado on April 21, 2017 in Baltimore. Machado was well known [...]

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