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Sports broadcaster, specializing in play by play. Have called every sport under the sun with the exception of cricket, rugby, and kabaddi, but I wouldn't mind giving all three of those a try. The only promise I give you is if you tune in to one of my broadcast, for however long you do so, you'll enjoy life during that period of time. These blogs are my way of sharing with the world my passionate (and hopefully articulate) responses to the sports world and the world in general. I do not mean to offend anybody with these blogs, but if you're offended, hey, contact me and I'm always up for a discussion or debate.

Alex Trebek and Pulling off the Impossible

Alex Trebek is Your Condescending Uncle... and We Love Him for It How is it possible that a man who by definition has all the answers, and can come off as smug while imparting that knowledge, can be so universally loved? What Alex Trebek does as the host of Jeopardy! should be impossible; nobody should [...]

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Intersectionality and the Pepsi Challenge

Intersectionality is the Enemy of Progress and True Dialogue Quick! What is the better soda? Coca-Cola or Pepsi? Before you even registered the question, your brain already produced an answer. An answer that is by definition subjective, but you know, deep down in the most foundational places of your soul, that there is a correct [...]

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The Biases of Antisemitism

Biases Impact Our Perception of the World... Even How We See Antisemitism As someone who considers himself fairly objective, this is a very difficult article to write and a very difficult thing to confess; I have biases. I have biases in sports; when I see LeBron James, I do not see the best NBA player [...]

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Equality is Unfairness in Women’s Sports

Claims for Equality are Directly Leading to Unfairness Striving for equality in all walks of life seems like a great mission. We are all humans, therefore we should all be treated the same way. In a vacuum this makes sense, in reality, it does not. The base assumption for those dreaming of full equality is [...]

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Revisionist Humor is Killing Comedy

Revisionist Humor Would Deny Us Comedy Gold... and Happiness Mel Brooks is the greatest all-around comedian of the 20th century. From acting and directing to writing and producing, nobody could do it all like Mel Brooks. However, if Brooks tried to make any of his movies today, he would still be plying his trade somewhere [...]

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The Three Most Significant Losses of 2018

Even When the Patriots Racked Up Losses This Year It Was Beneficial It is rare that you look back on a season and can honestly say, "you know what? There were some really good losses this year. It was genuinely beneficial that we racked up those particular losses during the season." The 2018 Patriots season [...]

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Trust & Sports Relationships; the 2018 NE Patriots

Always Trust Brady & Belichick; The Patriots are Still the Belle of the Ball After Two Decades Trust in a long-term relationship can be a funny thing. Sometimes your Significant Other will do things like stay out late on back-to-back nights or forget to call when they are away on a business trip. Without trust, [...]

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Final Predictions Tally for SBLIII

Recapping the Final Predictions Tally from SBLIII There will be a fuller article posting tomorrow as well as a MicroPats from Super Bowl LIII. However, for now, here is the tally for all my final predictions throughout the Patriots Sixth Super Bowl run: Final Predictions Tally from the Playoffs (7.5-for-23 Total: 2-for-3 in Divisional Round, 1-for-5 [...]

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Five Super (Probably Wrong) Predictions for SBLIII

Five Super Predictions for Tom Brady's Ninth Super Bowl One of the most annoying things about Super Bowls is the hackneyed articles published utilizing the word "super." Writers who drop a bucket into this particular well always seem to bring back water, even if there is a swarm of mosquitos floating above it and the [...]

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No Journalists, You Are Not Special

When Journalists Start Thinking They Are Special, They Lose All Credibility Jim Acosta is a virus. No, not the man himself, but what he represents. Like most viruses, there is an inherent evil. His evil stems from an ability to masquerade as something beneficial; in his case, a journalist. Journalists are a boon to society. [...]

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