Race-Baiters are Ubiquitous and the Driving Force in America

Ma’Khia Bryant was shot and killed by a police officer because she was about to stab and–more than likely–kill a black girl. LeBron James’ reaction to this was to blame the police officer. In LeBron’s eyes, Ma’Khia Bryant’s life was more valuable than the black girl she was trying to stab. LeBron does not know Bryant, nor any of the other girls in the altercation. All he knows is that there is systemic police violence against black people in the United States, and, therefore, it is totally proper to put a police officer in his crosshairs and in the crosshairs of his almost 50 million Twitter followers. All this because a police officer saved the life of a black girl. LeBron behaves this way because he is one of the most prominent race-baiters in America.

LeBron James, “The King,” is actually the king of the race-baiters. While others come close–and we will discuss some of them in a bit–LeBron takes the cake because he is also the best grifter in this new, elite class of race-baiters. While Ta-Nehise Coates might get some coin and notoriety for crafting hilariously bad comics, and Ibrim X Kendi would have no money without critical race theory, LeBron uses his basketball stardom to further divide the country along the lines of race while making gobs of money on the side.

Why Race-Baiters are Untouchable

There is this weird anachronistic notion that “gotchya” moments of utter hypocrisy will make people reconsider their words and actions. That only works when people have shame. But LeBron–and the race-baiters like him–have no shame. You cannot be a race-baiter and dabble in shame. It is a common theme among the race-baiters; have no shame and you become untouchable (Donald Trump’s just nodded). That is why LeBron sees no problem calling America evil and racist from the left said of his mouth while the right is super glued shut when the topic of China’s slave labor and Uighur genocide comes up.

LeBron continues to pretend he cares about the sanctity of life, but his actions outweigh his words. While he tweets and pushes the notion he cares about the sanctity of life, it is clear he only cares about black life. But while (some) black lives matter to LeBron, Chinese and Uighur lives are useless to him. Well, unless they make him money… then LeBron refuses still refuses to say a word about the sanctity of life, but he totally appreciates that Nike slave labor cash. But we know LeBron devalues some life and elevates others. Even within the black community, he does this; Ma’Khia Bryant’s life was more important than her potential victim’s specifically because LeBron could push a racist cop narrative. That’s race-baiting your own race.

Feelings Are Taking Over Facts

But that does not matter to LeBron because facts never matter to race-baiters, only narrative. We saw it in the Derek Chauvin trial where it was obvious the jury, which took 10 hours to come back with guilty verdicts, did not look at all the evidence. The quickness of their verdict made it clear Derek Chauvin was presumed guilty before innocent. But this was nowhere close to the first time this has happened. You can trace the divide and the rise of the race-baiters back to Barack Obama and his disgusting take on the George Zimmerman trial.

The facts in that case never mattered to Barack Obama. The Race-Baiter-in-Chief elevated Trayvon Martin to a saintly pedestal. All that mattered to Obama was that he could say, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” The fact that witnesses said Martin was shot during a scuffle in which he was slamming Zimmerman’s head into the pavement and broke Zimmerman’s nose did not matter. All that mattered was Martin’s complexion, the facts were ancillary… if they ever mattered at all.

But like all Obama maneuvers, the dismissal of facts and the sanctification of the dead despite the evidence, was soon adopted by other race-baiters: Jacob Blake admitting he had a knife on him, about to drive off and essentially kidnap children, is irrelevant. Michael Brown getting shot and killed for trying to steal a cop’s gun? Who cares? Even if the Obama Department of Justice deemed the shooting the shooting justified. Nope! Rayshard Brooks stealing a cop’s taser and trying to use it on him? Nothing to see here. Adam Toledo getting shot after trying to flee arrest while holding a gun that was used to shoot passing cars is not important to race-baiters. Hell, Al Sharpton completely fabricating the Tawana Brawley case has no impact on devaluing these race-baiters.

The Vicious Merry-go-Round with No End

These race-baiters need to get tossed out of society. Not for society’s sake writ large, but for the sake of the community they are most negatively affecting; the black community! People like LeBron claim to care about black life, but the policies and proposals he espouses prove otherwise. The policies and proposals only ensure that black Americans are locked into a vicious merry-go-round with no chance of getting off. Social welfare programs that lead to more fatherlessness? Horrific for the black community. A defunding and shaming of the police? A diabolical increase in crime and murder, especially in the black community. Every single one of the current proposals backed by the race-baiters solidifies another decade where they stay in charge as the conductors of this evil Merry-go-Round.

And there are so many conductors, which is why they need to go: there are the current famous names like Obama, LeBron, and Stephen A. Plus the educational wing with DiAngelo, Ta-Nehisi and Ibram X. In addition to the heavy-hitting political faction led by The Squad. Of course, they are all following in the footsteps of the original crew: Sharpton, Jackon, and Farrakhan. But in case that is not enough, the corporations like ESPN/Disney, Coke, and MLB are there to back them up with the money. Although none of this seemingly irrefutable messaging would be possible with the ones responsible for pushing the false narrative into every home in America; the mainstream media.

The End is Not Nigh, There is a Path to Victory Against the Race-Baiters

But the situation is not so bleak; while that is a formidable roster, they have weaknesses. They are all narrative and no facts. So, if you know your facts, that gives you strength. The strength you can use against their weakness; their arrogant ignorance. The president calls Georgia Bill S.B. 202, “Jim Crow 2.0,” you call him a racist. You know he is racist because you read the bill, and only a racist would think it is voter suppression.

And use their language against them; “but we need to give handouts to the black community.” Why? Because you think so little of black people you think they need to hold your hand? That they don’t have agency? How vial of a racist are you? You don’t care about Asians and Jews getting beaten and killed all over the country? Sounds like you are a supremacist!

So use their language, their ignorance, and their anti-black policies against them. Do that and we’ll win. Do that and the race-baiters will lose. That is the path to victory. And we’ll get closer to that colorblind dream of MLK, not farther, which is where we are now and will continue to go if we let the race-baiters win.