From the Uighurs to Peng Shuai, the World Must Boycott the Beijing Olympics

Sports are the great unifier. When somebody steps into an athletic arena, all the politics of the day wash aside and the scoreboard becomes the great arbiter of who is better and who is worse. No longer does it matter where you were born, your financial status, or even where you hail from. All that matters is the rules are fair and the contest is on-the-level. However, there comes a time when sports must take a backseat for humanity’s sake. When things become so bad in a country, all the other countries must take a stand and say, “you don’t get to play with us any longer.” That time is now for the countries of the world, and they must boycott the Beijing Olympics for humanity’s sake.

Even though the ancient Greeks dropped their weapons and pressed pause on their wars in order to engage in the Olympics, that is no longer the world we live in. Beijing is set to host the next Winter Olympics in 2022, but the world cannot idly travel there and allow the world’s leader in human rights abuses to be shown in a positive light. The Olympics are a chance to show off for the rest of the world; “look at all the wonderful stuff we have and all the amazing things we can accomplish.”

That is what will happen if people do not boycott the Beijing Olympics. If people simply swallow their tongues and say, “yes, we know it is terrible, but what else are we supposed to do,” it will normalize the evils of the tyrannical Chinese regime. And in case an active genocide did not get your attention, the Chinese proved, once again, just how evil and amoral they are as highlighted by the case of Peng Shuai.

Boycott the Beijing Olympics Even After We Have the Answer to “Where is Peng Shuai?”

AT 2:38 P.M. Eastern on November 18th, the World Tennis Association tweeted out a very blunt question, “Where is Peng Shuai?

Peng Shuai is one of China’s most famous tennis players, having won the 2013 Wimbledon and 2014 French Open Doubles titles playing alongside Taiwanese partner Hsieh Su-wei. However, a few weeks ago she accused former Chinese vice-premier Zhang Gaoli “of sexually assaulting her three years earlier and forcing her to engage in an affair.” Since the accusation, she has disappeared. Vanished. Like a badly written kidnapping plot. While concern grew as Peng Shuai remained “silent” after the accusations, things really ramped up when “she penned” a note updating the world on her whereabouts.

Peng Shuai Fake Email Purportedly Sent to Steve Simon, the WTA Chairman & CEO

Peng Shuai Fake Email Purportedly Sent to Steve Simon, the WTA Chairman & CEO

That email is faker than the “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet” meme and quotation attributed to Abraham Lincoln. Not only is it fake, but it should also raise every hair on your neck. Peng Shuai is probably either dead, a political prisoner, or being brainwashed by the Chinese. If Peng Shuai comes out of this healthy and completely unharmed, it will be the most surprising story of 2021. But anybody with half a brain knows that this email probably spells doom not just for Peng Shuai, but for her family as well.

And that is the point. When you are a tyrannical regime, you keep everybody in line by condemning the offender who was so brazen to speak out and by going after her family. You make her a warning to everybody else; “if you speak out, you risk death. Death for yourself, and death for your family.” That is how evil regimes stay in power; they use love as a weapon.

The WTA is Proving the NBA’s Concern for Equality and Justice Was Just a Grift

The only way to combat such evil is by joining forces… and the tennis world is doing just that. Unlike the NBA and Mark Cuban, the WTA does not care about losing millions and millions of dollars while angering China. Why? Because they have morals. They weighed their wallets versus their humanity and found their wallets wanting. They are leading the charge by asking, nay, demanding, “Where is Peng Shuai?” And, unlike poser LeBron James, tennis stars everywhere are putting their humanity in front of their wallets. Naomi Osaka is asking “Where is Peng Shuai?” Stanislas Wawrinka is asking “Where is Peng Shuai?” And even Serena Williams is asking “Where is Peng Shuai?”

It is heartening to see players like Osaka and Williams joining the fight because they are politically active players. Whatever you think of their personal politics, what they are doing in regards to Peng Shuai is right, it is moral. They are not allowing their wallets to influence their activism. In short, while some of their political activities might make you think they are grifting, in this situation, they are showing you they are willing to risk money for the sake of acting righteously. Quite literally the opposite of grifting.

That is a breath of fresh air compared to the NBA with its spineless commissioner Adam Silver and players like LeBron James. LeBron James and others bloviate about social justice and equality, but they only do so for the sake of fame and fortune. The moment they are asked to act righteously and condemn the heinous activities of China, they turn into deaf-mutes incapable of using their social media accounts. Even when Enes Kanter calls them out specifically, they do nothing.

The Time for Appeasing the Chinese is Over

But the time for the world to do nothing is over. The world must come together to boycott the Beijing Olympics. There is an active genocide occurring in China. It was not enough to make the NBA stop filling up its coffers with Chinese money. But now a Chinese tennis star has disappeared and the WTA, tennis stars, and Enes Kanter are all announcing to the world, “enough is enough.”

This must end now. We must boycott the Beijing Olympics. President Biden is currently “considering” boycotting the Beijing Olympics, but there should be no decision; boycott the Beijing Olympics. Boycott the Beijing Olympics for the Uighur Muslims facing forced sterilizing, slave labor, and death. And boycott the Beijing Olympics for Peng Shuai. Otherwise, the world risks ceding even more power to the Chinese government.

And we have seen what appeasement does. Appeasement only allows evil governments to increase their power. So the world must join together to boycott the Beijing Olympics or risk watching China gobble up Hong Kong, Taiwan, and yes, the NBA. For humanity’s sake, the world needs to boycott the Beijing Olympics. If we truly believe in creating a good and just world, there is no other option but to boycott the Beijing Olympics.