Joe Biden’s Policies Are an Attack on Women’s Sports and Feminism

On his first day in office, Joe Biden made something abundantly clear; you cannot support women’s sports or be a feminist and also support his policies. Joe Biden took office on January 20th, 2021. On that very day, he signed an executive order that puts women’s sports and the women that play them, in danger.

The key here is the word “women.” Women. As in biological females. Members of the human race who carry “XX” chromosomes. Thanks to Biden’s executive order, women’s sports are no longer the exclusive realm of women. It used to be a protected class of sport, but now that protection is gone thanks to the 46th President of the United States… on his very first day in office.

If you care about women’s sports or want your daughter or sister to have a fair playing field (i.e., the purpose of all sport), this is a terrible day for you. The executive order reads, “Children should be able to learn without worrying about whether they will be denied access to the restroom, the locker room, or school sports.” (Emphasis added). This executive order states, plainly, that if somebody has a son or brother, who believes he is a woman, he will not be “denied access to… the locker room, or school sports.”

Sorry Women’s Sports, Your Days Are Numbered

If your daughter or sister does not want a boy in the locker room with her, too bad. He is now allowed–by law–to waltz right into the locker room. Nobody can object. In fact, objecting is now illegal. But maybe co-ed locker rooms are not the worst thing in the world. Maybe you are ok with your daughter or sister’s privacy getting infringed upon by a transgendered girl or woman. You have a kind heart and want what is best for the young person. That is a noble perspective. Let the young person do what they want, even if it might be scarring for your family member.

But the executive order does not stop at the locker room, it explicitly states, they will not be “denied access to… school sports.” So the locker room? That is acceptable. But now though, so too are school sports. Even if the competitive advantage makes a mockery of the competition. Even if year-after-year the state champions in women’s sports are biological males.

But sprinting and running? Those are non-contact sports, so maybe those are ok even if still undeniably unfair. Maybe those are the only sports this executive order covers. Nope. Physical sports too. If you have a problem with your daughter or sister getting quite literally manhandled, your time for objecting is now over. Your voice, your first amendment right to say this is not fair? Your objection is legal, but your perspective is now illegal by dint of executive order from President Biden.

Where For Art Thou True Feminists?

There is a sick irony that every time somebody mentions transgendered rights, they tend to throw out an acronym that includes the letters LBGTQ: Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgendered, and Queer (rights). The irony is that many of these letters are diametrically opposed. When people on the right pointed that out, they were laughed out. But now, for the true feminists out there, it is nightmarish reality. If you believe in the “T” right to play sports it will collide with the rights of many in the “L” or “B” category, many of whom are the greatest feminists of our time.

That is why somebody like Martina Navratilova–one of the greatest athletes of all time (who just happens to be a lesbian)–could be ostracised from the LBGTQ community for coming out in defense of women’s sports. “Martina” came out in 1981 and is widely considered to be the first woman to come out while she was a superstar. Again, she did this in 1981in her mid 20’s! While a bonafide superstar. It did not matter to her that it probably cost her $10 million. It was more important to be a trailblazer and true to herself than subvert her principles for monetary gain.

Where Do Feminists Stand in Women’s Sports Today and Where Do Women’s Sports Stand Today?

But today? The LBGTQ community has ousted one of the greatest feminists in sports history because she deigned to try and protect women’s sports. Her work defending gay rights in Colorado in 1992? Tossed in the trashbin. The work she is doing still fighting for transgendered rights? Apparently does not count because she recognizes the reality that those rights must end before stepping foot on the athletic field.

That is where our women’s sports are now as a nation thanks to President Biden. Want to be a feminist? Want to protect women’s sports? Think they are worth preserving as the sole arena of, ya know, women? Too bad. The law states you must allow biological men to enter your locker rooms and compete in your sports.

If you are a feminist this should appall you. If you are a lover of women’s sports, this should feel like a little piece of your soul has been stripped away. President Biden–on his very first day in office–made it abundantly clear that if you are a feminist or lover of women’s sports, he does not have your back. But for feminists and lovers of women’s sports, here is a sobering thought; that was just day one, you have four more years of this… at least.