Trust & Sports Relationships; the 2018 NE Patriots

Always Trust Brady & Belichick; The Patriots are Still the Belle of the Ball After Two Decades Trust in a long-term relationship can be a funny thing. Sometimes your Significant Other will do things like stay out late on back-to-back nights or forget to call when they are away on a business trip. Without trust, [...]

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Pop’s Best Sports Moments of 2018

In Honor of Pops; The Sports Moments of 2018 Where I Missed Him the Most This is not one of my normal articles. This is going to be a way-too-deep dive into the sports moments of 2018 where I missed my pops the most (not in sad way mind you--more just, oh man it would [...]

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Merry Christmas… to Every American

Stop Being Stupid; Just Say "Merry Christmas!" Here is a dirty little secret; it is now more fun to say "Merry Christmas" as a Jewish person than it is for just about anybody else in America. Why? Because plainly saying "Merry Christmas" has become taboo in America. The irony to all non-Christians is obvious; we [...]

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Face-to-Face is Now Screen-to-Screen

What We Lose When We Lose The Ability to Talk Face-to-Face Rarely do I write columns or articles in the first person. I was told at a very young age it reeks of an inability to connect, or as my remarkable (and narcoleptic) high school English teacher Gordy Glover put it, "if you have to [...]

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Reflections: When It Is More Than the Game

Three Instances This Weekend Reminded Viewers Life Is More Than the Game Tonight at sundown (September 18, 2018), Yom Kippur starts. Yom Kippur is the Day of Atonement for Jewish people around the world. It is a time for reflection and a time to apologize for all the sins of the past year. These moments of [...]

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Why the National Anthem, the Flag, and Memorial Day Matter

Standing for the National Anthem, Respecting the Flag, and Honoring Memorial Day Some say it is just a flag. Some say it is just a song. But Old Glory and the National Anthem are more than that. The last time I remember really staring at the United States' flag was on a blisteringly cold Sunday [...]

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Top 8 Misused Words and Phrases in 2018

These Misused Words and Phrases Make Me Immediately Stop Listening I know I am not the easiest going guy out there. I get that from my pops. My pops, however, was a great guy. What he was not great at though was hearing.  Several years in a USMC tank will do that to a man's [...]

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Heroes are Heroes, No Matter the Skin Color

Whether Black, White, Catholic or Jewish, Heroes Transcend Barriers This should not be that difficult. If you live your life in a righteous fashion, if you abide by a strict code of morals and values, and if you put yourself in harm's way to help others, you are a hero. If you subjugate your own [...]

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Hush Up Now; Your Sexism is Showing… And Not How You Think

How Sexism Manifests in Sports; If You Do Not Like "Ice Girls" and "Grid Girls," YOU Might be the Sexist In a recent (and well-written) article by ESPN's Greg Wyshynski about Gary Bettman's tenure, Wyshynski dropped a line that gave me pause. In his section, "BAD: Failures on Inclusiveness," he wrote the following, "Meanwhile, the [...]

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Cpt. Justin “Salty” John Donnelly, USMC

Cpt. Justin "Salty" John Donnelly, USMC Tanker: July 6, 1941-January 5, 2018 At exactly 10:05 on January 5, 2018 my pops, Justin Donnelly, was pronounced dead. I don't say "passed away," or "moved on," because I always felt like those phrases kind of half-assed someone dying. My pops did not half-ass anything in life, so [...]

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