Colin Kaepernick Finally Comes Clean

Colin Kaepernick Shows His True Colors; They Are Not Red, White and Blue

It. Was. Never. About. Police. Brutality. When Colin Kaepernick took a knee to supposedly protest against police brutality, the timing seemed weird. He stood as a starter, he kneeled as a backup. Those doubting his sincerity–but wanting to believe maybe the timing was merely a coincidence–held their tongues. Then things went downhill and what was once a snowball is now an avalanche.

He wore socks depicting cops as pigs. Not that sincere (or mature) of a gesture. Next came a shirt featuring Fidel Castro. Okay, that is a really tough position to defend. The apparent cherry on top was using his position to raise money for Assata’s Daughters. No amount of celebrity worship could convince a rational human being that the man was still protesting police brutality and general oppression of minorities; that cat goes out the window when you start raising money for a foundation whose origins stem from the death of a police officer. But unlike his playing career, Colin Kaepernick was not done.

The coup-de-grace was a two-for-one Independence Day special: get Nike to pull Betsy Ross Flag inspired sneakers AND purposely utilizing a misleading quotation from Frederick Douglass’ 1852 speech in Rochester. For all the things you could say about Kaepernick (devious, hypocrite, and hilariously ignorant just to name a few), his Independence Day debacle finally made it clear what his true stance is; he simply does not like America and the founding principles of America. The man genuinely lacks character and is not worthy of praise. He is no thought leader, merely a run-of-the-mill hack.

To come out against a sneaker depicting the Betsy Ross flag is wildly stupid. It is protesting one of the foundational symbols of America. A story of a flag created by a woman for the Revolutionary War. The war that gave birth to the greatest nation in the world. He is protesting that symbol. Why? Because a couple of racist and white supremacist groups use the symbol? Groups that were so obscure experts did not know they existed? You just breathed life into those groups. Stupidity at its finest.

Plus, now you are making people pick sides; do you support the Betsy Ross flag and literally the founding of America (however apocryphal the story may be) or are you opposed to the founding of, well, America? Ross was a strong woman who defied her parents and religion. After her husband died just two years into marriage, she continued to work and manage their upholstery shop. You are protesting against a small, independent business woman! Colin Kaepernick is asking, “do you like what the founding of America stands for or no?”

He could have stopped there. But Colin Kaepernick is not somebody who knows how to quit when he is behind. While standing with a shovel in a six-foot ditch, Kaepernick decided to call in a backhoe and see if he could reach China.

His backhoe was the incomparable Frederick Douglass.

Douglass is one of the greatest Americans to ever live and his story is inspiring to say the least. The man had a way with words that makes any writer or broadcaster feel inadequate. So there are plenty of quotations one can use when it comes to Douglass. Colin Kaepernick, showing a clear lack of integrity, used a sliver from Douglass’ 1852 speech to make it seem as if Douglass was railing against July 4th and the founding of America. Unlike Kaepernick, if you read the entirety of that speech, you would know the opposite to be true.

Douglass was actually turning to the Constitution to prove the founding principles of America were not in line with slavery. The exact thing Colin Kaepernick was arguing against when cryptically quoting Douglass was the thing Douglass was using as his defense of America. Douglass knew slavery would not last long in America specifically because of the founding principles and founding document. It was a devious move by Kaepernick and a move devoid of any moral character. That… or he is just plain ignorant.

But that should be no surprise to anybody who has paid attention to the Kaepernick saga. At every turn, he chose the ignorant (defending Fidel), the cowardly (Pig Socks), or the evil (Assata’s Daughters). We were told that he knelt for something. Even when that kneeling was self-serving. Now we know his true character. He is the type of man who intentionally misleads. Who values profit more than character. He sees no problem aligning himself with a company known for their sweatshop practices. Who attacks the founding principles of America and defends the Castro regime.

Through all of his protests and hatred of the founding principles, though, Kaepernick stays. And that is the real story; he stays because he knows, deep down, America is a great country. For all of its warts, America’s freedom is real. So Kaepernick can continue to say outwardly antagonistic things towards America, to tweet outrageous and misleading slop. And every time he does so, it is a testament to America’s greatness. Because actions are louder than words. And while his words say, “America and its founding principles are evil,” his actions say something else. Something louder and more patriotic. “I might say all these horrible things, but there is no way I’m leaving… because America is great.”

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