Comedians That Tell the News Do Not Tell the Truth

If you ever trusted the news from comedians like Jon Stewart, Trevor Noah, and John Oliver, you are an idiot. The likes of Samantha Bee, Stephen Colbert, and Jim Jeffries are maybe the worst possible places to gather your world information. Plain and simple, they are comedians trying to garner laughs. If you think they are telling the whole truth when it comes to the topics they are covering, you might want to examine how you perceive the world. Jon Stewart was hilarious in his tenure as The Daily Show anchor. But was he a trusty news source? Absolutely not. Stephen Colbert was one of the funniest things on TV when he was working as his alter ego on The Colbert Report. But those interviews he conducted were clearly not on the level. Now Jim Jeffries is trying his luck as the newest iteration of comedians who pretend to take on hard-hitting subjects while also making you laugh. The problem for Jeffries though, is that he is actually just a caustic human being, comedian or not. That is a major problem. Especially when you combine this acerbic personality with virtue-signaling. What you get is a recipe for disaster and a segment that not just lies, but reveals Jeffries as an intolerant bigot.

Jeffries is the host of the aptly named “The Jim Jeffries Show.” It is part of Comedy Central’s fake-news hour on Tuesday nights (*an earlier version of this article stated it aired on Wednesday nights). Jeffries is at times a really funny stand-up comedian and has a couple of decent specials. His specialty is railing against religion. As a fake news anchor, he has yet to produce anything of merit. Jeffries, like every other fake-news anchor, is on the left on pretty much every single issue… at least according to his TV persona. Now though, he has been caught on a candid camera, trashing Islam and joking about killing children. If he was one of your standard comedians, this would not be a problem, but it occurs while he is duplicitously trying to prove his interviewee is the Islamaphobe and bigot.

The Australian comedian was interviewing Avi Yemini, another fellow Australian, but one who was born into an Orthodox-Jewish family. According to Yemini, he only accepted the interview on two conditions: that “there would be no neo-Nazis on in the same segment” because he did not want to be associated with them, and that there would be no selective editing of Yemini’s answers. Jim Jeffries and Comedy Central did both. Normally, this would be a he-said/he-said scenario, but Yemini was smart enough to secretly tape the entire interview so has actual visual evidence to support his claim.

“The New Zealand shooter left behind a detailed record of his anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim rhetoric, and unfortunately these days this kind of intolerance is being tolerated in more places than you might think.” These are the words of a stoic Jim Jeffries as he tries to introduce his segment. The comedian is doing what all fake-news comedians do in these scenarios; “I’m the guy who usually jokes around, but now that I’m adopting a serious tone, you must listen gravely to what I have to say.” This is the old, “clown nose on, clown nose off” routine. But Jeffries never takes the clown nose off, he only pretends to and hopes the viewer is too stupid to notice the difference.

The man is attempting to act all stoic and sincere while revealing the (engage sarcasm font) evil opinions of some hyper-Jewish Australian who served in the Israeli Defense Force. But it is the interviewer who holds the despicable opinions, not the interviewee. Jeffries is completely intolerable of religion as a whole and of Islam in particular. Remember, he is the comedian, therefore he knows better and is clearly smarter than these dolts who believe in a higher power. Yemini does though. So what happens when Jeffries starts to blaspheme the religion of Islam in front of Yemini? It is Yemini, the Jewish Australian, who tries to defend the tenets of Islam, and not Jeffries, the Australian Aethiest.

When Avi Yemini (whose name Jeffries declares is “A good Australian name,” because lazy joke writing goes hand-in-hand with lazy video editing) starts discussing the Prophet Muhammed, Jeffries sees it as an opportunity to perform a cheap stunt; drawing a picture of Muhammed. This is sacrilege of the highest order in Islam and Yemini pleads with him to not do so (granted; for fear of being associated with a blasphemer, not as a strict religious objection). Jeffries goes ahead anyway and shows his drawing to Yemini who tries to look away. In an interview where he is trying to show Yemini as the intolerable scumbag, Jeffries commits an act that is seen as blasphemous and appalling by even the most moderate of Muslims.

Comedians Who Go For Cheap Laughs, Usually Get None

Maybe as a joke? If so, it is not funny. Not in the “I find this offensive” version of not funny. No, as in the “where is the punchline/where is the joke” issue of funny or not. Anybody can draw a picture of Muhammed. Almost nobody does. There is nothing brave about what Jeffries did. In fact, the opposite is true; he only drew the picture because he was certain he was in private and it would never get out. At least South Park wanted to produce an entire episode around a reveal of Muhammed picture. That took courage, and they did so in a manner to draw laughs. Jeffries just did it to be an intolerable ass in a segment where he was trying to prove the other guy was the bigot.

As of this writing, there is no response from Jim Jeffries, The Jim Jeffries Show, or Comedy Central. During the episode in question, the show also engages in selective editing in order to make Yemini look as bad as possible. This should be no surprise–it happens even at so-called “trustworthy news stations.” But the whole segment is wrong. It was filmed months ago in Singapore. Months before the Christchurch Shootings. So Jeffries takes the entire timing of an interview out of context while taking answers generated in the interview out of context. He purposely juxtaposes this interview in the most malicious light and then proceeds to produce a salacious segment mocking Yemini while Jeffries was the one mocking and blaspheming against Islam the entire time.

Comedians like Jim Jeffries are not smart. People who watch comedians like Jeffries and Samantha Bee in order to get their news and portions of their world outlook are even less intelligent. From time-to-time, they might be decent places to find laughs. But for the most part, they are replete with virtue-signaling. The entire idea behind comedians trying to be serious is, well, laughable. Remember, these are people who get to their positions by poking fun at anything they can think of jostling. They are not the arbiters of what to take seriously and what to take lightly. Worse, when they try to act all serious, they end up being the most boring people on television.

But Jeffries and Comedy Central have taken it a step further. They tried to produce a segment portraying Avi Yemini as a bigot, and the type of bigot who leads to radicals shooting up mosques. That is grotesque beyond belief. However, it did not end there. While fabricating this segment, Jeffries proved to be the intolerant bigot. Not Yemini. Jeffries went clown nose on, clown nose off to garner ratings and insincere laughs. But thanks to the intrepid use of a candid camera by Yemini, we now know Jeffries left the clown nose off, and Yemini smashed him with a pie in the face. Once a clown, always a clown for Jim Jeffries.