*Apologies for the Swear in the Title Picture*

Deadspin Needs a New Schtick

Boston as a sports city (and by extension the region of New England) has a rocky history when it comes to racism. Tom Yawkey is the reason for this. When people think of the racism surrounding New England and her sports teams, they immediately think of the deceased Red Sox owner and his response to Jackie Robinson’s tryout in 1945. They think of bussing. They are correct in regard to these areas. Yawkey, and people that thought and think like him, are deplorable. Boston in the 20th century was far from a race relations utopia (Red Auerbach and Bill Russell, and the Boston Bruins and Willie O’Ree notwithstanding). However, there is this holdover myth propagated by hacks that Boston and New England are still racist in 2017. So it should come as no surprise that when the New England Patriots signed running back Rex Burkhead, Gawker subsidiary (are you still a subsidiary when your parent company is bankrupt) Deadspin played the racist card… “Big F’n Shock.” Deadspin loves to engage in this type of hackery when it comes to the New England Patriots, but while it may seem cute and harmless to some, Deadspin’s racism implications are dangerous.

(Click below for the newest “Bagoon’s Barrage”–Deadspin rant starts at 6:35)

First off, take a look at the article header. GET IT?!?! Rex Burkhead is white! The New England Patriots, that bastion of white supremacy because they have the gall to have white wide receivers, signed another white player as part of Bill Belichick’s (grand) master plan to form an all-white team. My goodness, that is SUCH a novel idea. SO well thought out. Somebody get these guys an award for creativity and ingenuity… Hacks.

The Hulk Hogan/Gawker saga has castrated Deadspin. They used to do good work. They were one of the only websites outside of New England to defend the Patriots during Deflategate, because as uber-left as they are, they still believe in science. Good on them.

However, they have a hack like Samer Kalaf (supposed New England sports fan) write (?) drivel like this for them and it just oozes insincerity. Is he trying to troll? If so, ummm, good job I guess because I felt compelled to write an article about your lack of credibility.

This is the ENTIRE post by Samer Kalaf on the subject… Hackery at its best

If you are going to troll, fine. Maybe be better at it. But also, maybe have some integrity and know what you are doing. You imply racism, which is a charge in this day in age that should not be taken lightly. The term “racist” and “white supremacist” is thrown around so willy nilly lately that it loses its weight. Calling the Patriots and New England racist is not just incorrect, it belittles the impact of such words whenever you use them in the future and THAT is a travesty.

I hear supposedly smart people use vitriolic and dangerous words/phrases all the time now. However, I am starting to realize most people simply do not know the definitions of most of the words they use. THAT is dangerous. But what is even more dangerous are the people who use the words incorrectly, know their definitions, and still go and use them. Kalaf is one of these people.

Kalaf knows what the word racist means. Yet, he still uses this word as if he is on the set of “Clueless” saying, ummm, well, “as if.” To label someone a racist is to suggest they harbor ill-will towards specific races simply because of the color of their skin and think themselves better because of a difference in melanin content. Racists should be ostracized. There is no place in 2017 for racists with the exception of in debates so smart people can let them talk and show the rest of the world how utterly stupid being a racist is in 2017 (this, by the way dear reader, is why Free Speech FOR ALL is a great thing; you cannot see and hear stupid if you force stupid to shutup).

Kalaf implying the Patriots and New England are racists without any proof makes it easier for other ACTUAL racists to slide under the radar. It makes it more socially acceptable when people engage in actual racist acts. Performing hackery like this does a disservice to the culture as a whole. And yes, this is hackery. Yes, he is a blind keyboard lumberjack; constantly hacking away at his keyboard, not quite sure what he is producing (Marchand article, bottom left).

Taking shots at New England is fine. We get it. You are overcompensating. You are not actually good at what you do so you go for click-bait. Whatever, I will take the bait.

However, when you imply racism when it is not there, you go beyond the realm of click-bait because you are hurting not just your own cause, but hampering actual cultural progress. Now, I have gone this far without even mentioning how idiotic this claim is on a Patriots personnel level; Burkhead is the quintessential Patriot who can run, pass protect AND contribute on special teams (think of Brandon Bolden, but much better). Those reasons by themselves are enough to disregard your myopic implication of racism, but taking even the quickest of looks at the other Patriots’ offseason acquisitions proves your stance is not just dangerous, but outright factually incorrect: Kony Ealy, Stephon Gilmore, Alan Branch, Duron Harmon, Brandin Cooks, Dwayne Allen (and maybe, hopefully, Dont’a Hightower).

Here is the thing. Bill Belichick likes to win football games. Belichick LOVES to win Lombardi Trophies. He will do everything in his power to do so. Concerning himself about race would hamper those goals. SO HE DOES NOT WORRY HIMSELF ABOUT RACE. If you can play, and play within the Patriots system, and help the Patriots win, he will find a way for you to help out the team. It does not matter if you are white, brown, yellow or polka-dotted, if you CAN play, you DO play (he would probably love a polka-dotted player because I bet he could find a way to use the distraction to his advantage).

If you can play football and do what Belichick coaches you to do, you will find a way on to the field, regardless of race. Belichick will go down as the best coach in the history of football and has a chance to go down as the winningest coach of all time when it is all said and done. He does not look at pigmentation. He looks for winners. If you are more concerned about the color of a player’s skin when signed by the Patriots as opposed to the caliber of that player, there is a good chance YOU might be the racist… See how inane that sounds?