If You Trust Easily, You’re UnAmerican

When we’re growing up, we trust easily. Not only that, but we want to trust. This feeling of wanting to trust easily never goes away. For some, they continue to go through life trusting those around them; these people are usually optimists. They see the world around them and decide–for whatever reason–they can trust others and the world will not bite them in the backside for doing so. However, trusting people is a decidedly unAmerican thing to do. If you had to boil down the philosophy of the founding fathers of America into a single philosophy, it would be, “ayuh, I don’t trust it.” They didn’t trust one another, and they sure as hell did not trust men in power nor governments. The reason for this maniacal distrust is rearing its ugly head with each passing day of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Right now there is a seemingly confusing debate going on between President Donald Trump and various governors across the United States. Trump wants governors to start opening up their states and to do so at the earliest convenience while the governors think they know what is best for their states. On the surface, this is a good old fashion federalism issue. An issue that normally would have the vast majority of founding fathers siding with the governors and states rights. After all, that was pretty much the point of having states in the first place and not just one big land ruled and governed by an all-powerful president.

But, there is one major problem; some of the governors are loving the amount of power the Coronavirus has given them. To that, the founding fathers would take one look and go, “nope, don’t trust ’em.” Granted, they still would be aghast at the amount of power the current president has, but they would also immediately pick up their rifles and point them at any governor who decides what is and is not an essential item at large retail stores.

There is nothing like a global pandemic to cause panic and there is nothing like a global pandemic to allow power-hungry people to grab more power. That is why you are seeing cops arrest a dad playing ball with his daughter in an empty park. Yes, there are absolutely good cops out there, but there are bad ones too and they can and will use this time to exert unnecessary control. Even a good cop and a good person can act irrationally during a crisis; even trained professionals have the ability to panic during a crisis… that’s why it’s a crisis.

Following orders from those in power simply because they are orders from those in power is decidedly unAmerican. And yet, here we are with hundreds of thousands of people defending the actions of Governor Whitmore in Michigan for ruling the state like an actual tyrant. Don’t follow the order? You can be fined and arrested. People are constantly bitching that President Trump is a tyrant while at the same time nodding their heads and bowing to any decree sent from on high by their state kings and queens… Sorry, I meant governors.

Please Do Not Trust Your Mayors, Governors, or Even the President

This is taking place at the state level, at the judicial level, and at the city level with one of the world’s worst mayors just doing his thaaaang. We–of course!–turn to New York City where the walking tadpole known as Mayor Bill de Blasio just put out one of the vilest and most UnAmerican tweets of all-time.

How? How is this even remotely ok? If Big Brother is not available to catch you, don’t worry! Now your neighbor can help out! This should make every American start oiling guns and counting ammunition. This is gross, insane, and utterly unAmerican. And this was the biggest fear when it came to our reaction during the Coronavirus; how would the various local, state, and federal governments go about enforcing rules they think are the best way to quell the pandemic? The answer on the local and state level? Go full-on draconian and dive into the KGB playbook.

So here we are, with a President who is probably jumping the gun a bit in wanting to have states start opening back up. Governors aren’t listening to him and defying his pleas. Nobody knows which side is correct because we don’t really know anything about the virus. And every model has been wrong every step of the way. We do know we have democrats in the house celebrating the fact they just blocked $250 billion dollars of aid to people without jobs because they don’t actually care that you’re out of a job. That we do know. We don’t know the true numerator nor denominator when it comes Covid-19, and it seems like the more data we get, the more likely driving a car is more dangerous than getting Coronavirus.

We definitely succeeded at the one thing we had to do; slow the initial rate of infection so hospitals do not get overrun and we don’t have to decide who gets to live and who gets to die. Awesome accomplishment. Seriously. But since then, we have failed at everything because we have been ridiculously unAmerican. Many bought into the media panic because they stupidly put their trust in media (take a lap).

We forgot the lessons of federalism and are treating every state, city, and town the same even though what troubles New York City probably doesn’t trouble Canyon, Texas. We’re trusting governors and mayors who sound more and more like modern queens and kings looking after their fiefdoms with every passing day. Why? Because we’re trusting too much. We’re trusting this virus is apocalyptic in nature even though thousands and thousands have been exposed to it and didn’t even know it!

So here, if you are so eager to put your trust into something, put your trust in this; things will get better. Trust that things will get better, we’ll figure out a cure, a vaccine, or it will eventually die out as we start to open up in the summer months and develop herd immunity. Do that! Trust in that. Do not put your trust in mayors, governors, or the president. Trust that you live in the greatest country in world history and we’ll figure this out because we always do, because we’re Americans. Trust that!