This Week Proved It: We are Living in Two Different Countries In Everything But Name

When Big Tech kicked off the great electronic book burning of 2021 by banning the sitting President of the United States from their platforms, many people cheered. Others–as in those that enjoy their G-d given rights and want others to have theirs–reacted in horror. How could unelected officials silence the most powerful man in the world? Simple; we live in the electronic age and we communicate electronically. Therefore, those that are in charge of our electronic communications are actually the ones wielding the most power. But all the Big Tech Giants did was hammer in the final nail that is America’s metaphorical coffin. They proved–beyond a shadow of a doubt–that we are already living in two different countries in everything but name.

There is one country for leftists, and there is another country for conservatives and old school liberals. Everybody else is just caught between the two. That is why Joe Biden’s call for unity is such a shame; at no point did Biden or any of the other progressive leftists want unity. They only said they wanted unity because they knew it would get them the necessary votes to push them over the top. Now that it did, they are still calling for unity… while driving a wedge the size of the Statue of Liberty between one half of the country and the other.

We Are Already Living in Two Different Countries Because You Cannot Find a Fundamental Issue Where We Agree

It is sad. It is truly sad we have come to the point where it is clear that we are living in two different countries. If this was not the case, you would be able to point out easily one fundamental issue where everyone in America agrees. But you cannot. Go ahead and think. Hard. Take your time. Can you name a single issue where the right and left agree? No. No, you cannot. We cannot agree on basic fundamental American founding principles.

Freedom of speech and expression? Media and politicians want to censor one another. The Second Amendment? The President-elect said he is going to go after the largest gun-rights supporting group in the country… a group that is comprised of more than five million (or more) American citizens. Thanks to revisionist historians–who outright lie–we even have two different foundings of America now. Think about that. If we cannot even agree on the founding of the country, what makes you think we can agree on the present or future?

We Are Living in Two Different Countries Because We Are Living in Orwell’s Nightmare

The term “Orwellian” is now en vogue. But it is not just some catchy phrase without meaning. It is catching on because we are indeed living in a dystopian future. According to Orwell, “Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.” That is what is going on with things like the 1619 project; people–who do not like this country–are trying to control the future by changing our past. Everything even remotely against the grain of what the party in power deems acceptable–or anything that damages the party in power–is getting erased or Memory Holed.

America is so completely fractured that riots are either good or bad depending on the perpetrators of the riots. And no, it is not some fringe elements of the left or right who are making these claims, but news anchors and even the Vice President-elect! Defining a riot where people are trying to affect a political or social aim is easy; it is called domestic terrorism.

A riot does not morph from good or bad simply by dint of the perpetrators. They are all bad. But no. In today’s America, riots can be–in the despicable words of the president of Trinty College of Hartford, CT–“A Message of Hope and a Call to Act” even if they end in the death of black men like David Dorn. However, other riots are the harbinger of “Consequential Days.” This is not that hard. Riots are terrible and should be condemned, not supported, no matter what the cause!

This is How Badly We Are Fractured

Places like Trinity College and higher education, in general, have never been a place for conservatives, but now it is not even safe for old school liberals. Anybody like Berger-Sweeney that pushes a personal agenda while serving as the head of an institute of higher learning is spitting in the face of the liberal arts.

But it is not just colleges and universities that are now fractured and proving we are living in two different countries, it is everything: book stores, publishers, comic book movies, social media, web browsers, apps, credit cards, payment processors, baking, sports, religious freedom, racism, science when it comes to things like lockdowns, or even the definition of when a human life starts despite practically all biologists agreeing when that happens.

The Real-Life Consequences of our Divide

For anybody who does not think this is a big deal, they are wrong because there are drastic real-life consequences. If you even have the wrong thoughts, you are no longer allowed to be a part of the public discourse. Even if you go about it in the most loving ways and are confined to a wheelchair and it is your only outlet? Too bad, you think the wrong thoughts.

And if you are in any way connected to Trump? Good luck with that. Employers like the Carolina Hurricanes will go out of their way to fire you because you have the wrong ideas and work history.

This is who we are as a country. We are a unified country in title alone. In reality, we are living in two different countries because we cannot agree on anything. We cannot even agree that a cop is within his rights to shoot somebody who is armed with a weapon and is trying to drive off and possibly crash a car with two children in the car!

The United States of America is supposed to be united. It is right there in the name, but when we get so fractured that we cannot agree on even the most basic of principles, what makes this a country? It is a fearful thought, but this might be our endpoint. Democrats want to subjugate and punish (sorry, “liberate“) the other half for committing acts they themselves previously did (during this term), and for having the wrong thoughts and ideas. There is nothing more unAmerican than that. So if that is where we are–in the land of the free–that we are seeking to punish those who disagree with us, well, then the United States of America as we know it has already ceased to exist.