Final Predictions Tally for SBLIII

Recapping the Final Predictions Tally from SBLIII

There will be a fuller article posting tomorrow as well as a MicroPats from Super Bowl LIII. However, for now, here is the tally for all my final predictions throughout the Patriots Sixth Super Bowl run:

Final Predictions Tally from the Playoffs (7.5-for-23 Total: 2-for-3 in Divisional Round, 1-for-5 in AFCCG, 4.5-for-15 in the Super Bowl)

(Predictions No. 1 through 3 were from the Divisional Round Game, No. 4 through 8 were from the AFCCG, and No. 9 through 23 were from the Super Bowl).

  1. Adrian Clayborn will record a sack 
  2. Adrian Clayborn will add a Tackle for a Loss
  3. Phillip Dorsett will be this postseason’s version of Danny Amendola (Two TD catches)
  4. Patriots will score off of a Chiefs’ punt
  5. The Chiefs will have no scoring drives fewer than five plays
  6. Dwayne Allen and/or James Develin will have a catch
  7. A Patriot DB with a first name starting in “J” will have an INT  (Jonathan Jones Dropped an INT)
  8. Chris Hogan will record a catch of 25+ yards (Five catches for 45 yards, long of 11)
  9. Patriots first play from scrimmage will be a screen or draw (it was a counter, although they did end up running the screen from hell later in the first quarter)
  10. Cordarrelle Patterson will have a 25+ yard play from scrimmage (two catches for 14 yards, 2 rushes for seven yards)
  11. Todd Gurley will have fewer than 100 yards from scrimmage and 5.0 yard per touch (BOOM! 10 carries for 35 yards and one catch for -1 yard)
  12. Duron Harmon will play the closer (no, but he was the blitzer that forced the Stephen Gilmore Interception)
  13. Julian Edelman or Rob Gronkowski will be the MVP (DING!!! Although it could have gone to Gilmore)
  14. Patriots will score a touchdown for the first time ever in a Brady Super Bowl (How wrong can one man be?)
  15. Chris Hogan will have a catch of 25+ yards (No catches… at all)
  16. Phillip Dorsett will have 3+catches or another TD and cement his legacy as the new Playoff Danny Amendola (None at all, but he did go Playoff Amendola in the first two games, so half credit)
  17. James Develin will convert a touch for a first down (no touches in the game)
  18. More than half of Julian Edelman’s catches will be for First Downs (FINALLY: eight of his 10 catches went for first downs)
  19. Brandin Cooks will be involved in a Rams turnover (either a fumble or Goff will force an INT). Exactly what happened on the Gilmore interception; Goff forced one to Cooks, and Gilmore was the beneficiary
  20. John Simon or Adrian Clayborn will record a strip sack (nope, just a couple of hurries for each although they did play great games)
  21. Dont’a Hightower will be involved with a turnover (probably recovering said strip sack). Nope. Just two normal sacks
  22. Suh will get penalized for a Personal Foul (no, although he should have on at least two occasions)
  23. Aqib Talib will be caught on camera slamming his helmet (I do not remember seeing this happen)

About 1-for-3 with some very specific predictions. All in all, not that bad especially considering I nailed the most important ones (Edelman MVP, Gurley having no impact on the game, and Goff forcing a throw to Cooks).

See you next season folks!


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