Hamas, Rockets, and the Glory of Israel

Every Hamas Rocket Proves the Terrorist Organization Believes in Israel

Late in the evening of March 14, 2019, Tel Avivians heard a sound familiar to almost all Israelis; an air-raid siren signaling incoming rockets. However, for most of the people living in Tel Aviv, this sound interrupting their late evening lives was a most unwelcome and most surprising development. It was the first time since 2014 that a rocket reached the airspace of Israel’s second-most populated city. Some were in cars, some were in showers, and others were frequenting Dizengoff while enjoying some food and drink. Fortunately, the two rockets sent from the Hamas controlled Gaza Strip did not inflict any casualties; one was intercepted by Israel’s futuristic and effective Iron Dome, and the other landed in an open area. For Hamas, this is a failure. Rockets that do not inflict damage, death or casualties are wasted rockets. Yet, every rocket sent by Hamas proves their faith in the glory and generosity of the Jewish people and the state of Israel.

The easiest way to try and grasp the restraint of Israel and its powerhouse military is to simply substitute literally any country for Israel. Any country in the world, if met with rockets over its sovereign airspace and directed at its civilian population, would respond with overwhelming force. Even more so if the country in question had military superiority. In fact, any country at a military disadvantage would be committing international suicide if it tried to attack a larger, more robust sovereign power. If Luxembourg attacked France, it would cease to exist within a matter of days, if not hours. Think how long Mexico or Canada would continue as countries if either (or both) attempted to launch rockets at the United States–it would not go well for them. And yet, here is Hamas constantly peppering Israel with rockets. According to the Israeli Defense Force, up to 1,000 rockets and mortars made their way into Israel from Gaza in 2018. Any other country in the world and Gaza is gone. But Hamas believes in the goodness of Israel, in its military to show restraint. As Eric Weinstein succinctly put it:

If Hamas knew they were going up against a normal enemy they would never fire the rockets at Israel. But ironically, Hamas actually has the utmost faith in Israel and the IDF–every rocket fired at Israel by Hamas is an explosive testimony to the greatness of Israel. A lesser country would never concern itself about how the rest of the world perceived it; they would only care about retaliating and ending the threat. Israel though does not do that. Hamas knows that Israel does not do that. It is a gamble by Hamas every time they launch a rocket, but the rest of the world has forced Israel to play this deadly game of poker with an open hand and therefore the terrorist organization reacts accordingly.

Two rockets hurtled towards Tel Aviv late Thursday night. A pair of projectiles that could have killed people. A couple of deadly weapons that could have maimed and destroyed women, children, or even survivors of the Holocaust. This is the reality for the people of Israel. The country averaged more than two rockets a day over their airspace in 2018. But Israel refuses to blink in this deadliest of staring contests. While locking eyes with their opponents who want nothing more than their deaths and the extinction of their people and country, Israel is everything except complacent. One of the tiniest countries in the world is the home of innovation and high tech.

They say necessity is the mother of invention. Well, for Israel, nothing is more necessary than the protection of its civilians. In the face of a terrorist organization dedicated to its destruction, Israel is striding ahead in ways numerous people and countries thought impossible. A defense system more home in the time of Star Wars than border wars. A nation founded in 1948, whose declaration of independence was met with a declaration of war from its neighbors, that nation is well on its way to becoming the fourth country to reach the moon.

Despite all this, it still contends with a neighbor (and neighbors) hell bent on wiping it and its inhabitants from the earth. Hamas does not care where the rockets land so long as it is somewhere in Israel, preferably in a densely populated area. Hamas is a terrorist organization filled with cruel and evil leaders. To them, the only good Jew is a dead Jew, and the only good Israel is one that does not exist. Read their charter if you need any confirmation. However, as cruel and purely evil as it is to fire rockets at a civilian population, Hamas proved once again they are the ones who believe in the goodness and greatness of Israel more than anybody else. Excluding the U.S., the point is an obvious one; when the rest of the world can take a lesson from a terrorist organization, something is fundamentally wrong in the world… and it is definitely not Israel.

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