The Ignorant Are Doing One Thing Really Well; Getting Palestinians Killed

There is a weird correlation between the Black Lives Matter movement and the “Free Palestine” movement. In both camps–supposedly–there are people who care about the lives of the oppressed. Defenders of the BLM movement flock to the cause because they feel it will help alleviate the plight of black Americans. Defenders of the Palestinian cause support the actions of Hamas et al because they feel it will lead to more freedoms for Palestinians.

Ironically, both causes do the opposite of their stated goals; the BLM movement ignores many of the issues plaguing the American black community, which leads to more death and suffering for black Americans. The same holds true for defenders of Hamas and the Palestinian cause; their rhetoric and actions are getting Palestinians killed.

The lie of BLM is that black lives matter to them. They do not. At least, not all black lives. The life of David Dorn did not matter. Nor did the lives of many of the other black men, women, and children affected by the ravages of the BLM riots. The plight of black store owners was also ignored. Worse, the “Defund the Police” movement had predictable results; a rise in black crime and black death in America. Sadly, we are seeing the same issue when it comes to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict; the more people claim to care about the plight of Palestinians, the more their rhetoric is getting Palestinians killed.

The Ignorant Teachers Leading the Ignorant Students Getting Palestinians Killed

This is all occurring because some of the loudest voices on the subject are also the most ignorant. Both the Daily Show and Trevor Noah have more followers than there are Israelis in the world. So, when Noah speaks on The Daily Show and spouts lies that embolden Hamas and other rocket-launching terrorist groups, he is making it more likely millions of people will take stances that support terrorists and terrorism.

Most of the followers who hear these claims don’t know that is the case. They don’t know it because they are the type of people who are so ignorant they think it prudent to get their news about one of the most complicated situations in world history from a comedy news show. It is the blind leading the blind… and the blind are all getting Palestinians killed.

The comedy news shows are a fountain for these types of lies and propaganda that are getting Palestinians killed. The saddest part about this–just like with the BLM movement–is that there are true adherents; people who sincerely believe they are helping the oppressed, but don’t know any better. However, their ignorance is leading to more destruction and more death to the very people they are trying to help. John Oliver also blatantly lied about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. He presented the tit-for-tat of Iron Dome vs. Terrorist Rockets in the most simplistic and antisemitic fashion possible; not a surprise for someone who lies almost every time he records a segment.

The Double-Edged Sword of Promoting Hamas and Other Terrorist Organizations

But is any of this news? Why is this important to discuss? One side makes claims and the other side makes counter-claims. That is just a part of war, correct? Wrong. It is wrong because there is a distinction in this war most don’t want to make, are too ignorant to make, or too antisemitic to make; this is a war pitting a recognized military against terrorists. Some might think it cute to claim Israel is the terrorist state, but Israel is not. Israel is a recognized country. Hamas is a recgonized terrorist organization. This might not seem like much of a distinction, but glossing over this distinction is getting Palestinians killed.

Palestinians die whenever Hamas and the other pro-Palestinian terrorist organizations are emboldened. When they think the world is supporting them and their cause, they shoot rockets at Israel. When they shoot rockets at Israel, Israel strikes back and Palestinians die. That sounds like standard warfare. However, remember that distinction; these are terrorist organizations, they are not real military. Their military isn’t as effective as a real military; when they shoot rockets at Israel, some of those rockets fall short. Literally, Palestinians rockets are killing Palestinians.

When Do Palestinians Die?

So when do Palestinians die? When Israel responds and when terrorists shoot rockets at Israel. The bottom line is more Palestinians die every time a rocket is fired. First, when the terrorists botch their rocket attacks and then again when they properly execute their rocket attacks, which forces Israel to respond.

So who are the people who need peace the most? Palestinians. They deserve better; leaders who don’t constantly put them in situations where they are stuck between their “enemy” killing them and their own people killing them. But, so long as people listen to ignorant and hate-filled fools like John Oliver, Trevor Noah, and Jen Psaki, more Palestinians will die. Israelis don’t want that… so why do they?