Quitting MLB is the Easiest and Toughest Thing I’ll Ever Do

I buried my father before my 31st birthday. I have worked 70 hour weeks for months on end for no pay. Played with broken bones and caught MLB pitchers with a torn ligament in my catching thumb. But no matter the pain I have endured in my personal, playing, or professional life, nothing will compare to how hard it is going to be for me to quit MLB. Quitting MLB will be quite literally the toughest thing I will ever do.

Throwing dirt on the casket bearing a Magen David with my father inside will be a cakewalk compared to quitting MLB. Fathers die. Mothers die. That’s what they do. It’s what we all do. It’s the natural way of life. But there will be nothing natural about my quitting MLB.

MLB is forcing me to quit like an alcoholic whose liver will rupture with one more drink. I don’t have a choice. I thought I would have baseball with me my entire life. Even after idiotic intentional walk rules, childish extra-inning formats, and a nonsensical adherence to pitch counts, I was ready for the 2021 season.

There I was, downright giddy, on opening day on Thursday watching Clayton Kershaw get tattooed by the Colorado Rockies. I didn’t have a dog in the fight, but baseball was on, so I was going to watch it… just like I’ve done literally thousands of times in my life. When I heard the organ in the background, I subconsciously starting smiling and bopping along with it.

Sports are my happy place and baseball is my nirvana. I live in Florida, it was a gorgeous day, and I was watching baseball. My life was good. I was content.

Not anymore.

I’m Quitting MLB and Baseball Was Quite Literally My Job

It is not hyperbole to say quitting MLB will be the hardest thing I ever do in my life. I was a baseball player for more than 20 years. I even played in college. Won a national championship my junior year (because the team was a collection of studs while I barely did anything). Bullpen caught for two minor league baseball teams. Rode buses with a great many former and eventual MLB players. Rode more buses when I spent a decade in sports broadcasting, including numerous stints as a baseball play-by-play broadcaster including one great year in MiLB.

But I’m quitting MLB.

I’m quitting MLB because this was forced on me. Sports are great. There are few things that have brought me more joy in life than uncomfortably sitting in a seat at Fenway with a Sams and a kosher dog. Nothing else compares.

But while sports are great, and baseball is the best in the dead of summer, freedoms are greater than sports. Those that infringe upon those freedoms or don’t protect those freedoms or make it easier for others to infringe upon those freedoms do not and will not get my money. No more.

Not another cent and not another second. MLB will get nothing more from me. You have a completely flawed Hall of Fame voting process and are going woke with your stats? You are not for me. MLB, you have made this clear.

So I’m quitting you MLB. I’m done with you.

I Gave My Life to Baseball, I Will Give No More

Somebody who has no cartilage in his hips, his knees, his ankles. Somebody who has floating bone chips in both wrists and loads of scar tissue in his right shoulder all thanks to baseball. That is who is done with baseball–specifically MLB–because you made it clear you do not want me. What I think, what I believe, is antithetical to your way of life. I believe in individual freedom and responsibility. By moving the All-Star game and perpetuating a bald-faced lie, it’s obvious you don’t. So be it. I’m out.

I’m out because I read all 98 pages of SB 202 and it is clear to anybody who can read; there is not a single thing in that bill that is racist. The only way it can be racist is if you are a racist who thinks minorities are incapable of more. I’m on the side that thinks somebody’s skin color does not matter when it comes to intelligence or kindness. I’m on the side that thinks somebody’s religion does not matter. I only care about one thing; how you act. Are you a good and decent person or company? Yes? We can have some beers and I’ll grill something for you. No? I’ll have nothing to do with you.

Since MLB capitulated to the woke pressure and corporate pressure, it is clear they don’t need me or my money. So you will get none of it. You will be boycotted. You will be boycotted by me and many¬†many others like me. I gave 30 of the first 33 years of my life to baseball. The entirety of my life since I could pick up a bat and toss a ball. But I’m quitting MLB.

Although I gave my life to baseball. I will give no more.