Backed Into a Corner; Here Are Israel’s Two Options

Like clockwork, every time one of the numerous terrorist organizations indiscriminately attacks Israel, world leaders urge “restraint” from Israel. That phrasing is always peculiar; so long as Gaza and the West Bank aren’t smoldering rubbles, Israel is showing restraint. This is restraint being displayed by Israel. If Israel wanted to, it could wipe many of its enemies off the map before taking its afternoon siesta. But despite showing restraint every time terrorists try to kill innocent Israelis, Israel is still harangued on the world stage. Every time innocent Israelis are put in danger, Israel shows restraint, but it does not matter. This time, though, is more nefarious; the lies and mythical narrative pushed by mainstream media has forced Israel into a corner, compelling Israel’s two options: turn heel or die.

Turning heel is a phrase straight from the world of wrestling. There are (traditionally) two combatants in a wrestling match: the babyface (the good guy) and the heel (the bad guy). As a fan, you know your job is to root for the babyface and to boo and jeer the heel. But Israel is in a weird position; they are a baby face that is treated like a heel.

Despite being smaller, despite the odds always stacked against them, with most of its neighbors hellbent on its annihilation, Israel is treated as the heel. So the question is “if Israel is going to be treated like the heel despite being the babyface, why not start acting like the heel?” If the majority of mainstream media, if the majority of Democrats and American Jews are going to paint Israel as the bad guy, as the evil entity, why not act like one?

Israel Should Go Full Heel If It Is Treated Like a Heel

This latest round of rockets started because Mahmoud Abbas wanted to distract the world from the fact he canceled the latest Palestinian elections. Not surprisingly, the rest of the world–led by mainstream media like Sky News and Mark Stone–obliged him completely. Palestinians rioted and defaced one of their holiest sites–and the single holiest site in Judaism–and somehow Israel is perceived as the bad guy. That is utter lunacy, but welcome to the Israel-Palestinian conflict; lunacy always rules.

It is pure lunacy terrorists can try to kill innocent people and the world sides with the terrorists. Israel cedes back lands it won in defensive wars and it is Israel that is to blame for the conflict. Israel was born out of war, a war to annihilate Israel and Jews, and Israel is the bad guy. So Israel should stop trying to sway terrorist sympathizers and antisemites. Israel’s insistence on trying to play nice with everybody is not working. If this total lack of respect and getting treated unlike any other country in the world is how Israel will always be treated–as the latest dustup has shown–then stop placating everybody.

This is why Israel has two options: turn heel or die. These are Israel’s two options becase the people who are hammering Israel right now–both literally with rockets and figuratively in the press–will always treat Israel as the heel. They are doing so because they know if they can continue to do this, they will get their desired goal; the annihilation of Israel, Israelis, and Jews.

Answering the Obvious Question; Why is This Acceptable Only with Israel?

It is maddening how the majority of the world is siding with terrorists. These terrorists are trying to kill Israelis because the vast majority of Israelis are Jews. This is a totally acceptable stance according to most of the world. Replace Israel with any other country and the viewpoints change. Substitute any other group of people with the word “Jews” and the equation changes. But insert “Israel” and “Jews,” and terrorists get the benefit of the doubt.

Could you imagine the outrage from the world if MS-13 members in Mexico tried firing rockets at Texas? Texas would wipe that entire area of Mexico off the map. Imagine the outrage if MS-13’s rockets fell short and killed Mexican children? The world would condemn MS-13 and the Mexican government would try to completely eradicate MS-13. But when Hamas/Hizbollah/Fatah/the Palestinian Authority/Palestinian Islamic Jihad, when they try to kill Israelis and end up killing Palestinians? All kosher! Just a routine occurrence.

Why is this even remotely acceptable? Because Jews are the targets of the rockets. Any other country, any other group of people, and nobody would back the terrorists. The goal here is the annihilation of the Jews.

With Israel’s Two Options, the World Wants Israel to Choose Option No. 2

If you recognize that is the desired goal, the rest of the rhetoric makes sense. Ironically, AOC, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are all politically smart. They know to wink-wink, nudge-nudge, “call for restraint,” and “proportionate response.” Restraint? Why? So more Israelis can die? So more Jews can die? Proportional response? To rockets aimed at civilians? A proportional response is to turn the area shooting the rockets at Israelis into a black hole. That is a proportional response. So what does the rest of the world want from Israel? Isn’t it obvious?

Every time Israel shows restraint and makes concessions there is less peace. If less peace is always the result? Why not turn heel and tell the rest of the world that Israel will no longer apologize for protecting its citizens? Israel’s two options are to fight back… or die. That is the second option and the option most of the rest of the world wants, yet is too cowardly to say outright. No more Jews. That is the obvious goal. If Israel showed the type of restraint they wanted, Israel would cease to exist. Again, that is the goal; the annihilation of the only Jewish majority country in the world.

Fortunately, Israel and Jews don’t feel like dying any longer just to placate the rest of the world. It is time Israel turned heel. Israel needs to show the rest of the world it is done playing nice. Israel needs to show the world what a true lack of restraint would actually look like. If Israel is going to be treated like a heel no matter what it does, better to act like a heel and win than act like a babyface and lose. But this is a warning to the rest of the world; if you don’t like Israel when it is playing nice and protecting both Jews and Palestinians, you really won’t like it when Israel turns heel. And if that happens, you will only have yourselves to blame because you gave Israel two options… and Israel–and Jews–are done choosing Option No. 2.