France is Back at it Again: Sarah Halimi and J’accuse Part Deux

Émile Zola wrote J’accuse–a condemnation of France’s conviction of Jewish officer Alfred Dreyfus–more than 120 years ago. Even though she was right, she was found guilty of libel less than a month after her open letter in L’Aurore was published on Jan. 13, 1898. She was sentenced to a year of imprisonment and fined 3,000 francs. Although found guilty, her work forced France to hold a second court-martial trial for Dreyfus.

Again, despite Dreyfus being innocent, he was once again found guilty of treason by French courts and was not cleared of all wrongdoing until 1908. Now, more than 120 years later, French courts are at it again, but this time around they are doing away with pesky trials and just letting stoners kill Jews like Sarah Halimi. So J’accuse! France, J’accuse! Part Deux!

Sarah Halimi was a Jew killed in France on April 4, 2017. She was killed by her anti-Semitic neighbor* who beat her before defenestrating her, killing Halimi somewhere in the process. The French authorities are still not sure if Halimi was killed before getting thrown out the window, or if the fall itself killed Halimi.

What the French justice system does know, however, is that her killer is not responsible for his actions because he smoked some pot. Yes, seriously. Sarah Halimi’s killer was found “not guilty” by reason of temporary insanity due to pot-smoking not once, but twice! J’accuse France! J’accuse Part Deux!

*This article will not be publishing the name of her killer*

J’accuse Part Deux and “The Jewish Purge: Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité!

The good news is “The Purge” is no longer fiction! If you want to kill somebody in France–and specifically want to kill French Jews–you are now well within your rights to do so long as you rip a bong beforehand. Yes, French courts declared you will not be held liable for killing Jews if you are high.

If you think this is an oversimplification of the case, I beg you to go read the case for yourself. French authorities initially tried to cover up the overt anti-Semitism of the killer, who was quoted as saying, “Allahu akbar,” “shut your mouth,” and “you sheitan!” (devil or Satan). Normal stuff pot smokers all over the world are fond of saying.

Did they try to hide these details because six French Policemen stood by and allowed a helpless Orthodox Jewish woman to get beaten and thrown out the window of her own apartment? Maybe. Was it because French anti-Semitism is on the rise and they wanted to hide the anti-Semitic motivation? Maybe. Is there a disturbing trend of older French Jewish women getting killed in their own apartments by neighbors? Definitely.

But whereas Sarah Halimi’s murderer had the wherewithal to claim insanity by reason of pot-smoking, Mireille Knoll’s killers did no such thing, so they got convicted. There is no other way to look at it; France just greenlit “The Purge: Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité!” Simply ensure you light up the green before your anti-Semitic killing spree. If you do so, well then, très bien.

The Whole World is Anti-Semitic… Again

But things are not très bien for Jews right now. Although “Hot Shots: Part Deux” (the inspiration for the article’s title) is one of the funniest (and dumbest) movies of all time, J’accuse: Part Deux is no laughing matter. France is not some lone cancer in an otherwise perfectly healthy body. France–like most of Europe–is no longer a safe place for Jews. So Jews are leaving France. But France is not alone. You cannot wear a kippah in Germany. U.K. Labour was a haven for anti-Semitism for years and only stopped when they got clobbered in the most recent election.

Even the Jews’ best safe haven outside of Israel–the U.S.–is not safe for Jews. Nobody seems to care about Jews getting beaten in the streets of New York City, or how synagogues are routinely defaced and defiled during BLM riots. That anti-Semitic chants are commonplace in protests that have nothing to do with Jews. Or how Jews can’t even fly on planes without getting accosted. Or that the Democratic ranks are rife with blatant anti-Semites.

Yes, the whole world is anti-Semitic… again. However, France just pulled the anti-Semitic wool off everyone’s head; if you want to kill Jews, just go to France and buy a Dimebag. Easy! French anti-Semitism was strong in 1894 and is stronger in 2021. J’accuse France! J’accuse: Part Deux!