The Yellowistst Are Out in Full Force on Jerusalem Day

Jerusalem Day is a straightforward holiday that connects the ancient with the modern. Jerusalem Day commemorates the day in the Jewish Calendar where Israeli Defense Forces liberated the Old City of Jerusalem. The liberation of the Old City was the culmination of the Six Day War and an event that solidified the modern State of Israel with the ancient Kingdom of Judea.

The 19 years in which Jordan (illegally) occupied the Old City of Jerusalem, were the only years in modern existence where Jews did not occupy Jerusalem. Israel wrested control away from Jordan in the Six Day War after warning Jordan against joining Egypt if a possible war should break out. But war did break out. And Jordan did join Egypt, thereby losing Jerusalem.

Jordan lost Jerusalem by its own doing. Jordan did not have to join Egypt, but it did. And it lost Jerusalem because of it. And yet–unlike everywhere else in the world–Israel must constantly defend itself for acting like they are sovereign over Jerusalem, which they are.

But Israel does even more than anywhere else in the world and gets condemned for it. Israel recognizes that Jerusalem is holy not just to Judaism, but to Christianity (the Church of the Holy Sepulchre) and Islam (Al-Aqsa). The only reason Jerusalem is holy to those other religions is explicitly because Jerusalem was holy to Judaism first. Regardless, Israel bars Jews from the holiest place in Judaism to placate the international community… and the international community still castigates Israel.

No other country is treated in this manner. No other city belonging to a country is treated in this manner. But Israel is treated as such and Jerusalem is treated as such. Israel wins defensive war after defensive war and is expected to cede back the lands won in defensive wars. Israel defends itself against annihilation–annihilation against its people and its borders–in every single war. But Israel is punished for not getting annihilated. Israel is punished for having the audacity to exist and defend places like Jerusalem.

The Yellowists Are Pushing Propaganda About Israel and Jerusalem Day

This is all possible because of the dogged efforts of yellowists pushing yellowism. Without these propagandists in mainstream media, the world would know the truth about Israel, Jerusalem, and Jerusalem Day. However, because yellowists are the most prominent talking heads on every network, you get “eyewitness” yellowists like Mark Stone lying to the rest of the world about Israel and Jerusalem.

“A crowd, which doesn’t, as far as we’ve seen, need any control.” These are the exact words uttered by Mark Stone of Sky News. He defended his stance by saying, “It’s eyewitness journalism. We were there all night and watched the evening unfold.” But that is what happens when you are a propagandist who shows up late to the party. When you ignore crowds chanting “bomb Tel Aviv,” and calls for violence against Jews. Or attempted lynchings. And Palestinians stockpiling rocks at Al-Aqsa. Of course, you see no need to “control” these “protestors” throwing stones and smashing cars as an “eyewitness” journalist when you show up 12 hours late.

But Mark Stone is not a journalist. He is a yellowist. Go through his Twitter page right now and the re-tweets speak for themselves. He is an activist masquerading as a journalist; pushing propaganda and using his status as a “journalist reporter” to cover for his overt propaganda. That is the classic definition of a yellow journalist.

And Stone is so yellow his eyes are jaundiced. The use of “protestors” instead of rioters. The mythical labeling of young Palestinian men as “young boys” who are shot with “skunked” water seemingly out of the blue… according to Stone’s “reporting.” But Stone has the audacity to ask what is Israel’s objective? To not have their citizens lynched? How about that? To subdue violent riots, not protests. The only people who think these are protests are the people who claimed the BLM riots from last summer were “mostly peaceful.” If you are throwing a stone and joining a mob that is engaging in violence, you are not a protestor, you are a rioter.

When it Comes to Israel, The Truth Does Not Matter

But truth means nothing to people like Mark Stone. Only the propaganda matters, only pushing the narrative matters. So ignore the perfectly legal eviction of the residents on the Sheikh Jarrah property. Ignore what the lawyers of the illegal occupiers–the Arabs–did to their clients. Blame the Palestinian Authority. Blame Jordan.

But blame Israel? For what? Wanting Israeli citizens–and this could mean Arab Israelis–on Israeli land? This is what happens when you reject reality! When you reject even recognizing Israel as an entity. You box yourself into a corner. If you play a stupid game (refusing to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist), you win a stupid prize (eviction).

But the international community allows antisemites the world over to continue to play this stupid game. When “eyewitness journalists” deliver reports that have no discernable difference from Al-Jazeera television, it makes it impossible for Israel to get treated fairly. So instead, Israel is warned about even the possibility of responding to defend its citizens and the most important site in Judaism.

If this happened to any other country–or any other group of people–the international community would say, “do you what you must.” But because it happens to Jews, the response is, “how dare you.”

No, how dare the rest of the world even contemplate thinking they have a say in the matter. Jerusalem is Israel. Israel is Jerusalem. And save for a 19-year span when Jordan illegally occupied the city, this was always the case. That is what Jerusalem Day represents. Not that Israelis “believe” Jerusalem Day is the reunification of the Old City, but that Jerusalem Day is the reunification of Jerusalem. To suggest Jerusalem Day is anything different is propaganda pushed by a yellowist.