Jewish Gun Ownership in the Time of Rising AntiSemitism

Each year, hundreds of thousands of American women are saved through the mere fact of owning a gun. It is a fact many in the media and those that oppose gun rights despise. They hate this reality because it shows that the weakest among us–the most vulnerable–can level the playing field thanks to Glocks, Smith & Wessens, and Colts. As the old Western adage goes, “G-d created man, Sam Colt made them equal.”

That saying is as true today as it was when it was first coined more than 150 years ago. You can be the smallest and weakest person in the world, but a six-shooter can turn you into Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson. Right now, many in the world believe Jews to be weak, to be worthy of abuse and death. If Jews want to stop this rise in antisemitism, they must follow G-d and Col. Colt’s orders; protect yourself at all times and make Jewish gun ownership universal… especially among the visibly Jewish.

Almost every synagogue and shul in America has armed guards during Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur (the Jewish high holidays). Jews across America do this because they know they are targets for hate and violence simply because of their Judaism. Fortunately for many Jews, when they are outside their places of worship, it is hard to distinguish who is Jewish and who is not. Some might rock their “chis” or magen davids, but you have to look closely to spot most American Jews because most American Jews are not orthodox.

Spotting an Orthodox Jew is the Easiest Game of “Where’s Waldo” in America

However, the orthodox are visibly Jewish. Whether it be their kippot, payot, or black hats, most people can spot an orthodox Jew from a mile away. Walk the streets of New York City and play, “Who is Jewish?” and you will be participating in the easiest game of “Where’s Waldo” in America. Therefore, orthodox Jews are the victims of the vast majority of violent antisemitic crimes in America.

The reasoning is the same as to why shuls are defaced; they are overtly Jewish. You know if you see a building with a Jewish star then that it is a Jewish place and vandalizing that place will hurt Jews. The same analysis arises on the personal level. If you hate Jews and want to hurt them and see them shot and stabbed, well, you can’t just pick some random person who you think is Jewish and tee off on them, you need to know for certain you are getting a Jew.

So which subset of Jews catch the brunt of violent antisemitic hate crimes? Orthodox Jews. And how can these orthodox Jews–many of whom have never stepped foot in a gym because their supersets involve davening and tehillim–protect themselves? With the peacemakers. With the machinery that made all men equal. Guns. And every Jew needs a gun.

The Options: Universal Jewish Gun Ownership, Leave, or Die

Yes, Jewish gun ownership in America needs to be universal. Any Jew that thinks otherwise is completely ignorant of Jewish history. And while every American should carry a gun, for the visibly Jewish and the orthodox in particular, universal Jewish gun ownership is a necessity. Most people bemoan the fact that this should not be necesarry. But that is a misreading of the American promise. The promise in America is not “we will stop bad people from hurting you,” but rather “we will punish them for hurting you.” If you want protection and to avoid being a victim, the 2nd Amendment provides that protection. It is incumbent upon you to protect yourself.

So when Jews are accosted, threatened, and stabbed on the streets of America, yes, it is the fault of the antisemites, but it is also the fault of Jews who refuse to protect themseves. The glory of America is that it does not treat Jews any differently than anybody else. People think that this is a bad thing and America needs to do something as antisemitism rises, but this is not true. America tells every American, “hey, if you want protection, you are more than welcome to it. If you do not want it, that is your fault.”

This Sure Sounds Like Victim Blaming…

If this sounds like partial victim blaming, then you are damn right. If you are Jewish–especially visibly Jewish–and you are not armed, then you are a stubborn, dangerous idiot. But why Jewish universal gun ownership? For the same reason Israel (allegedly) has nukes; it is the best possible deterrent available. Do you know what would be the best deterrent to stop this rise in antisemitism? If everybody knew every Jew was packing heat.

So stop with the crying and whining and saying, “wake up.” Sure, wake up, but wake up to the fact that it is incumbent upon Jews to protect themselves. Stop waiting for others to help Jews and do something about it yourselves! Jews are at their best when they are proving to the world they do not need help from others, and America gives Jews that option with the 2nd Amendment. So make universal Jewish gun ownership a thing. Let us prove to the world that there is nothing stronger than the Jewish will to survive, and that there is noting better equipped to provide Jews with that protection than the 2nd Amendment and universal Jewish gun ownership.