What the FBI Jewish Hate Crime Statistics Teach Us About Why We Fear Speaking the Truth

Before we begin, a quick point that must be made; the existence of hate crimes as a category for legal punishment is irredeemably stupid. You could read 1,000 words on this site about why, but it is much more fun to watch South Park’s evisceration of the subject than reading anything you might get here. While the existence of hate crimes as a category for legal punishment is stupid, it is still worthwhile to track it as a statistic to see trends in criminality. Those trends are often not quite what you would think; like the stark decrease in anti-Muslim hate crimes in Donald Trump’s first year in office. But the most telling statistic in the newly released FBI Hate Crime database is the whopper where Jewish hate crimes make up 60.2% of all religious-based hate crimes in the United States despite Jews making up just 1.7% of the U.S. population.

If you have been reading this site at all during 2020, this Jewish hate crime statistic should not come as a shock to you. Using the previously most recent version of the FBI statistics, I pointed out many times how Jews were 3.65 times more likely than blacks to be the victim of a hate crime. Now? With the new Jewish hate crime statistic published? Jews are four times more likely to be the victim of a hate crime than a black person (0.16% for Jews and 0.04% for blacks).

But nobody talks about this. You would think–in this day and age of speaking up for minorities–that everybody would speak out in defense of Jews. However, that is decidedly not the case. That is because there is a Jewish double standard.

But this Jewish double standard is only half the story. The other half of why there is so much silence stems from the perpetrator statistic. The problem? One-third of all arrests in Jewish hate crimes in New York City (where the majority of crimes occur) are black people. And “many… of the assailants in the incidents of harassment and assault in Brooklyn have been African-American.” So, why all the silence? Why is it when Jewish hate crimes statistics are brought up the topic is taboo?

Discussing Jewish Hate Crime Statistics Should Not Be a Hard Discussion, So Why is it?

Because we have a protected class in America, and it sure is hell is not Jews. Unfortunately, we have elevated the plight of black Americans to the point where any discussion that puts black Americans in a negative light is taboo. This is to the detriment of Jews, but also to the detriment of blacks and Americans as a whole. It is why the issue of fatherlessness in the black community–an issue that plagues Americans in general as well–cannot be touched.

But it is a shanda as it pertains to the newest Jewish hate crime statistics. We have swung the pendulum so far in one direction that we have now compelled ourselves into silence.

Yes, Blacks were woefully treated in America. Slavery is our original sin. Yet, we fought a civil war to correct that sin. But we did not fix it. We were so bad and so slow at fixing it that as we were liberating the world from true fascism, we were interning Asian Americans back at home and segregating black Americans as they fought and died for the country. We needed to do better as a country and we finally got things into gear with the Civil Rights Movement. And we have been improving ever since.

However, we have now gone too far. Any criticism of the black community is now seen as racist. Therefore, it halts us from discussing simple truths. And right now the truth is black Americans make up a disproportionate amount of the perpetrators in Jewish hate crime statistics. In other words, blacks are at fault for a disproportionate amount of Jewish hate crimes. Read that sentence again. Is that an easy sentence? Does something make you feel a little dirty when you read it? Try saying it out loud. It feels gross and grotesque.

That is where we are right now in America. People are afraid and hesitant to speak the truth because it looks and it feels wrong. Not just wrong. It feels racist. That is a double-edged sword if there ever was one. We should be commended as a nation that we are now at the point where blaming back people for problems feels wrong deep down in our souls. However, just because it feels wrong, does not mean it is wrong all the time.

Be Courageous and Do Not Let Fear of Reprisal Stop You From Speaking the Truth

But how many people do you think are courageous enough to point that out? How many people would rather not touch the crazy-glue stickiness that is the statement “black people make up a disproportionate amount of Jewish hate crimes?” The answer? The overwhelming majority of Americans.

Is that such a big problem? Yup. We have a massive problem in America and nobody is willing to do a damn thing about it because the overwhelming of Americans are petrified to even discuss the issue. That is antithetical to the founding principles of the United States. That is one of the main reasons for the First Amendment; to ensure that when there is a problem, we will have the freedom to discuss it without fear of retribution.

Yet people are petrified in America to even open their mouths to fix a gigantic problem. That is entirely unAmerican. We need to be able to discuss issues. We need to abide by and hold holy the First Amendment. When there is an issue, we must point it out and we cannot let fear stop us from doing so. The solution is not to limit discussion when you see a problem, but to discuss every problem openly.

And call out the issue no matter who is the perpetrator. If you want a better, more welcoming world, the people you should be most angry at when they commit sins are your own. So, when Jews are attacking Jews, say it. Blacks against Jews, Jews against blacks, Asians against blacks, blacks against Hispanics, straights against gays, and so on and so forth.

This is not a problem that will go away by sweeping it under the rug. It is a problem that has existed throughout the ages and will continue to be a problem until we are not so cowardly as to ignore it. In short, we need to call a spade a spade… and we cannot let the fear of punishment dissuade us from speaking the truth. Truth like using the idiom, “calling a spade a spade,” which has nothing to do with racism.

We cannot fear the truth. Instead, we must strive for the truth. Not your truth, not my truth, but the truth. And we need to start doing it now before it is too late. Before those Jewish hate crime statistics go from 60.2% to 75% and 75% turns into 90%. So speak truth to power, and speak the truth when it is least convenient to do so. Speak the truth even when it feels disgusting to do so because the only way we will ever get better is when we regard truth as so important we are willing to risk alienating anybody and everybody in order to achieve it.