Liberal Arts Students are Abandoning the Liberal Arts

NESCAC Students No Longer Care for the Liberal Arts and it Shows

First, it was the appalling “Common Language Guide” from Amherst College. That was followed by Trinity College’s Student Government Association denying the application of “The Churchill Club.” Now the students representing the dreaded Purple Cows of Williams College think it best to reject a pro-Israel group on campus. These schools all have something in common: they are some of the best liberal arts schools in the country. They also happen to be some of the most expensive (Williams included). But the gobs of money required to attend these schools are no longer worth it. At least if you expect to study and learn the core values and ideals of a liberal arts education.

The main thread between all of these schools is that they all belong to an athletic conference known as the NESCAC. But while these tiny liberal arts schools nestled in the north-eastern part of the United States are known for their wondrous combination of academics and athletics, they are beginning to devolve; straying so far away from the tenets of a liberal arts education as to have almost no connection to their founding principles.

Two years ago, another member of the NESCAC went so far as to try and attack Charles Murray for having the audacity to speak on campus. That same school, Middlebury College, is now fully accepting the Heckler’s Veto and banning speakers. When people decry the “leftist elites” and wonder how their values have overrun mainstream media and traditional American values, and how it all got so bad so quickly, the common question is, “where is this all coming from?” It is coming from schools and universities like the NESCAC schools.

These schools are, by almost every available metric, the best and most prestigious schools in the country. They are nicknamed “the Little Ivies.” And yet, the students that attend these institutions are either completely ignorant of American civics and history, or simply do not care. Initially, their high schools failed them. Then it was the colleges who stood up and said, “Congratulations, your application to this university has been accepted.” These acceptance letters to liberal arts schools are no longer predicated on knowing a single thing about American ideals and values. Or put another way, the liberal arts.

These troglodytes who substituted New England Prep Schools for the more traditional cave system are so engrossed in their beliefs they think Shakespeare is too “white.” Shakespeare. The man who gave one of the most beautiful soliloquies in English literature to a black soldier. Shakespeare, who is by many accounts, the best English writer, poet, and playwright in history. They think that guy is too white. As if his whiteness has any bearing on his work. Why use critical thinking when you can just look at the color of someone’s skin and not think at all?

This is the same thought process that leads to Williams’ students making a-historical claims with a straight faces like, “Given that the Israeli state is engaging in ongoing violent practices and is built on stolen Palestinian land, one cannot “support” the existence of an Israeli state as an abstract concept without ignoring and indirectly endorsing the state’s violent practices (emphasis added).” These are supposedly the best and brightest scholars of the upcoming generation. Scholars who find generic research so anathema to their thought processes that merely opening up a damn history book causes them mental anguish.

Bring up “the Balfour Declaration,” “The White Papers” or, THE BIBLE and their heads will spin like a dreidel spun by Samson. The same throng of dolts who claim everyone that disagrees with them is a Nazi or is “literally Hitler,” have no idea about how chummy the Grand Mufti was with the real-life Hitler. Reveal to them the extent to which the United Kingdom went to get Arab armies to invade Israel, hoping for a victorious Arab bloc, and it will be brand new information to them. Or the coup de grâce, how brutal the British were in trying to turn back (or worse) ships packed with Holocaust survivors. None of that information has ever breached the mile-thick, Adamantium-constructed-wall that is their skulls.

The “best and brightest” are so mentally weak that even confronting an opposing viewpoint sends them scurrying to their “long walks” to protest a black college president who is defending free speech. Free Speech. The very first thing that all liberal arts students should agree to in order to attend a liberal arts school. They oppose that. These students stand in solidarity and are in opposition to the guiding light and principle of a liberal arts education. These pampered, spineless, Charmin-soft individuals who, when they come together to protest and riot form a Megazord of stupidity, are diluting education in general and dumbing down the rest of the country in the process. So much so that 41% of the country cannot place the word “Auschwitz.”

Statistics like that one should petrify you. It is why this tidal wave of anti-education, anti-discourse, and anti-Free Speech at the highest levels of universities is downright scary. This total lack of pertinent knowledge is occurring in the face of the destruction of what was once a great thing; a traditional liberal arts education.

The goal of a liberal arts education is to provide students with a nucleus of philosophies, hitting on as many subjects as possible so that students graduate ready to take on the world at large. The purpose is to mold students into thinkers and achievers. To supply them with the bulwark necessary that they can overcome obstacles later in life, and to do so using the power of thought. But the liberal arts students of today are cowards.

Thoughts scare them. Murals of the greatest American ever traumatize them. 75 years ago, young men of their age were storming the beaches of Normandy to eradicate some of the greatest threats in the history of the world. Today they are storming offices, public streets, and schools in an attempt to destroy some of the greatest ideas in the history of the world. The fear, if they are not stopped, and are not educated, is that they might succeed.

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