Mark Cuban Loves Money, Gets Dunked on by Ted Cruz

If you had Ted Cruz and Mark Cuban get into a Twitter battle on your 2020 Bingo Card, mark it down. The senator from Texas and the owner of the Dallas Mavericks are in the midst of a Twitter war over Cuban’s refusal to condemn Chinese human rights atrocities. The bottom line reason is simple; Mark Cuban is one hell of a businessman and Mark Cuban loves his money. Therefore, he does not want to offend China; Capitalism tends to win out in the end. Especially for people that abide by NBA equality as opposed to actual equality. So when Cruz took umbrage with Cuban telling a fan, “bye,” for claiming he will stop watching the Mavericks if players kneel during the anthem, our battleground was set

While ignoring the astonishing revelation that Ted Cruz is not some mindless robot (and a terrible basketball player), Cuban’s flippant response is rather telling. Why would a businessman, who is so good at optimizing his bottom line, not care about losing fans when players kneel? Cuban knows that the real money is no longer in America. Yes, Americans love NBA basketball and Texans love the Mavericks, but Cuban is looking into the future and seeing where the money will be coming from. The answer? China.

Cuban is smart enough to realize that taking the momentary hit to his wallet–whatever that may be–by offending a large swath of Americans, is worth the eventual payout. For Cuban, the question is, “how much money will I lose out on now by offending Americans versus how much future money will I lose out on if I offend China?” Cuban knows the answer. The momentary loss is offset by the eventual gains. To offend China would be a bad business move. So the intelligent businessman keeps his mouth shut vis-a-vis China and has no problem letting Ted Cruz drag him and castrate him on Twitter.

Mark Cuban Loves Money So Much, He Misses the Point

After waiting more than an hour for a response, Cruz fired off another jab meant to provoke a response from Cuban, and the following tweet did just that:

Cuban goes with a trite whataboutism response, before finally realizing how terrible he is looking in the exchange. So his defense against the atrocities committed by China? A weak-willed clip of him talking about the economics of trade with China and what he thinks are the best practices to curtail China’s economic atrocities.

It is impossible to comprehend why Cuban thought this was a good response. Ted Cruz is calling out Mark Cuban for specifically refusing to condemn the human rights atrocities committed by China and Cuban’s response is, here are clips of me talking about the economics of it. Cuban is literally proving Cruz’s point here. Cuban refuses to call out China for being one of the worst human rights abusers on the planet, and he thinks a quality defense is pivoting to his condemnation of their economic policies.

Mark Cuban Gives Capitalism a Bad Name

You will rarely see an attack on capitalism and capitalistic practices on this website, but Mark Cuban is making a terrible case for capitalism here. Over and over again his defense can be described as, “Mark Cuban Loves Money More Than People.” Even when Ted Cruz makes it abundantly clear that “Yes, Mark, we know. But can you take a second to say, ‘Freedom is good, concentration camps are bad, and organ harvesting is bad?'” Cuban skirts the issue. He skirts the issue because–insofar as it relates to China–Mark Cuban loves his money more than people.

There is no other way to look at this exchange with Cuban. Yes, you can hate Ted Cruz. In fact, pick any number of reasons, either from the left or the right. They are out there. You can agree or disagree with Cruz about politics, law, or culture. No problem. But if you look at this exchange and think Cruz is the evil person here, there is something terribly wrong with you.

On one side, you have a guy who has spoken out so much against China’s human rights violations, they have sanctioned him. On the other hand, you have a guy that refuses to defend freedom, condemn concentration camps, or speak out about the evils of organ harvesting. Mark Cuban might think he loves people, but deep down, he only fights for his wallet. But hey, Mark Cuban loves his money and that is his prerogative; now he is just letting the world know which one he loves more, and it is sure not people.