The Left Keeps Winning the Language War By Opening New Fronts; Their Latest is “Militant Groups”

Language is vastly important. It is how we communicate with one another. Whoever controls how we communicate, controls the narrative, and whoever controls the narrative wins. Jordan Peterson understands this. In fact, Peterson’s fight against Bill C.16–a piece of legislation in Canada that compelled speech–is what initially made him popular. If you are compelling speech, you are trying to control the language and narrative. The Left understands how vital controlling language is; it is the reason they constantly open up new fronts in the language war. “Birthing persons,” “Pro-choice,” “They/Them, etc.,” These are all instances where the left is using language in order to win the narrative war. And their latest front in this war?  “Militant groups.”

The phrase “Militant groups” sounds bad by itself. But when compared to terrorist groups? Not so much. The phrase Militant groups is so much better than the alternative that some people unabashedly promote and support militant groups. The Blank Panther Party was a militant group. Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam is a militant group. The Proud Boys are a militant group. While everybody might not agree with the stated aims of these groups, there is a bit of legitimacy bestowed upon them with the phrase, “militant groups.” The left recognizes this; they recognize it is better to be a militant group than a terrorist organization.

Why? Terrorist organizations are inherently evil. They are in no way legitimate and the connotation is they kill innocent civilians in order to achieve their political aims. Terrorist organizations are the more evil and sadistic older brother to “militant groups.” But, if you have been paying attention, the list of “militant groups” is growing while the list of “terrorist organizations” is shrinking. The Biden administration decreed the Houthis are no longer a “terrorist organization.” Noting this change, yellowists in mainstream media are also trying to do the same with Hamas and other terrorist groups.

Hamas is Now One of Many “Militant Groups,” And No Longer a Terrorist Organization

Terrorist groups are no longer terrorist groups, merely “militant groups.” CBS anchors drop in the “militant groups” phrasing without much thought. And, if you listen to the lies from John Oliver, you already know this. John Oliver is a perfect representative of the left; he speaks with the utmost confidence about things he clearly knows nothing about and uses his platform to fight the language war.

During his brutally antisemitic monologue from last week, Oliver snuck in the phrase, “militant group” when referring to Hamas and their rocket fire. The problem here is while Hamas is definitely one of the many “militant groups” around the world, it is specifically a terrorist organization.

The entire world knows Hamas is a terrorist organization, so why are John Oliver, CBS News, and the mainstream saying anything different? Because they are trying to legitimize Hamas! They know Hamas is not legitimate and they know firing rockets at civilians is a war crime. However, they also know if they can change the world’s perspective on Hamas, then it would make it that much easier to lay the blame on Israel. It is a bait-and-switch; change the language surrounding Hamas, thus legitimizing Hamas, thus delegitimizing Israel.

The Deviousness of the Left’s War on Language

But they are not alone. Even Israelis are doing it. Neri Zilber is an Israeli citizen with bylines in The New York Times, The Atlantic, and The Daily Beast. Not surprisingly given those publications, Zilber is of the left. So much so that he cannot go one paragraph without incorporating the left’s latest bait-and-switch. In an article published on May 17, 2021, in The Daily Beast, Zilber slyly drops in the “Militant Groups” phrasing.

Neri Zilber's "Militant Groups" (

Neri Zilber’s “Militant Groups” (

Notice; all of the groups firing rockets at Israel are recognized terrorist organizations. So whether it is Hamas firing rockets or Hizbollah firing rockets, the rockets are coming from terrorist organizations. However, according to Zilber, it is “militant groups continuing to fire barrages of rockets into Israel.” Those are terrorists firing rockets at Israel. You are using language to lessen the impact of what Hamas and the other terrorist organizations are doing; trying to kill Israeli citizens.

Trying to kill citizens is what terrorist organizations do. It is terrorist activity when Twin Towers fall in the United States. It is terrorist activity when civilians are slaughtered and maimed in Yemen by the Houthis. And yes, it is also terrorist activity when it happens in Israel at the hands of Hamas. No matter how you want to phrase it, these are terrorist activities committed by terrorists. You are abetting the evil of terrorists when you downplay what they are doing. People like Oliver and Zilber are–if not downright defending–abetting terrorists with their language.

So call it out when you hear it. Call it out when you read it. When people are using language to masquerade terrorists and terrorism, don’t let them get away with it. Their language will lead to more death and destruction. So, if you truly want better for the world, don’t let the Left win on this new front. The language wars are here and it is time for battle.