Misconceptions About U.S. Government and U.S. Law

As United States citizens, we are required to follow the laws laid out and defined by the United States government and the Constitution and its Amendments. This is a fairly easy concept to grasp; where there is a government, there are laws, and where there are laws, the citizens must adhere to them. However, it seems like more and more citizens have misconceptions about what exactly is the role of the U.S. Government as defined by the Constitution and U.S. law. The result is a populace that is more and more agreeable to blindly following edicts that have no basis in law and decrees that restrict individual freedom. And that individual freedom is the bedrock of being a U.S. Citizen. That is the original compact of the Constitution and the driving force behind having a U.S. Government; the government’s role is to protect and preserve your individual freedom.

So why are so many so keen to give up their freedoms? Because they are either (1) ignorant about the proper role of the U.S. government and U.S. laws or (2) don’t agree with the original U.S. compact between its citizens and its government. That should scare anybody that loves individual freedom. And you can you see that fear in the throngs of protestors storming state-houses with their guns. While bringing guns is symbolic of defending your personal freedom (that is literally the point of the 2nd Amendment), it is a fairly stupid practice from a purely public relations standpoint. Instead of people listening to your complaints and the point behind your protests, they glom onto the optic of the guns. It is simply a mistake to protest in this manner.

But having the freedom to make mistakes is one of the tenets of being an American citizen. The United States Government is supposed to do as little as possible. That was the original American compact; the government should be as small as possible and stay the hell out of the lives of its citizens. A simple, yet revolutionary (literally), idea.

The U.S. government should not infringe on personal liberty or religious freedom and should leave you alone to your own devices and labor. Only you can alienate your labor, not the government or anybody else. The government is a war-making machine, and that is about it. That was its original purpose. However, we have strayed so far from the original American compact that almost half the country is applauding mayors and governors who are handing down edicts that come right from the Dictatorship 101 Handbook.

The Dirty Secret Behind a U.S. Government Law

Edicts ordered by mayors and governors that it make possible you can be fined and possibly hauled off to jail for not wearing a mask! No going to beaches, no going to parks, and do not even think about hanging out with more than five friends. But because you are a good citizen, you listen to those rules. Even if those rules to stay inside are (1) detrimental to your health and (2) entirely unconstitutional. Yet you listen and abide by these new rules because deep down you know what is behind a law, even if you never thought about it too deeply.

A law is the government saying, “listen to what we decree, or we’re coming after you with guns blazing.” That’s all a law is, a law is the U.S. government threatening you with a gun, whether you know it or not. Don’t agree? Let’s break it down:

What is a fine? A fine is a potshot with a BB gun. The government’s way to compel you to comply without damaging you too much. If the fines don’t work, then the government will try to arrest you. An arrest is pulling out a pistol and threatening to kneecap you and take away your personal liberties and freedom. They coerce you to listen, because if you don’t, you will get shot or you will get your freedom taken away, which is why we have the 2nd Amendment. Not because it gave citizens the right to form a militia, but rather, it gave U.S. citizens the ability to fight back against the U.S. government. The founding fathers were aware that all laws were really the government saying, “if you don’t listen, we’re coming after you with a gun.”

So, what’s the best way to combat that? Give U.S. citizens guns and give them the means–the freedom–to fight back with equal fury whenever they think the U.S. government is leaning towards authoritarianism. And right now, some city and state governments are not just leaning into authoritarianism, they are outright engaging in it… to the applause and backing of almost half the country.

Ignorance of U.S. History and the Role of the U.S. Government is an Affront to the Founding of the U.S.

This is what happens when you don’t know your history, and you have misconceptions about the U.S. government and the role it is supposed to have in your life. Many Americans want a nanny state that takes care of them, tucks them in at night and tells them it is all going to be ok. They have willingly handed more and more power to the government, a power it was never supposed to have. Maybe it is due to the decline in religion in American society so people are looking for a different type of higher power, or maybe it is for another unforeseen reason. But the result of this power transfer is the painfully obvious outcome of a government that thinks it can spy on its citizens and hand down laws that are blatantly unconstitutional.

But here is another dirty secret about America and the Consitution; the Constitution is scary. It is scary because it promises freedom. Freedom to make your own decisions, to take your own risks, and to be responsible for your own self and own life. That is scary stuff right there. Saying, “good luck, you’re on your own,” is much scarier (and meaner) than, “here, let me take care of it for you.” But that’s why Americans have always been so badass and so hated around the world. We have always taken the harder road and said screw you to everyone that doubted us.

“Don’t Tread on Me,” might as well say, “Screw you, I’m doing my own thing.” However, right now, Americans are instead saying, “I’ll do whatever you say.” That is unAmerican. And the more Americans just go along with it and these unconstitutional decrees, the less American we become. We are losing what made us so special (and so hated). If you don’t think we’re special, just ask Germany. So when you see somebody protesting stay-at-home orders, they’re doing so because they know and want to preserve the original American compact that promises freedom. Freedom to live, and yes, freedom to die as they please. And if you think they are dumb to speak out, are too stupid to know better, or come off as cultish, it is because they have a better understanding of what it means to be an American.