President Obama is Not Shy When it Comes to His Feelings on Jews and Israel

If we are to believe Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, an antisemitic member of Congress who literally wiped Israel off of the map on her first day in office, President Barack Obama is “proud of her.”

The easiest way to read this tweet is with belief. Nothing in the history of the 44th President should make people aghast that he is proud of an overt antisemite. Obama never hid the ball when it came to his stance on Israel and the Jewish people. This is a president who routinely talked a great game, but when it came time to defend the land of the Jewish people, he was either suspiciously silent or was the one leading the condemnation of Israel. This is not the first time Obama was proud to side with an antisemite or an antisemitic cause. In fact, his perspective was well known since before he took office, and now that he is out of office, it is a good time to take a look at his legacy of “proud” antisemitic moments.

President Obama and Jeremiah Wright

One of the most disingenuous things in politics is the disavowal of a confidant or friend only when it is politically expedient. President Obama, and wife Michelle, attended the Trinity United Church of Christ, a Protestant community in Chicago. They were married at the church in 1992. Their children were even baptized there. The practicing pastor throughout that time was Jeremiah Wright. Everyone is allowed to practice their faith as they see fit. So that is exactly what the Obama’s did; practicing and engaging in their faith in the house of an overt antisemite.

Even though Wright continuously made antisemitic comments and even went so far as to hand out a “Lifetime Achievement” award to Nation of Islam leader and supreme Jew-hater Louis Farrakhan, Obama did not see it proper to leave the church nor disavow his pastor. It was only when Wright’s comments started to cause his image harm on the eve of his candidacy, did Obama finally start distancing himself from his pastor. Still, he would not completely remove Wright from a place of honor within his campaign. Yes, he asked Wright to not perform the invocation at his candidacy announcement in February 2007, but Wright stayed on Obama’s African American Religious Leadership Committee until December 2007 when the relationship became too much for the presidential hopeful. Antisemitism is fine… so long as it does not impact a run at the Presidency–only then did Obama cut Wright loose.

President Obama’s Iran Deal

Nevermind that President Obama and Ben Rhodes lied while pushing the Iran Deal on the American people and the rest of the world. Even if you were gullible enough to believe that timeline of events as it was occurring, the Iran Deal was a horrible deal that only served to strengthen Iran and give them time to try and develop nuclear weapons; weapons everyone knew would be developed with the hopes of using against Israel. President Obama had a chance to draw a hard line against the radical state of Iran but chose instead to bend over backward to give it an avenue towards nuclear proliferation.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned from the very start that the Iranians would never abide by the guidelines of the deal. However, like almost every single time Netanyahu and Obama butted heads, Obama disregarded the warning of his Israeli counterpart. In the end, Netanyahu was proven right, “big time.” Obama and his administration orchestrated a deal that would directly harm the safety of Israel and the Jewish people. They lied about it to their own constituents in order to pass this deal. Even when confronted about the possibility that this Jew-hating regime would use the guise of the deal to try and create nuclear weapons to destroy the state of Israel, they did not care. To this day, Obama and Rhodes are proud of orchestrating the Iran Deal, and there is only one reason to be proud of such duplicitousness.

President Obama’s Final Act

Lame Duck presidents can do great good. Since they really are not beholden to anybody and there are no repercussions, they can finally show all their cards and do the things they most desire. For the Obama administration, that was doing everything in their power to harm Israel, not just in the U.S., but also on the world stage.

For 36 years the United States vetoed any United Nations resolution condemning the building of “settlements” in East Jerusalem. This was the right and logical thing to do. (Quick aside; yes, you can be “anti-Zionist” without being “antisemitic.” The rule is clear cut: if you want to criticize Israel for something, it better be something you will also criticize any other country about. I.e. if a country wins territory in a defensive war and you are fine with that, you CANNOT criticize Israel for land won in a defensive war. If you do, you miiiight be an antisemite.)

However, the Obama administration, which went out of its way at every opportunity to try and condemn Israel while needing to worry about votes, finally let the cat out of the bag in their final U.N. session. The lame duck administration allowed the passing of U.N. Security Council Resolution 2334. Samathan Power cowardly abstained and did not use her veto powers on the vote, which called for an end to “Israeli Settlements.” It was a cowardly act at the time. But now we know it was not just cowardly; it was actually the Obama administration behind the scenes that devised the wording and timing of the aggressively antisemitic and pathetic last-ditch effort to take a personal swipe at Israel and Netanyahu in particular.

With the whole world watching, and a chance to do something good for Israel and the Jewish people, President Obama–with the help of Samantha Power–literally just stood by and watched as the rest of the world condemned Israel for something every other country in the world would do. That is the last defining moment of the Obama administration and one that he is perfectly proud of.

The Proud Antisemitic Legacy of President Obama

This is by no means a comprehensive list. These are just the three most prominent moments where President Obama showed his true feelings when it came to Israel and the Jewish people. He was totally fine practicing his faith under the leadership of an antisemitic pastor with ill feelings towards the United States. That is, until the rest of the country essentially asked, “what the hell?” But no matter, when you are a great orator, you can get away with many things. Lying to the American people to devise a plan that would directly harm Israel and the land of the Jews? Totally acceptable. Cowardly acts devised with the express purpose of harming Israel? Only undertaken because of the lack of repercussions? Those get a free pass… even when they turn out to be much worse than originally thought. Antisemitic teachings, dangerous deals, and petty performances in relation to Israel. This is the legacy of President Obama. So yes, he can be proud antisemitic members of Congress. They are just continuing the legacy of the 44th President.