Police Malfeasance as Unmasked by Antifa

When Police Do Not Do Their Job, There is No Law and Order

The vast majority of police nationwide are legitimate heroes. You do not hear about the thousands of stories every day of police simply doing their jobs and making their communities better by making their communities safer. That is their main goal; to serve and protect. To improve their communities by providing the security necessary for everyone to walk the streets without fear of their lives. This is why stories of police brutality and shootings strike so harshly on the hearts of most Americans; when police become the problem, they are betraying the trust of the exact people they are supposed to be protecting. And there are many ways they can betray that trust.

There are the obvious examples like Walter Scott and Botham Shem Jean. People shot and killed by cops who were erroneously hired and had animus towards the same people they were sworn to protect or did not have the mental capacity to do their jobs in the first place. Anybody that defends these types of cops needs to reevaluate what they expect from their local police departments. These are the officers that give good cops bad names and reputations and lets bad cops off the hook.

Then you have examples of the cowardly cop like Scot Peterson. A man so unfit for service he not only did not do his job but actively went out of his way to stop others from doing theirs as school children lay bleeding and dying. Herein lies the most dangerous type of police malfeasance; the indifference of good cops.

The latest and most glaring example of this is happening in Portland, Oregon with Antifa. For the better part of the last year, Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists have taken to the streets of Portland to protest. This has lead to the illegal closure of streets, thousands of dollars in property damage, and open brawling in the streets. As exasperated as Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler sounds, this is all because he and his prosecutors allowed it to happen. But he is not alone in his baffling inaction. The police in Portland seem indifferent to roving gangs of masked punks taking over their streets.

The sight of police standing by and doing nothing as a street brawl breaks out should sicken and disgust everyone. But inaction from those sworn to protect does not lead to more inaction, it leads to the opposite. If police idly stand by and do nothing, it emboldens those looking for a fight. And they will find one, even if it means bludgeoning a journalist.

Andy Ngo is one of the best independent journalist working today. He is unafraid to go into the middle of Antifa protests and catalog their intimidating actions, the weapons they carry around with them, and their plain-as-day criminal behavior. Now, because Portland Police are literally not doing the job they were hired to do, Ngo is in the hospital with a brain bleed.

To sophomoric and jelly-spined “journalists” like Jim Acosta, this is actually dangerous journalism. Acosta feels compelled to write a book about the dangerous time to be a journalist in America. Blaming Donald Trump for the “dangerous time to tell the truth” (Ernie Pyle is spinning in his grave) from the comfort of the White House lawn. All the while, Andy Ngo is getting beaten on the streets in broad daylight as police do nothing.

They do nothing as a journalist gets a milkshake thrown at him. It is just a milkshake, right? They do nothing as masked thugs punch a man with a camera whose only goal is to shed light on the evil and brutality of the organization. But do not worry, Don Lemon (another CNN “journalist”) is here to defend them and claim, “no organization is perfect.” Strange. Sounds a good deal like the “there were good people on both sides” argument. The police in Portland do nothing. Full stop.

The most bewildering part of all of this is the police are in fact there. One of the most effective ways to stop crime is merely the presence of the police. But the Portland PD is taking this tried and true method of curtailing criminal activity and letting it slide. They are taking their biggest advantage and throwing it away. There might be good cops in the Portland PD, but it is not a good department.

Beware of the bad departments, bad chiefs, and bad mayors. The people who have sworn to serve and protect and yet do anything but that. It is wonderful we are starting to punish the Michael Slagers and Amber Guygers of the country for their crimes of action. However, we must also hold police officers to a higher standard when it comes to their inaction. Scot Peterson was a good start. But we need to do more.

It is unacceptable that a city can be overtaken by fat, slobbish, black-masked thugs simply because police are unwilling to do their jobs and a mayor is refusing to let them. Ted Wheeler must be held accountable. The Portland PD must be held accountable. If we do not, who knows who visits the ER (or worse) next. Yesterday it was Andy Ngo. Tomorrow it could me or you.

For the most part, police officers are good women and men. They just want to do their jobs and get back home to see their families. But they are asked to do more than just be good women and men; they are asked to confront evil when they come across it. Antifa is evil. As evil as any masked group you can think of that dreams of assaulting innocents. That is why we cannot stand by and let the Portland Police and Ted Wheeler get away with their indifference. Their indifference is leading to violence and untold danger. If police are indeed good, then we must all truly fear their indifference, the indifference of good men.

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