DeAnna Price Deserves Gold After the Selfishness of Gwen Berry

Regardless of what you think of Gwen Berry’s “activism,” the one phrase missing from most of the reports was “selfish.” This is perplexing because it was an overtly selfish move. She might say she was doing it in protest of America and America’s history–although this is only a recent stance of hers–but no matter what the reasoning, it was selfish. It was selfish because she was not the only one on the podium that day. In fact, she was on the shortest pedestal. She was on the shortest pedestal because she got third, advancing to the Olympics by three inches over Janee Kassanavoid. You would not know it because of Gwen Berry’s selfishness, but the story that day was DeAnna Price.

DeAnna Price massacred the American female hammer throwing record during the trials and put so much distance between her and the field that the rest of her competitors needed binoculars to see her. But you would not know this because of the actions of Gwen Berry. In fact, DeAnna Price’s performance during the Olympic Trials was one of the greatest single field event performances of all time.

For those too busy to watch the video, the reigning world champion’s throws went (in order): Meet Record, New Meet Record, New American Record/World Lead, Fault, New American Record/World Lead while becoming the second woman ever to break 80 meters, and finally, on her last throw, she threw her second-worst throw of the day… which still would have placed her first in the trials.

Stop Allowing the Left to Control the Narrative, and Start Pushing Conservative Narratives

DeAnna price walked into the hammer circle and left no doubt who the best hammer thrower was in America (and maybe the world). Yet, the only thing anybody could talk about that day was the actions of a woman whose best throw was 14.1 feet shorter than Price’s worst throw of the day. Why do those on the political right allow the left to control the narrative at every opportunity? Does it suck when an athlete who is supposed to be representing the United States derides America through her ignorance and hypocrisy? Of course, it does.

However, we give her and people like her the power by spending all this time, money, and ink on her. To those on the political right; Stop paying attention to people and narratives that do not matter! So the third-place finisher turns her back on the anthem? Remove her from the team and let Janee Kassanavoid take her place. If not, screw it, Berry is a non-entity in the competition anyways. In what other world would we be spending this much time on somebody whose best throw fell 22 feet, four inches shorter than the leader’s?

The best and most important story in female hammer throwing right now is the dominance of DeAnna Price. Can this woman break the World Record at the Olympics? Can she put together another tremendous day in the circle? Who knows? But I do know that is a story worth watching. That is a story worth monitoring. Not the ignorance of somebody who would need to throw her hammer and then break the female high school long jump record to even close the gap between her throw and that of the leader’s.

Why it is Only Natural to Ignore the Selfishness of Gwen Berry and Appreciate the Awesomeness of DeAnna Price

So Gwen Berry is an unappreciative and selfish competitor, for that reason alone she should be kicked off the Olympic team. But she and her story have all the power right now because we are giving it to her. Somebody who finishes third in a women’s field event is not somebody worth listening to and is clearly seeking attention, just like somebody who loses his starting spot to Blaine Gabbert. People listen to LeBron James because–despite his complete ignorance, and his existence as a poser and king of the race-baiters–LeBron James is phenomenal at basketball.

Tommie Smith and John Carlos made waves because of where they stood on the podium. They stood third and firstIf Tommie Smith is off the podium, or if Peter Norman’s still-Australian record pace won the day, the Mexico City protests would not have had the same impact. They came at the perfect time and perfect place to make the most impact and Carlos/Smith made the world take notice by standing where they stood on the podium.

The human psyche is a strange thing, but we rarely pay attention to the words and actions of losers. Even stranger, although these are the best athletes in their fields, we still devalue their achievements unless they are at the top. So when it comes to Gwen Berry, we should completely ignore her hypocritical and bloviating ruinations, and instead, concentrate on DeAnne Price. Because we are Americans and Americans like winners and dominant athletes like DeAnna Price and George Foreman. Not epically selfish losers like Gwen Berry.