Racism is Really Taking Off in 2025

Racism By Another Name Is Still Acceptable in American Politics

Ever since President-Elect Nikki Haley cruised to victory in the 2024 election to become the first female President of the United States, the world has waited with bated breath for her inaugural address, and she did not disappoint. With her running mate from Utah, Mike Lee, by her side, Haley’s inaugural address reminded many Americans why they fell in love with her in the first place when she served as the country’s ambassador to the United Nations. She was tough but fair in her address. She called out Vladimir Putin and Russia, scoffed at Iran asking to be brought back into the “community of nations,” and said she would shut down the government until the border wall was completed (45th President Trump completing 13% of the desired wall done during the 2019 government shutdown that lasted two months). However, the place where she pulled no punches was in chastising the racism that has seeped into the Republican party. Decrying the election of two overtly racist representatives from Detroit and Minneapolis. 

The duo of Detroit and Minneapolis are now understood to be in a running gun-battle for which district within its cities’ limits can be the most racist. First, it was Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District electing white supremacist, Arthur Jones, as their representative. Of course, he was replacing the avowed White Supremacist and unabashed lover of racism, Paul Nehlen. Nehlen only vacating his seat to run for (and win) the position of Attorney General for the state of Minnesota (this despite his long-documented history of racism, and a more-than-credible accusation of harassing, threatening, and assaulting a former girlfriend).

However, Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District was not the only instance of catastrophically bad decision making by voters; Steve West emerged victoriously in a primary back in October for Michigan’s District 13. He did so while defeating Bobby Fitzgerald, the nephew of former 13th District Representative John Fitzgerald. With no Democrat running in the election, it meant West automatically won the seat and will serve for the next two years.

The only reason Jones and West won their seats is that they downplayed their racist pasts, and they received a ton of help. It should have been clear to anybody paying attention that these two congressional hopefuls were the embodiments of racism. Unfortunately, voters in their districts did not agree. The complicit main-stream media, spear-headed by numerous op-eds in the Wall Street Journal, literally white-washed and glossed over Jones’ and West’s ties to neo-Nazi and former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke

When asked about their affiliations to David Duke (substantiated by a bevy of pictures, public donations, and social media posts), both Jones and West denied they were white supremacists and said that is not who they are. When asked if they agreed with the growing political movement on college campuses to stop sending aid and to divest from Muslim majority countries, both denied their support of the movement. But it seems now upon taking office, both Jones and West have changed their tunes, which means the 46th President will have some serious issues to figure out. She seems energized to do just that.

President Haley’s most moving words came when she called out the racism starting to bubble up in this great country, and she swore she will continue to fight it wherever it arises. However, she appears to have her hands full if the first couple of days of the 119th Congressional Session are any indication. Before the end of his first day in Congress, somebody in West’s office stuck a post-it note on South Africa with the words, “Afrikaners’ Land.” Even worse, again… before the first day was even over, West was caught on video rallying a crowd with an impromptu speech. At the end of the speech, West–no friend to women either–screeched, “no woman deserves to be President, we’re gonna impeach the B*@#H!” The oddly aggressive remark was immediately defended by those in the right-wing media.

Russell Walker, a failed GOP North Carolina State Representative candidate turned prominent interviewer for Fox News, had new Speaker of the House Dan Crenshaw on for a special Thursday night townhall interview. Walker, who is still employed by Fox News despite old blog posts calling for a return to segregation and claiming “G-d is a white supremacist,” asked Crenshaw what he thought of West’s language. Crenshaw dismissed the question saying, “look, that is just the way some people talk I guess. I think people are making a mountain out of a molehill.” When Walker attempted a weak follow-up question, Crenshaw switched subjects and the interview rolled on.  

This is a lose-lose scenario for Nikki Haley. The Republican party has elected two outright white supremacists with direct ties to David Duke. There is no other way to see this than the Republican party is condoning racism. This is the case even in the face of rising racism in America’s most heavily black cities. According to an article from Bloomberg, there was a 22 percent spike in hate crimes against blacks in Detroit and a massive spike in anti-Black hate crimes throughout America even while the total number of hate crimes and major crimes dropped overall in the nation. Racism is more prevalent today than it has been over the last three decades, but Americans do not seem to care. 

Last year a white supremacist walked into a black church and killed 11 members of the congregation and it could have been worse; a former sharecropper was four minutes late to services and fortunately survived the massacre. Before going on the rampage, the white supremacist took to social media and wrote, “that is it! I cannot live in this country any longer as it is getting taken over by blacks!” Yet, while the instances of racism continue to increase in a rather stunning manner, news outlets are shining a spotlight on new house members that are, if not racist, at least boast racist tendencies (there is an old farm saying, “if it looks like an ox, sounds like an ox, and smells like an ox, it is an ox.” Well, these newly elected officials sure smell like oxen).

John Jackson just won an election to represent Lubbock, Texas. Jackson is a Brad Pitt look-alike who was working as a ranch hand and is now the youngest member of the Republican party. Fox News is putting a bunch of time and effort into promoting Jackson as the future of the Republican party. However, some of the economic plans he has touted would receive an “F” grade in any Econ 101 class. Worse, during a recent interview on Fox News’ new show, “3600 Seconds,” Jackson made baffling claims that if he tends to lie or cite inaccurate information it should not matter “because my heart is in the right place.” This comes on the heels of Jackson claiming he has familial ties to Morocco without any substantiation; ironically a mere month after Jackson went on Twitter and denounced Morocco in a rather islamophobic rant. Many expected Fox News to challenge Jackson on both the economic issues and the islamophobic outbursts, but the only question was a lobbed softball that Jackson still had trouble answering with any conviction.

Although many assumed there would be a huge outcry from many traditionally black-centric media outlets, something strange occurred during the election cycle. The Root, an Afrocentric magazine started in 2008, produced a whopping total of 36 articles that did the unthinkable; they defended the actions and words of Jackson, West, Jones and even David Duke. The now prominent website contributed more than 50,000 bewildering words to the defense of the three elected officials from the Republican party. They even let Steve Bannon pen an article that helped pave the way for the then-candidates’ acceptance. Many pundits believe that without the help of such places like The Root, Breitbart News, and Mother Jones, there is no way they could have won.

However, win they did, and now the United States has to ask itself a question; how did two overt racists win an election in 2024, and how did a third member of Congress with tendencies to spout off rather ignorant and bigoted missives, end up being the new face of the Republican party? At least we have President Haley. The only thing for certain is that no good American should stand by and let racism prevail. There is nothing worse than a racist and racism should be wiped from America’s soil. The irony though is that while many think there is no place for racism to run in this day and age, that is not entirely true… racists have now found a new home, and it is called the United States House of Representatives. 

Racism is Racism… Unless it is Antisemitism? The New Normal is the Same Old Normal for America

Obviously, this article is a work of satire. The situation a fiction. But the only fiction is in the details. The theme is very much the reality in 2019. The 116th Congress of the United States just commenced, and there is racism in the elected representatives. But it is not racism against blacks or Muslims. It is racism against Jews, and against Israel. But while racism is rejected in America, antisemitism is accepted. It is unimaginable that any of the names used above could possibly win elections (except for the triumvirate of Nikki Haley, Mike Lee, and Dan Crenshaw). However, as unimaginable as it is to think Arthur Jones could win a seat in Minnesota, that is exactly what Ilhan Omar just did. She replaced clearcut antisemite (and credibly accused woman beater), Keith Ellison, who is now the Attorney General of Minnesota.

Scoff at white supremacist Steve West winning in Michigan? Find it humorous he could put an “Afrikaner’s Land” post-it on a map the same day he called for the impeachment of “President Haley” while referring to her as a “b—h?” Welcome to the world of Rashida Tlaib. Russell Walker, of course, does not have a show on Fox News. But Joy Reid peddles in antisemitic conspiracies and uses homophobic slurs, and she gets to interview Speaker of the House Nanci Pelosi. Pelosi though gets to pull the I’m Old Card to excuse Tlaib, saying “I’m a grandmother and wouldn’t use that language… but it is just a generation thing.” Reid left it at that and left many other things unchallenged; those that expected Reid to ask a real question about the Democratic party electing overt antisemites are still waiting and will have to wait in perpetuity.

New York City is steadily becoming the home to antisemitism, but nobody cares. 11 Jews are killed at Shabbat services in Pittsburgh, with a Holocaust survivor barely surviving due to being late to services, and people think the situation is an outlier. They think that even though hate crimes against Jews are more common (by percentage) than any other hate crime in America (not exactly a category you want to be No. 1 in).

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has the type of economic knowledge only possible if one was comatose during every second of any econ class. But CBS gets her for a sit-down on “60 Minutes” where the undeniably media-savvy representative makes even less sense than she did before. Although given ample time to do so, her ludicrously ignorant statements about Israel get to go unquestioned. Because again, racism is horrible, but singling out the only Jewish majority country in the world is totally cool with media.

In addition, Ocasio-Cortez’ completely unsubstantiated claim of having Jewish ancestry gets a pass, making her roughly the 19,621 politician to pull a Jewish Card merely because it suits her (putting her in great company alongside John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Nicolas Sarkozy, and even Fidel Castro, who once claimed he was from a family of Marranos–absurd claims to Jewish ancestry were beautifully ridiculed by Charles Krauthammer in an article from September 25, 2006, in The Washington Post, and since repurposed in his work “Things That Matter” where he dubbed it, Krauthammer’s First Law–Everyone is Jewish until proven otherwise, Page 67).

But none of this would be possible without a complicit media. There are editors in Jewish publications doing the work of those that truly hate Jews. The Root is clearly not defending white supremacists. But The Forward is utilizing every ounce of its energy to defend Tamika Mallory and Linda Sarsour. Steve Bannon does not grace the pages of National Review or the Daily Wire, but under the *cough cough* leadership, of Opinion Editor Batya Ungar-Sargan, The Forward has become a safe haven for antisemites. Especially those that spearhead The Women’s March and think Louis Farrakhan is just a swell guy. A significant fall from grace for the formerly prominent Yiddish daily (this is in addition to unsurprising defenses in places like the Los Angeles Times).

None of this should be a shock though to anybody paying attention. Antisemitism is nothing new. It has been around pretty much since the inception of the Jewish religion. The only difference now though is that it is making a comeback. And it is not making a comeback in the deep, dark recesses of the internet, shuttled off to fringe websites like Stormfront. No, it is being defended and allowed to flourish on college campuses. It is mainstream media pundits and news outlets pathetically doctoring their news to fit their obvious agendas. But most importantly it is hailed as something to be celebrated and, in a petrifying turn of events, being welcomed into the halls of the United States Congress. That is no satire. It is not a fiction. That is the reality.

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