Hey Leftists, More People Are Voting for Trump and it is Your Fault

I grew up in a small farm town. Most of my childhood friends are on the right of the political aisle. Then I went to a NESCAC school for college, so most of my friends from college are on the left side of the aisle. After college, I went to grad school, specifically Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communication, which has the reputation of being the best journalism school in the country. But it was there–as the school brought in people like Rachel Maddow to teach us about journalism–where I really started to slide even more to the right. My thinking was simple, “if these are the supposed gatekeepers of honest media and journalism, and they are almost all on the left, then the state of journalism is an absolute cluster(bleep).”

This was pre-Trump, and it has only gotten worse. The state of mainstream media and the leftists pushing Marxist propaganda is so bad, it is creating more Trump voters, and yet, so many of the leftists I call friends are oblivious to this fact. So let me make this loud and clear a little less than two months before the 2016 election; there are more Trump voters in 2020 than there were in 2016… and it is all your fault. Yes, because for people like me, who try to look at both sides of an issue and who did not vote for Trump in 2016, you have given us no choice. So listen up, Leftists, more people are going to be voting for Trump in 2020 and it is all your fault.

This is not a gloat, I sincerely fear for your mental ability to deal with a Trump landslide victory should it happen in November and I want to give you this warning. While I do not think this is going to be the case, it is a possibility. A distinct one if you follow the polling trends and compare them to 2016, especially when considering people like me. Because it is people like me you should be worried about. You created me; a 2016 Never Trumper turned full-fledged 2020 Trump voter. This is on you and, much like Dr. Frankenstein, you have no idea the type of monster you created and set loose on the world.

Voting for Trump Went from Existential Crisis to Absolute Necessity

Again, this is on Leftists. The classical liberals–who are getting fewer and fewer in numbers–kept me on the brink of not voting for Trump in 2020. But that was pre-Corona, pre-Cops Are Evil, and pre-Trump the Peacemaker. I can understand if you want to fault Trump for his rhetoric. I still nod my head when you disparage him for having the morals of tepid dog feces. But there were too many instances of “Trump is evil” and “Trump is a conman,” that had no basis in reality. Trump Russia and impeachment? Get the hell out of here. Even after the Mueller Report many of you kept pushing it. During a time when the U.S. should have been focusing on a possibly deadly disease emanating out of China, I watched leftists Democrats carry impeachment papers like they were guarding the Ark of the Covenant.

Trump was derided for trying to ban travel from China, and called xenophobic by his now competitor to the oval office. I remember that because I have a functioning brain capable of both short-term and long-term memory. When I watched the riots and looting during the George Floyd protests, I was called a racist for speaking out and saying, “the BLM organization, and many of its supporters, are outright antiSemites and Marxists.” But I was told this was not the time and place to mention that. As if there is a proper time to let racists flourish just because you agree with their agenda! No. There is never a good time to let racists flourish.

I was forced to watch as many tried to compel me and others to either kneel or raise fists in solidarity with a movement that will harm impoverished and/or black communities. Anybody that has researched anything about how to solve crime and destitution in communities knows that more policing is the answer, not less. But yet, I was called ignorant and backward for pointing out the efficacy of Broken Windows theory and the dangers of supporting the Defund the Police Movement. More and more people started adding the names of Michael Brown, Rashard Brooks, and Jacob Blake to the list of those unjustifiably shot and harmed by police even though they are clearly justifiable shootings.

Beware of Gaslighting When People Voting for Trump Can Easily Find the Facts

The term gaslighting has picked up in popularity because of all the above. I was told Jacob Blake did not deserve to get shot. Absolute horse crap. Jacob Blake is a scumbag who did everything in his power to ensure he ended up getting shot by police. China is a terrible actor who is committing gross atrocities in addition to releasing a deadly virus on the world, but the same people preaching about injustices and how terrible America is refuse to utter a peep about China. So excuse me if I do not take your analysis about what is and is not justice too seriously.

You told me Trump was a danger to the Constitution and an authoritarian while your favorite mayors and governors instituted wildly unconstitutional edicts. You called him incompetent and somebody who was a danger to the world. That was my perception of the previous president who cowtailed to Russia, signed a duplicitous nuclear agreement with Iran before sending the, more than a billion dollars of cash, and frequently proposed antiSemitic legislation against Israel at the U.N.

All I have witnessed since then is the Trump administration producing miracle after miracle as they bring peace to the Middle East. Read that last part again. Trump is bringing peace to the Middle East. That is fantasy land stuff. Tear-inducing imagery. That is the Miss America answer to the question, “if you had one wish, what would it be?” But instead of everybody snickering at the impossibility of it, Donald John Trump and his oft-maligned and nepotistic advisors are legitimately bringing peace to the Middle East.

How You Made a Staunch Trump Supporter

I did not vote for Trump in 2016! I thought how he carried himself would cause more harm than good overall. I did not vote for Hillary because I knew her policies would cause more harm than good. I was not sure about Trump’s policies. Now I know.

Trump will defend religious freedom. He will defend the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution in general. Trump will withstand the fury of politicians and fight back against the media when a judge and good man has his name dragged through the mud and reputation sullied without a shred of evidence. He will defend the police.

His mere presence will also expose the putrid stench of journalistic malpractice as publications like the Atlantic think it journalistically ethical to publish hit-pieces without any on-the-record sources when there are secondary sources available that dispute the claim in question. Libelous claims that are also refuted by more than 20 on-the-record sources.

But no, according to Leftists, Trump is the problem. And people voting for Trump are the simpletons who have had the wool pulled over their eyes. So did my eyes deceive me when Democrats stayed silent upon hearing about the best black unemployment numbers of all-time? Was it the fault of Trump voters as Democratic mayors and Democratic governors allowed outright lawlessness to run rampant in their streets? Are Trump voters the ones being naive as they rejoice with each passing day as one Arab country after the next agree to peace with Israel? Your problem is dealing with reality of Trump. Simple. And because you cannot deal with that reality, you think, act, and behave deranged.

The True Horror of the Voting for Trump Monster the Left Created

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe it is people like me who will usher America into its coffin. But many American leftists have apparently never heard of The Boy Who Cried Wolf: You called Trump a dictator and authoritarian… as he allowed federalism to do its thing during the Coronavirus pandemic. You called Trump incompetent as he brought peace to the Middle East (Editor’s note: There are literally rockets raining down on Israel, 30 minutes from where I write this and Donald Trump is the problem? September 15, 20:15). And finally, you have the gall to claim Trump is terrible for the country when every single one of your policies and philosophies–from historically ineffectual socialist practices to the terrifyingly dangerous emphasis on intersectionality–drives Americans further and further apart.

How dare you think I am dumb enough and naive enough to fall for your provable lies. How dare you make me defend Trump. And how dare you convince me voting for Trump is my only option. But this is the world you created. This is the monster you created. But unlike Dr. Frankenstein’s abomination, the true terror for people like you is I am not the only monster you created. There are more like me, more than you could possibly imagine. So like any good defense to a horrible creation, the only advice I have for your is simple; beware.