Social Justice is Nothing More Than Approved Discrimination

When most people hear the phrase “social justice,” they think the term means something like, “using the powers of society to correct past wrongs.” Many people think social justice is a good thing. They know the issues of America’s past and believe we can–and should–right those wrongs. But as the old adage goes, “two wrongs do not make a right.” Unfortunately, despite its beautiful phrasing, social justice is a terrible blight and nothing more than approved discrimination.

At its core, social justice is all about elevating one group of people in an attempt to bring “justice” to what many people claim was and is an “unjust system.” Was slavery unjust? Of course! Slavery is one of the most unjust things to ever happen to man. Granted, man has enslaved his fellow man from time immemorial, but it does not make the past reality of slavery any better. Slavery was evil, is evil, and any instance of slavery in the future will be just as evil. But recognizing the past sin of slavery is different from trying to right the wrongs of slavery in modern times through approved discrimination.

Should modern-day “white” Americans have to pay–literally pay–for the sins of their fathers? Of course not. Especially when many Americans alive today never had fathers, mothers, or relatives who owned slaves. This is an argument against reparations, but it is also an argument against any acceptance of social justice. Social justice seeks to elevate black, LGBTQ, and women while discriminating against everybody else.

In order to try and tip the scales of justice, you must–by definition–put more weight on one side. That is the main issue with social justice; it seeks to bring “justice” to the system through approved discrimination. Thus, inherently elevating one side while stymying everything else on the non-approved scale.

What Did Asians Ever Do Wrong to Deserve This? Nothing

If you are looking for the most obvious and aggrieved group of Americans when it comes to social justice, look no further than Asians in America. When most Americans think of the most subjugated group in American history, they only think of blacks. And they are not wrong to do so; having an entire system constructed to keep you enslaved will do that.

However, the history of Asians in America is not all gumdrops, unicorns, and rainbows. The history of Asians in America is horrific. We blew up Asians–specifically Chinese–to make our railroads. That is not a turn of phrase or hyperbole. We literally blew up Asians in the process of making our railroads while paying them 30-50% lower wages, but does anybody care? Apparently not.

Apparently, today’s Americans find no issue with this treatment because modern Asians do not get any preferential treatment. Worse, Asians do not even get neutral treatment. Remember, while in the 1800s we blew up the Chinese (and Irish), in the 1940s, FDR interned Japanese Americans (along with some Germans and Italians) so long as they were at least “1/16th” Japanese. Asians of every stripe have every right to demand reparations and preferential treatment from the U.S. government. And yet, they do not. In fact, the opposite is true; Asians are catching the brunt of social justice.

Social justice for Asians is getting beaten up in the streets. Social justice for Asians is getting penalized for working harder when applying to colleges and universities. This is the approved discrimination throughout the American system right now. This is not justice. It is merely social justice. Justice does not need a qualifier. Something is either just and righteous, or it is something different, something lesser.

There is Nothing Righteous About Approved Discrimination

But many Americans are fine with that. Either they accept it or they are outright proponents of it. Yet, no justice is ever served when you penalize a group that has done nothing wrong. The type of justice administered under social justice is like watching a giant black guy tee off on a tiny woman, but when an officer comes along and assesses the situation, he hauls off and pummels an innocent bystander. That is justice under social justice; ignoring and rewarding terrible behavior while simultaneously punishing the innocent.

Worse, adherents to social justice are the ones perpetuating modern racism. Why is it ok to discriminate against Asians? What have they done wrong? Are they too successful? Is that a crime? We are now at the point where achieving the American dream is a crime?

The approved discrimination against Asians is also the approved racism against blacks. Because adherents to social justice are implying “this group cannot help themselves.” Why do they think that way? What makes them inferior? The system? The same system that makes immigrants the top earners in America? Or allowed Frederick Douglass to become the ultimate American badass? Or Thomas Sowell?

If the American social system is so systemically racist and broken then why can a dirt-poor black child in Georgia become a Supreme Court Justice? Or the son of a Kenyan alien become president? Why is the system only racist against some blacks, some women, or some people of certain sexual orientation and not others? Because it is not. Well, actually it is. It is if you are Asian… or a female runner… or a farmer… or a religious baker. Or are simply successful. Because in America, social justice merely means approved discrimination against successful people, driven by hate, envy, and a little more than a little racism.