Some States Are Giving Up, But What Are They Giving Up On?

The Germans couldn’t do it. The Japenese couldn’t do it. Hell, not even the Confederacy could do it, but the Derek Chauvin case might make America quit. If you have read and seen the reaction to the Derek Chauvin case, it is clear that some states are giving up. Some states are giving up and some sports leagues are giving up. These entities are collectively giving up; saying to the rest of America–and the world–all we are is a bunch of rioters and looters, and we have completely given up trying to do anything about it.

The Derek Chauvin trial is set for closing arguments today, Monday, April 19th. In preparation for the verdict, Minnesota, Oregon, New York, Georgia, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and California et al are all gearing up–quite literally–for riots. Riots. This is what America has come to; we accept riots as a standard response to the justice system working.

And yes, this is the justice system working. You might not like how the justice system works–and claim it as your reason for rioting–but this is our justice system at work. You get due process in America. Due process is found in Amendments No. 5 and No. 14. It is a basic American principle. Yet, with the verdicts still not even out, people are threatening–and states are preparing for–riots depending on the verdict. That is Banana Republic territory.

If your response to the justice system working is to riot, you are anti-American. If you riot when the justice system goes against you, you don’t get to then celebrate when the justice system works for you. Justice is not à la carte and Lady Justice is blind for a reason. But America is no longer a colorblind society, so some states are simply giving up administering justice.

Justice is Blind for a Reason, and Not Enforcing Laws is Injustice

States are giving up. States are simply throwing their hands in the air and saying, “well, I guess there will be riots, might as well prepare for them.” That is a capitulation of the American way. We have laws in America. We have rules and regulations and everybody has to follow them. You do not get to go and riot just because you feel your anger is justified or righteous. By definition, riots are never justified.

Accepting riots as an even understandable response to the administering of justice is an overt sign that states are giving up. But what do you think the takehome message is when a now-congresswoman can threaten violence against the president and people think it is acceptable merely because the object of her ire is somebody you also don’t like?

That is not how America works. Sitting congresswomen cannot threaten and incite violence over and over again without repercussions. If you allow that to happen, and then you allow states to simply not enforce some laws, then why do all laws still apply? Why should a law against rioting be enforced if laws against property damage, breaking and entering, and assault are not enforced? The answer is there is no reason.

If you start picking and choosing which laws you want to follow or not follow, you open up a high occupancy lane for those that want to commit crimes. That is the opposite of administering justice. And of course, the ones hurt the most are the ones that everybody is supposedly rioting and protesting for! But when the laws go out the window, these people–who have done nothing wrong to merit their businesses getting destroyed–are the ones most negatively affected. Where is the justice in that?

Some States are Giving Up, and Sports Leagues are Allowing the Virus to Infect the Entire American Body

But some states are giving up the fight to even pretend to seek justice. That’s because actual justice is an afterthought in American society at the moment. We don’t search for justice, we search for social justice. Justice does not need a qualifier. There is no justice if you are picking and choosing which laws to enforce. There are no white laws, and there are no black laws. In the same way there are no Asian laws, and there are no Jewish laws in America. We used to know this. We use to know there is no justice if the justice system has one set of rules for some people and another set of rules for another. That used to be called Jim Crow.

But the states are not alone in giving up. Sports leagues are doing the same. The NBA, the NHL, and MLB have all postponed games because of rioting, bending the knee to rioters and saying, “you have the power to influence sports now.” These leagues have handed over power to the rioters. If rioters are more powerful than our sports leagues, it is a clear sign that sports leagues–and other corporations like Coke–are just giving up. They are allowing the most a-political arena (sports) to also infect the rest of the ailing American body. Instead of fighting for what is right and just, the path of least resistance–giving up–is now the American way. And the American way is eroding because we are not enforcing and respecting our system of law.

We have a system of law. Is it perfect? No, but much like capitalism, it’s much better than any of the other systems. Is due process part of the problem? Absolutely not. Is sending those who riot and commit crimes to jail part of the problem? Absolutely not. Is it a problem when states are giving up and forgoing enforcing the laws and utilizing our justice system? Absolutely yes. And the fact this is even up for discussion is a sign of how far America has fallen, and how badly some states and corporations have already given up on what makes America great.