The 2020 Jewish Hate Crime Statistics Are Out and People Are Astounded; Where Have They Been?

Many Jews are astounded after seeing the 2020 FBI Hate Crime Statistics. The thing that is jumping out at them is how Jews are the victims in 57.5% of all religiously motivated hate crimes. But this new number is in no way shocking. In fact, that “startling” 57.5% number is the lowest percentage from 2018-2020. In 2018, the Jewish Hate Crime Statistics stated that Jews were the victims in 58.84% of all religiously motivated hate crimes. But that number paled in comparison to 2019 when Jews were the victims in a whopping 62.66% of all religiously motivated hate crimes. So why are people startled? How is this the time people are up in arms? Now?! When this is the best number in the last three years? Because people are intentionally ignoring the numbers.

Yes, part of the issue is intentional. Jewish issues are constantly downplayed despite the overtness of Jew-Hatred. Part of the problem lies in how “Jew-Hatred” is discussed. Jew-Hatred has its own special word, “antiSemitism.” But antiSemitism is now a diluted word. When people hear it they just shrug it off because it is much easier to shrug off antiSemitism than it is to ignore Jew-Hatred. “Oh, another antiSemitic incident? Terrible.” Or, “the Democrats promote and glorify antiSemitic congresswomen and senators? Awful.” If every single one of these incidents was referred to as Jew-Hatred and these people as Jew Haters, people would pay closer attention.

Why is Jew Hatred Allowed to Continue… and Flourish?

But people rarely pay attention to antiSemitism. Mostly because antiSemitism does not carry the same oomph and anger that comes with charges of “racism” or “racist.” This allows people to see a synagogue or Jewish cemetery get vandalized and respond, “meh.” It allows sitting congresswomen and senators to say the vilest thing about Jews–and by extension Israel–without repercussion. That is because cries of “antiSemitism” can be ignored more easily than cries of “Jew Hatred.” And antiSemitism directed at Israel gets sloughed off as merely “antiZionism.” It is all Jew Hatred, but Jew-Hatred under another name. Another name that is more acceptable.

Yes, antiSemitism and antiZionism are both acceptable forms of Jew-Hatred for much of the general public. The fact that Jew-Hatred parades around under these alternative names allows it to prosper. Primarily because antiSemitism is one of the most entrenched forms of hate–of any kind–in the world. But antiZionism makes it possible for Jew Haters to couch their hate as legitimate when it is in no way legitimate. It is Jew-Hatred. But accepted Jew-Hatred, just ask the Dem0crats to sign a bill vilifying antiSemitism and only antiSemitism. They won’t because they can’t.

The Real Reasons Nobody Wants to Talk About the Jewish Hate Crime Statistics; the Perpetrators… and the Victims

But there is a 20,000-pound elephant in the Jewish Hate Crime statistics room. Most American Jews themselves only go surface deep when talking about the issue. They will complain and say, “look, aren’t these numbers terrible?” And they are right; the numbers are terrible. But then they stop right there. Most Jews–and most liberals–are unwilling or too afraid to ask the follow-up question; who is perpetrating all of these hate crimes against Jews? It is the same reason most crime in America is not discussed with an eye toward actually solving the problem; black Americans are the perpetrators in 19.91% of all hate crimes despite accounting for only 13% of the population.

But good luck trying to push a narrative that says, “black Americans are to blame for an outsized proportion of hate crimes in America.” Despite the evidence supporting this claim, nobody wants to make it. It is a toxic claim to make, and nobody in their right mind wants to say it out loud, but facts are facts. And the facts state that black Americans are to blame for an outsized proportion of Jewish hate crime statistics. When Louis Farrakhan is held in high esteem by many black Americans, it is not much of a stretch to see how this happens. Same with excusing vile people like Jeremiah Wright and the Black Hebrew Israelites. But this is the current status of Jews in America; as victims of a minority that nobody wants to call out for fear of reprisal.

The Perpetrators are a Problem… But So Too Are the Victims

But there is a second element to the Jewish Hate Crime statistics that nobody wants to talk about; the victims. The problem is most American Jews don’t want to talk about Jewish hate crime statistics beyond, “it is happening to Jews.” Why? Because of the follow-up question to that observation; what kinds of Jews are the primary victims of these Jewish hate crimes? The answer? Orthodox Jews.

Orthodox Jews are the victims in a majority of Jewish hate crimes. The reasoning is simple; you can spot an Orthodox Jew from a mile away. Therefore, if you want to punch a Jew or victimize a Jew, you can do so with certainty if you go after someone in a kippah, a black hat, or payot. The orthodox are visibly Jewish and therefore catch the brunt of Jew-Hatred.

The Scapegoats Within the Jewish Community

So while it is correct to say, “Jews make up 57.5% of all religiously-based hate crimes,” the more apt statement is, “Orthodox Jews make up the majority of all religiously-based hate crimes in America.” But it’s worse than that; Orthodox Jews account for only 10% of American Jews. So, the most accurate statement regarding Jewish hate crime statistics is as follows; roughly 0.2% of Jews are the victims in the majority of religiously based hate crimes in America.

But the sneaky–and evil–subplot is that a majority of American Jews don’t actually care about the Jewish Hate Crime statistics. They don’t care because it is primarily happening to the Orthodox. The Orthodox are scapegoats within the larger Jewish community. So why are Jews “startled” at the 2020 statistics (stats that are better than the previous two years)? Because most American Jews are not concerned with the trials of Orthodox Jews.

So the problem with the Jewish Hate Crime statistics is two-fold: (1) the perpetrators and (2) the victims. When people are too afraid to discuss Jew-Hatred because of the perpetrators and the victims, it is no wonder that people are startled by the statistics. But if we want to truly eradicate Jew-Hatred, we must be courageous enough to denounce those that are guilty of it and do everything in our power to help the victims. Otherwise, we have only ourselves to blame for failing our brothers and sisters.