With the AP in Gaza, The Associated Press Pushed Actual Propaganda from Gaza

Now that the world knows–with the exception of Secretary of State Anthony Blinken–the Associated Press was working out of the same building as Hamas, we can ignore almost all AP filings from Gaza. The reason is simple, the AP itself has come out and claimed that they did not know anything nefarious was going on. Given that, who can trust them? If the AP is so bad at reporting stuff happening right under their nose, what makes you think any of their reporting from the Middle East is trustworthy? The answer is you can’t. The AP, the Associated Press, has morphed into a different “AP” in Gaza, Actual Propaganda.

One of the complaints coming from the AP and the rest of the media world after Israel’s bombing of their building (and Al Jazeera’s) is that they can’t trust Israel’s intelligence. If only there was a certain group of people tasked with investigating the veracity of claims. If such a group of people existed, maybe they could get to the bottom of the situation. In the past, we had a name for this group of people; journalists. But journalists are no longer a thing. Journalists are pushing actual propaganda as opposed to getting to the bottom of important stories. Important stories like, “A Terrorist Organization Was Working Out of Our Own Building and Firing Off Rockets Next Door.”

That is a really important story. But, ironically, the AP’s top editor is calling for an independent investigation into the veracity of the Israeli Defense Force’s claim. Why independent? Why can’t the AP use its own journalists to investigate this rather important story? Because the AP already proved to the world they are incapable of actual journalism. The only thing the AP can do is push actual propaganda. How do we know this? Thanks to actual journalist, Matti Friedman, and his report in The Atlantic from… 2014!!!

Matt Friedman and His Attack on Actual Propaganda

This is a problem that is coming to a head right now in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict; you cannot trust the vast majority of the news because the vast majority of the news is actual propaganda. That is why I came up with the term “Yellowist” and “Yellowism” to define the distinction between traditional journalists and the propaganda pushers. Matt Friedman wrote about how the AP knew back in 2014 (!!!) that Hamas was operating out of its own building, but was doing nothing about it.

Well, nothing is not exactly true. The AP in Gaza did worse than nothing; they refused to report on it. Nothing is ok. If a non-journalist happened across this piece of information and did nothing, that is their prerogative. But the AP is staffed with journalists. And investigative journalists. The type of people whose explicit job is to take pieces of information and disseminate them to the rest of the world. So when the AP had an (eventually literal) bombshell of a story on their hands and did nothing, doing nothing was actually something. That something was a refusal to do their jobs.

Matt Friedman’s article is a damning piece of journalism because it details–in great length–the extent to which the AP–and other, achem, journalists–abdicated their duty. Friedman states it plainly at one point, “I learned that our relationship with these groups was not journalistic. My colleagues and I did not, that is, seek to analyze or criticize them.” When you stop doing that, you stop being reporters, you stop being journalists. When you look around and wonder about all the actual propaganda coming out of this conflict, it is no surprise when you adjust for who is purveying the news.

Israel is Not Just Fighting Palestinian Leaders and Terrorist Groups

News is important. It is important because it is supposed to be objective… and it used to be, at least a little. But even that smidgen of objectivity is gone. When you have an entire bureau refusing to report and criticize one side of a two-sided problem, you are not reporting news, but actual propaganda. It is yellowism in its most simplistic form. As Friedman pointed out, “For many foreign journalists, these were not targets but sources and friends—fellow members, in a sense, of an informal alliance.”

This is the same problem that most journalists everywhere encounter; how to foment a relationship in order to gather inside intelligence without also getting so friendly you become a propaganda pusher? It is the trickiest of dances. But–because the modern mainstream journalist has two left feet–these journalists have just given up trying to execute the dance. They are skipping the dance and heading right to the hotel afterparty. You can understand their desire; they think the equation is, “reporting some news even if from biased sources is still better than no news at all.”

The Equation Moder Journalists Get Wrong

But that is wrong! Some biased news is worse than no news at all. It is worse because that is not news. That is actual propaganda. The AP and other outlets would be correct in their assessments if they also gathered real news, but they don’t. In fact, many refuse even when it could damage them both professionally and corporally. Even when a bombshell story has been sitting literally underneath them for at least seven years.

And that is why most don’t understand Israel’s war. Yes, it is a war against Hamas, Fatah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and Hizbollah. And a war against Syria, Iran, and Russia… but it is also a war against the AP and news outlets who refuse to report real news. Obviously, Israel’s war is against rockets and terrorists, but it is also against the yellowists. Israel’s war is also against the actual propaganda pushers.

Fortunately for Israel, the tide is turning. Despite a muti-front war on the ground and a multi-pronged war in the press, Israel is winning. Isreal is winning because the other option is no option; death and annihilation. If that means Israel is going to have to give warnings before blowing up buildings that house news outlets and terrorists activities, so be it. You chose your side when you chose not to do your job. If you are upset about your building getting blown up, that is not Israel’s fault. That is your fault. If you were journalists, you would know that. So stop with the actual propaganda, start with the journalism. Or don’t… and get blown up. The choice is yours.