No Longer Just a Crime of Opportunity, Jew Hunting is Now a Viral Epidemic

In the immediate aftermath of George Floyd’s death, many Jewish people jumped on the Black Lives Matter bandwagon. I warned everybody to not do that. My reasoning was simple; beyond jumping to conclusions about what happened, no Jewish person should ever promote the BLM movement. Why? Because the Black Lives Matter movement is antisemitic. Worse, the people that Jews were deciding to promote were the same people who were beating up Jews in the streets of New York and Los Angeles. I took heat for this take. I didn’t care because I knew I was right. The numbers were there. In fact, the numbers were always there. Now the numbers are worse. In no small part, thanks to the same people Jews were promoting turning Jew hunting into a viral sport.

Jews have another term for Jew hunting; pogroms. What we are witnessing now is a worldwide pogrom. There is Jew hunting in New York City. There is Jew hunting in Los Angeles. If you go to Europe, Jew hunting is there too. Everywhere you look right now there are pogroms. Even Canada! And especially online. Yes, as Eve Barlow poignantly pointed out, there is a pogrom occurring right now on social media that the social media giants are more than happy to allow. If you tweet something true about Covid-19, you can get suspended from social media. But if you instigate riots and pogroms against Jews via social media? Nothing to see here.

Many Jews are looking around and wondering, “what is different this time around?” Eve Barlow nailed it. It is the online aspect of it. But more specifically, it is the viral aspect of it. In previous years, many antisemitic violent incidents were crimes of opportunity. The attacks on visibly religiously Jews were occurring because somebody saw a Jew on the street and decided to attack the Jew. Now though, these attacks are getting filmed. They are going viral. On Tik Tok, on Instagram, and on all the other social media sites, these moments of Jew hunting–these pogroms–are getting purposefully filmed and proudly broadcasted.

But Why More Jew Hunting Now? What Exactly Has Changed? Nothing… That is the Problem

But how come this is happening all of a sudden? Is it because these applications are so easy to use? Partly. But that is not the whole story. The whole story is the story from last summer. Over and over again I preached to not support BLM and the BLM movement. Jews were lending credence to a movement that hated Jews at the exact time that Jew-hatred and antisemitic incidents were on the rise in America. At the exact moment these incidents were happening and nobody gave a damn.

So what would you do if you were somebody who hates Jews and nobody cared when Jews got beaten up? Even on CCTV? Would you feel more or less empowered? What would you do–as a Jew-hater–if you knew you could gain followers and clout by beating up Jews and recording it as a point of pride? In this messed-up world, you would go right ahead and do it. If American politicians continually “both sides” and obfuscate the antisemitic incidents, would you worry about blowback or feel confident there would be none?

The most important issue here is that this is not new! It is the same story, just with more chapters. While it is correct to say “there is an increase in antisemitic incidents over the past two weeks,” it is not like those numbers started low. In 2018, Jews, per capita, were 3.65 times more likely than black people to be the victim of a hate crime. Then the FBI statistics for 2019 came out and that number increased to more than four times that of a black person. And now, obviously, the number is going to be even higher in 2020 and astronomically higher in 2021. But why is that number going up? Who are the people most commonly committing these violent antisemitic violent crimes?

Saying the Things You Just Can’t Say

It is everybody. Jew-hate is a buffet where everybody eats. Whites? Duh. Muslims? Boatloads. Blacks? Yeah. The only people who aren’t cracking Jewish noggins? Asians. And no, you cannot use the word “minorities,” because these incidents are occurring against Jews. And when it comes to who is the minority between Jews and anyone in America (or the world), the Jews are the minority! (Yes, even between Jews and Palestinians). Not-so-coincidentally, in our “pro-minority” world, the only minority who is ever universally castigated is Jews. Why? Because… JUDEN!

But this is where we are right now; in a viral epidemic of Jew Hunting. Yes, Jew hunting is viral. Pogroms are viral. They are viral because nobody actually gives a damn. Even Joe Biden–who, admittedly, is saying all the right things–is still doing all the wrong things: violating American law by sending money to Palestine. Easing sanctions on Iran. And–in an homage to FDR–encouraging an antisemitic regime. He is allowing Iran to get closer to developing a nuclear weapon, a weapon they will use to kill Jews.

Jews need to stop looking around and wondering, “how did we get here?” We got here the same way we always do. Nobody cared. The same way nobody ever really cares. FDR certainly didn’t care in the 1930s (he actually may have been A-O-K with it). Nobody cared in Hebron in the 1920s. Or in Russia… Or France, or during any of the other moments on the litany of antisemitic incidents. The only difference this time around? Israel is a thing and Israel is strong. Very strong. And most importantly, Israel’s foremost goal is the protection of Jews and killing those who wish to do Jews and Israel harm. With Israel around, you can go Jew hunting, but beware; you will only have yourself to blame when the Jews come hunting for you.