Remembering the Forgotten Foreign Policy Debate That Doomed Us All… And Never Happened

When Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, was diagnosed with Covid, leftists cheered. Many of them cheered because they sincerely wanted the President to die. But there was another reason they cheered. A reason that got lost in all the insanity of the 2020 election. They cheered because Trump’s Covid diagnosis allowed The Commission on Presidential Debates to cancel the second presidential debate. This was no small moment in the election; unbeknownst to the left, the canceled debate and the ensuing fallout won the Democrats the election.

When the commission canceled the debate, it was a boon to the Joe Biden campaign. First off, it allowed Biden to avoid a town hall debate where he would have had to answer actually difficult questions. But more importantly, when the Biden corruption charges emerged right before the final debate, it compelled the Commission to change the topic of the last debate away from foreign policy. It is this canceled and forgotten foreign policy debate that doomed us all. It doomed us because it never happened, changing the course of not just United States’ history, but world history.

It is no secret Joe Biden’s worst subject is foreign policy. As Robert Gates, former Secretary of Defense for both George W. Bush and Barack Obama said of Joe Biden, “(he has) been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” Turns out, Gates shortchanged Biden and should have said “five decades.” Otherwise, Gates nailed it. But if Gates knew this, and anybody who has paid any attention to foreign policy over the past five decades knew this, why didn’t American voters? Well, for one, American voters are dangerously ignorant about anything happening beyond our borders, and two, the foreign policy debate got canceled.

The Foreign Policy Debate of Doom Did Not Get Canceled by Mistake

The 2020 election was rigged. It (probably) was not rigged the way Donald Trump and everybody says it was, but it was definitely rigged through media malfeasance. From media not asking Joe Biden any hard questions/allowing him to simply not answer the questions, to media quashing and covering up stories that harmed Joe Biden, the 2020 election was rigged. But the worse case of media malfeasance was the Commission on Presidential Debates never following up on foreign policy. Think about that for a little longer; the presidential candidate with the worst track record on foreign policy was never made to seriously defend his abysmal record on foreign policy or national security.

Even in the third debate, Joe Biden proved his utter ineptitude on foreign policy and national security. The foreign policy debate got canceled because of the Hunter Biden laptop/Joe Biden corruption issue. So Joe Biden–and everybody else–knew the laptop question would come up. But what was his answer when the issue arose? It was Russian disinformation. Yes, Joe Biden, “50 former national intelligence folks… (and) five former heads of the CIA” all attested it was Russian information and a “Russia Hoax.”

So, the worst candidate ever on foreign policy and national security gave the worst possible answer on a question to do with foreign policy and national security. Biden was wrong. The laptop was and is real. And now people wonder how Biden botched Afghanistan so badly and how our intelligence officers failed the Afghanistan people so calamitously? Well, Biden and his “intelligence” officers couldn’t even confirm a laptop owned by his very own son. But now you expect them to know how to pull out of Afghanistan without it looking like a worse version of Saigon? Why would you expect any different?

An Hour Lost of Debate is Turning Into Four Years of Failure

All the American people needed was one hour of listening to Joe Biden debate foreign policy to know he is a fool. Golda Meir knew he was an inexperienced fool back in 1973 and nothing has changed except that Biden’s ignominious track record is much longer. Unfortunately, most American voters did not know about his track record thanks to the canceled foreign policy debate. But everybody knows this now. It is the fault of American voters they did not do their research or assumed it wouldn’t be this bad, but it was not entirely their fault. They were told they would get to listen to a foreign policy debate to find out each candidate’s bonafides. But this debate never happened, and it was intentional.

Yes, the debate never happened because the media made sure it did not happen. They fought to make sure any question on foreign policy or national security was the most anodyne question possible. The media had to do this because they knew this was Mike Tyson vs. Glass Joe. In the red corner, you had a president who brought ISIS to heel and pulled off the near-impossible; spearheading the Abraham Accords and brokering peace deals between Israel and Sunni Muslim countries. In the blue corner, you had a man whose policies as VP were so bad in the Middle East they actually helped Trump accomplish the Abraham Accords. Oh, and his gut instincts were so wrong he decided against killing Osama Bin Laden!!!

But did the American people ever witness this debate? No, of course not. The “foreign policy debate that never was” changed the course of American history and world history. Just one hour of Joe Biden flailing around like a fish on a sunbaked pier would have been enough to convince Undecideds that this man was not capable of being president. But alas, we never got the foreign policy debate. So now, instead, we are getting foreign policy debacle after foreign policy debacle. And obviously, the worst news is this is only 2021. We are doomed to three-and-a-half more years of this. And everybody could see this coming. Well, everybody except for Joe Biden, his military/intelligence officers, and (supposedly) 81 million Americans.