No Calling for Resignations? No Coordinated Response? The GOP is AWOL

Before President Joe Biden decided to cut short his vacation in Camp David and grace us with his presence, I sent out the following tweet.

The premise was simple; the president’s “plan” (using that term loosely) to pull out of Afghanistan was so abundantly bad that it required his resignation. Remember, the Democrats impeached Donald Trump… TWICE… for things he did not do: Robert Mueller spent millions of American taxpayer dollars to conclude there was no there there, and the Democrats went to the well a second time, accusing Trump of inciting an “insurrection” while uttering the phrase “marching over to the Capitol Building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

Real scary insurrection language there from the 45th President. Now though, the world just watched an actual insurrection occur in Afghanistan. The contrasts were stark. Instead of men in buffalo headdresses cosplaying as rebels and putting their feet up on desks before leaving, we had actual rebels wearing pakols, firing off AK-47s, and taking over the United States embassy before calling it their new home. One of these things is not like the other.

This all occurred before we heard from Joe Biden. Or even heard that he was going to cut his vacation short. If there was ever an opportunity for the GOP establishment, along with traditional conservatives, the populist section, and the libertarian section to coalesce around a single message, this was the time, and this was the message; full-scale resignations from everybody that had anything to do with Afganistan pullout. This means calling for the resignation of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, Kamala Harris, and, most notably, Joe Biden. But did you hear the GOP say anything to this effect? Of course not. The GOP is AWOL in their Afghanistan response.

There is No Excuse for Why the GOP is AWOL

But asking for the GOP to respond in a competent manner is as much of a fantasy as believing January 6th was an honest-to-goodness insurrection. The GOP is almost as good as the Democrats at snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. But after watching the most successful GOP president since Ronald Regan get impeached TWICE, you at least thought the GOP could muster some semblance of attack against the Democrats. Well, you would be wrong. The GOP has no fight in it. It is part of why Trump was so hated by the GOP establishment; he revealed that the GOP could fight back and could do so effectively. But Mitch McConnell et al wanted to maintain the status quo, which was impossible with Trump in the fold.

However, Trump is gone now (in no small part to McConnell and many like him). With Trump gone, the GOP should have taken a page out of the Democrat playbook and show a united front against Biden whenever he screwed up. Especially considering how likely it was Biden was going to screw up given his ignominious track record in foreign policy. So what happened when Biden finally screwed up in the grandest of ways? The GOP went radio silent. The GOP is AWOL in its response to Afghanistan. There is no press conference. There is nothing resembling a coherent response to Biden’s spectacular fail.

Where is the GOP? Where are the congressmen, senators, and governors all calling for a single thing, and doing it together? That one thing is the resignation of every top-level member of the Biden administration. Biden claimed that this would not be Siagon. He was right; it is much worse. Because the Democrats control both the House and the Senate (for now), the GOP cannot call for impeachment, but they certainly can call for resignations. And yet, the GOP is AWOL in doing so.

What the GOP Response Needs to Be

The correct move would be to hold a single press conference, detailing the litany of failure from this administration as it pertains to Afghanistan. Show pictures of Afghans plummeting to their deaths. Show videos of men’s legs caught in wheel wells 40,000 feet in the air. And show women and children getting beaten by the Taliban. This is what weak and failed leadership looks like. It looks like handing over millions and millions of dollars of equipment and weapons. In short, this is the leadership of Joe Biden and the Biden administration. And now the entire world knows it (including China, Russia, and Iran).

Instead, the GOP is AWOL as all they can do is tweet or send missives. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, General Milley, and the rest of the administration look ridiculously weak and are ceding American’s position as the world Super Power. However, the GOP looks equally as week as they display a complete inability to adequately respond to Biden’s failures. Worse, the longer it takes for the GOP to conduct this press conference, the more it looks like the GOP doesn’t care and is just using the deaths of Afganistanians and the plight of 10,000+ Americans as a political ploy.

Don’t Overthink This

Sure, it is possible the GOP is playing 4-D chess and has decided the better option is to let Biden and his administration continue to screw up. If that is the case, it is an understandable move, but still a dumb one. The GOP was going to win back the House and Senate before this monumental debacle.

Now, if the GOP wants to take the high road, the correct move is to call for resignations. Send somebody like Mayor Glenn Jacobs to do the press conference. A libertarian isolationist with no presidential aspirations, but also somebody off the beaten path who many in middle America will recognize (and somebody who will not be afraid of the spotlight or moment). Make the GOP look righteous, and conduct the press conference from a righteous perspective.

Again, nobody with presidential aspirations for this cycle; that means no Ron DeSantis or Rand Paul. Nobody with a military background; so that excludes Dan Crenshaw and Tim Cotton. The phrasing and tone need to be ripped right from the Democrats’ lexicon. And, most importantly, this press conference needs to be plain and simple, and no longer than three minutes so it can be watched easily around the world on social media:

We call on the resignation of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and General Milley. In addition, we call for the resignations of Secretaries Blinken and Austin, as well as National Security Advisor Sullivan. We ask for their resignations because of their failures as leaders have led to the unnecessary deaths of men, women, and children around the world. We ask them to resign not for the sake of Americabut for the sake of the world. If we are truly going to be part of a global community, America must lead the way when we succeed, and be an example of accountability when we fail. You not only owe America and Americans your resignations, but you owe the world.