The Hard Truth About Jacob Blake; He Deserved to Get Shot

There seems to be no shortage of hard truths in America right now. After the death of George Floyd, there was plenty to choose from. But there is a particularly hard truth about Jacob Blake that people are either completely ignoring, or are using as an excuse to defend the latest police shooting. It is a truth that no matter which side of the political aisle you adhere to, we should all agree on; Jacob Blake is a scumbag. Not only is Jacob Blake a scumbag, but he is a scumbag who deserved to get shot. Killed? Debatable. Shot and/or maimed? Definitely.

Now, the disagreement and discussion can absolutely be had about who is the correct person to shoot Jacob Blake, but there should be no disagreement that he deserved to get shot. That is the hard truth about Jacob Blake; he deserved to get shot. This is in no way a defense of the police shooting Jacob Blake. That has nothing to do with this article. This article isn’t even saying, “it is a good thing police shot Jacob Blake.” Nope. Simply put, if you told me a serial sexual assaulter was shot the same day he sexually assaulted a woman my initial and immediate reaction would be, “good, sounds like he deserved it.”

Yes, Jacob Blake is high on the list of people who deserve to get shot or maimed. Somebody who routinely gets drunk and sexually assaults another person over years is the perfect description for somebody I want to see shot and possibly shuffled off this mortal coil. Is that too much? Is that too blunt and heartless? Well, buckle up because we are about to get rough. For years… years… my stance has been that any adult who sexually assaults another human being should be sent to jail and left to the machinations of the United States prison system. Somebody who rapes another person? Castrate them… and then send them to prison to suffer the mercies of whatever befalls them there. You probably have a much more lenient stance when it comes to rapists and sexual abusers, but that is your prerogative, this is mine.

The Hard Truth About Jacob Blake; He Deserved to Get Shot Because He Broke the Social Compact

Some people have never thought hard enough or long enough about the following question; why does the United States still have a death penalty? I am not asking the political reasons why. I am asking for the most basic of reasons. The answer? We have the death penalty for those rare occurrences when somebody breaks the social compact so badly the only recourse is to say, “you have so thoroughly proven your inability to live by society’s rules that we are removing you from society forever, and will never allow you to harm another person again.” In this mode of the death penalty, it is the person who committed the crime that seals his or her fate. Not the justice system, but the perpetrator. The perpetrator signed his own death warrant.

Well, did Jacob Blake sign his? You decide. Jacob Blake drove over to the house of a woman who already had a restraining order against him. The restraining order was out for previously sexually assaulting the women. He allegedly had been sexually assaulting this woman for yearsThen, on the very day he was shot by police, he sexually assaulted the woman again.

Afterward, he stole her keys. It was only at this point did she screw up the courage to call the police. We all know what happened after. I do not care one iota about the police confrontation. Again, this article actually has nothing to do with the police shooting itself. It is a declaration that Jacob Blake is a terrible human being, and one of the lowest forms of life on this planet. The day I start feeling sorry a serial sexual assaulter of this caliber gets shot is the same day I start praying out of a Qu’ran and start planning a haj.

What Jacob Blake did to that woman on the day he got shot is enough to get you shot by an angry husband, boyfriend, father, or brother. It has happened before as retribution and it will happen again. But it was not the only time he did that. He did it over the course of years. And now this poor woman has to watch celebrities, NBA players, and NBA/WNBA teams lining up to treat Jacob Blake like a martyr. He is no martyr, he is a scumbag serial sexual assaulter.

If You are a Feminist, You CANNOT Defend Jacob Blake

I consider myself a feminist. I do so because the smartest and strongest people in my life have always been, are, and will always be, women. Women can do anything they set their minds towards. However, while I think women can handle themselves accordingly in almost every facet of life, I think it is a man’s job to defend the ones he loves. When I hear about women getting raped and sexually assaulted, it brings out the evil in me. The evil comes out because committing sexual assault and rape are the worst things you can do to somebody.

Sexual assault and rape do not end once the act is finished. No, the ramifications last for a lifetime. Women (and men) who are the victims of sexual assault and rape have to deal with what happened to them every day for the rest of their lives. Even the strongest people who have had to endure this horror face an uphill climb to get back to anywhere resembling normalcy. Jacob Blake is the type of person who forced this evil on another woman and did so repeatedly.

On the day he was shot, he had already sexually assaulted the woman by forcefully sticking his finger inside her while she was asleep before saying, “it smells like you’ve been with other men.” And now people are elevating that guy to martyrdom status because he was shot by police? No thanks. I will pass on this one. Jacob Blake is no Walter Scott or Philando Castille. When it comes to Jacob Blake, my “Give a Damn” is entirely busted. And I will be damned if I spend more time worrying about Jacob Blake’s wellbeing rather than the wellbeing of the woman he continuously sexually assaulted. Have the people who are weeping for Jacob Blake spent one second contemplating how their actions are making her feel?

A man who repeatedly sexually assaulted a woman got shot the same day he once again sexually assaulted her? Good. Call it poetic justice; Jacob Blake sexually assaulted a woman and got shot in the aftermath. The cold hard truth about Jacob Blake is that everybody should be happy about that. Did he deserve to get shot by police? That is a conversation and debate for another day. For today, I’m just fine knowing a man that goes around shoving his fingers inside sleeping women got shot. That is the cold hard truth about Jacob Blake, the utter scumbag.