The Old American Way is Out, the New American Way–The Heckler’s Veto–is In

Put your head down and get the job done. That used to be the American way. The American way used to be an acknowledgment that life was hard, but if you kept pushing forward and ignored the distractions, you would come out better for it in the end. It did not mean that everybody was promised fame or fortune or even happiness. The old American way simply promised the opportunity to pursue fame, fortune, and happiness. Nothing tangible was ever promised, the promise was merely that nobody would get in your way as you pursued these dreams. So be quiet, work your hardest, and maybe you can live the American dream.

But now, the American way has been flipped on its head; if the old American way was a promise that nobody would get in your way and complaining would get you nowhere, the new American way is a promise that other’s will constantly get in your way and the heckler’s veto is the most powerful tool in an American’s arsenal.

The heckler’s veto is a simple construction; abridge other’s rights and freedoms to the point where your wants, desires, and rights, supersede everybody else’s. What you want is tantamount. What you want, you will get, and you will get it through the heckler’s veto. Who cares if that means infringing on the rights of others? Out with the old American way, and in with the new.

Jealousy Should Be a Motivator, Not an Excuse to Utilize the Heckler’s Veto

If you do not have the mental fortitude to deal with loss or not getting your way, the American way is to now turn to the heckler’s veto. In the past, if you didn’t succeed, you simply worked harder. The heckler’s veto–complaining and using your 1st Amendment rights to infringe on the rights of others–was seen as entirely unAmerican. It was because it is. But now, America is nothing but a bunch of whiny, riotous children who throw temper tantrums when they don’t get their way. If you are looking for the decline of American greatness, the utilization and reliance on riots and the heckler’s veto is a good place to start.

One of the main issues is that Americans are a jealous lot. You hear all the time about the “99%” or how the “rich don’t pay their fair share.” But what is fair? Fair is everybody having the same opportunity. Disregarding the narrative-busting fact that the rich pay more than their fair share, who cares what others have if it does not impinge on your ability to make money? If it does not impact your ability to pursue the American dream? That is why it is so evil to believe and espouse the quasi-religion known as socialism. If you believe in socialism, then it is perfectly acceptable to bemoan the fact others have more.

However, if you are a capitalist, others having more does not preclude you from getting more. The American pie is not a perpetual 10-pounder that everyone fights over larger percentages of, the American pie can be a 10-pounder one year, and a 15-pounder the next. The pie itself grows so long as the American economy grows. Just because you are stuck at 5% of the pie every year does not mean you only ever get 0.5 pounds of a 10-pound pie! When the pie grows to 15-pounds–and the American pie usually grows–you get 0.75 pounds of pie. But our jealousy blinds us to this fact (and now I’m hungry).

The Ubiquity of the New American Way; Not the Heckler’s Veto, The Heckler’s Fiat

In America, everybody has the same opportunities. No matter how many people claim otherwise, the laws are all the same. The regulations are all the same. Yes, it is appreciably harder for some than for others, but that does not mean the opportunities are not there. They are. And they are available to everybody. But the heckler’s veto says, “since I am not getting my way, nobody can get his way.” There is nothing fair about the heckler’s veto because it directly takes opportunity away from others. It is an affront to the traditional American way.

The heckler’s veto rescinds the opportunity to speak freely. It infringes on due process. It also stymies an American’s ability to seek a redress of grievances. Our jealousy and anger that others are getting more blinds us to the fact that we also can get more. But worse, it shrouds the fact that it is incumbent upon us to find that path and walk our way to the American dream.

The heckler’s video is so prevalent in today’s America that it is practically ubiquitous. The heckler’s veto is currently manipulating and controlling sports, due process, schools, journalism, and even $10 donations. This is what is meant by the statement, “the heckler’s veto is now the American way.” Americans everywhere are adopting the heckler’s veto to get things done.

“But there is too much gridlock!” And? Gridlock is the American way. But this is where we are as Americans. We use the heckler’s veto ad nauseum and declare to our fellow Americans, “do what I want, do as I say, or me and my mob will come after you.” So welcome to the new American way; mob rule and legislation via heckler’s veto? No, not heckler’s veto, heckler’s fiat.