The Bald-faced Lie of Black Lives Matter… Matters

The lie of Black Lives Matter is apparent when you supply a simple retort, “Which black lives?” Yes, which black lives matter? That is the question, and that is the revealing lie of black lives matter. As Terry Crews pointed out, the statement “Black Lives Matter” somehow does not actually mean, “All Black Lives Matter.” If black lives matter, then all black lives matter, but this is not the case according to Black Lives Matter activists. They do not care if a black person loses their life. No, they only care if a black person gets shot and/or killed by police, regardless of the actions they took prior to the shooting.

Look at the list of people shot and/or killed in the George Floyd riots; the overwhelming majority are black lives either lost or completely altered. Their lives mattered. However, their lives mattered less than the agenda. And that is the lie of black lives matter; your (black) life matters only if it furthers the agenda. The second it does not, the value of your life drops precipitously.

David Dorn’s life mattered. He was an upstanding citizen and police chief who continued to give back to the community even in retirement. It was his sense of honor and duty that ended up getting him killed. His life mattered. In fact, his life mattered much more than Jacob Blake’s. As humans, we all start on the same playing field. Our lives start to matter the second we are conceived. We are fully human and grow into the people we are through our upbringing and the decisions we make. David Dorn made good decision after good decision and although he died at the age of 77, he died too soon. His life mattered. However, his life did not matter according to Black Lives Matter activists, which is a devastatingly confusing concept considering David Dorn was black.

Seeing the Lie of Black Lives Matter By Juxtaposing David Dorn and Jacob Blake

Those same Black Lives Matter activists though will tell you that Jacob Blake’s life matters. While his life does matter in a general sense, it matters much less than that of David Dorn’s in a side-by-side comparison. That might seem harsh, but you add or subtract value to your own life by your own decision making and actions. The more we learn of David Dorn, the more it appears he was a great man. We cannot say the same for Jacob Blake.

The more video that comes out and the more we learn about Jacob Blake, the more we realize Jacob Blake was an absolute scumbag. Jacob Blake was shot seven times in the back because he refused to comply with police commands and was reaching for something (most likely a knife) in his car. Prior to that he fought with police officers and put one in a headlock. Before that, he dealt with a pair of taser shots like he was swatting a fly.

That is what occurred¬†after the police showed up. The police were called to the apartment because he stole the keys to a woman’s car. A woman he has known for roughly eight years and sexually assaults “around twice a year.” Something he did literally earlier that day, and again, an act he usually commits “when he drinks heavily.”

So to sum it up, Jacob Blake is a serial sexual assaulter who had sexually assaulted a woman that very day. He sexually assaulted her after driving to this woman’s house (1) to commit an act of sexual assault (2) an act he usually commits when drinking heavily (3) after he drove with three children in his car. And yet, this is the guy being held up as a paragon of virtue and whose shooting is the reason for more nationwide protests?

Complaining about Jacob Blake getting shot is not gaslighting by the Black Lives Matter movement, it is an outright lie. By pushing Jacob Blake’s shooting (which was an eminently good shot) over the sexual assault of a black woman reveals the lie of Black Lives Matter. David Dorn’s life mattered more than Jacob Blake’s and this woman’s life matters more than Jacob Blake’s, but the country is burning because people are supposed to ignore all the facts of the case and simply care that a black man was shot regardless of the reason why.

The Lie of Black Lives Matter “Say Their Names” Slogan

Instead, Black Lives Matter thrusts Jacob Blake’s shooting into the spotlight thereby making him a martyr, galvanizing riots and boycotts across the country and leading to multiple sports leagues (temporarily) suspending their playoffs. Drew Brees put Jacob Blake’s name on his helmet. Take a second to appreciate that. Drew Brees emblazoned the name of a serial sexual assaulter on his helmet because Black Lives Matter said his life matters. His life matters more than David Dorn’s simply because he was shot by police, even though every single one of Jacob Blake’s actions that day led to him getting shot by police. It was Jacob Blake’s fault he got shot by police¬†and nobody else’s.

If you want other people to listen to your claims and help you make real change, you need to stop lying to them. The lie of Black Lives Matter is that all black lives matter. This is clearly not the case with the Black Lives Matter movement. And their constant pushing of people and cases that are so obviously beyond the pale destroys any trust people should have in them.

You want people to “say their names?” Fine. People like Philando Castille, Breonna Taylor, and Walter Scott are martyrs who deserve to have their names forever remembered. But guys like Michael Brown and Jacob Blake? Their names keep popping out the mouths of people like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Michelle Obama as part of the movement. However, they absolutely should not be remembered except as cautionary tales on how not to interact with police (and regular people).

Every case of a black person dying at the hands of the police is not the same, and treating them as uniform discredits the BLM movement while also tearing away at the fabric of America. Black Lives Matter needs to stop lying directly to our faces and start getting serious about issues and try to instigate some real change. But Black Lives Matter is not a serious organization.

Everyone that comes out and pushes these false narratives while trying to elevate the names of lowlifes while ignoring the names of truly good people–simply for purposes of agenda–deserves to be ridiculed and called out for exactly what they are; race-baiting hustlers of the lowest order hellbent on the destruction of American society. And no, that is not some whacked right-wing conspiracy lie, but the true words of Black Lives Matter and its leaders. So stop listening and reacting to their lies, and start listening to the truth.