The Palestinian Leaders Deserve to Die Because the Palestinian People Deserve Better

When you hear and read about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, most of the time what you are actually getting is a synopsis of Israel (the government and the people) versus the Palestinian leaders. What you are not getting is a representation of what the Palestinian people want. The reason for this is quite simple; the Palestinian leaders do not represent the Palestinian people. We know this because the Palestinian people–and the rest of the world–have not experienced a Palestinian election in more than a decade and a half. It is not a representational government. Nor is it a direct democracy. It is a weird combination of both a dictatorship and a terrorist oligarchy. And, like many dictatorships and oligarchies, it is the Palestinian people who are suffering. But the Palestinian people do not deserve this, the Palestinian people deserve better.

Yes, the Palestinian people deserve better. Truly. This is what many antisemites actually get right when they spread evil lies about Israel; part of their motivation stems from their knowledge that the Palestinian people deserve better. They see the lack of infrastructure, they see the squalor, and they see the danger Palestinians must endure in situations like Covid where the Palestinian people got almost nothing. Everybody should look at that situation and be appalled. Most are. Those are good reactions.

Like Blaming an Injured Player for His Team Losing

The problem arises when the onus and blame are put on the Israeli government. Israel has not run Gaza since 2005 when it unilaterally pulled out and leveled its own settlements. Israel does not run the vast majority of what is known as the West Bank.

Yet, despite Israel not being in charge, Israel is blamed. That is like somebody blaming an injured player for his team losing despite not playing a single minute of the game. Sure, you might prefer the player to play and not be injured, but the fact is it cannot be his fault. The exception here is, Israel (the injured player) does all it can to help from the sidelines, but the rest of the team (the Palestinian leaders) refuses the help.

But most people either do not make or do not care enough to learn the dichotomy. There is a difference among Palestine, the Palestinian leaders, and the Palestinian people. These are separate entities. Would the vast majority of Israelis give up land right now to form a two-state solution if it meant no more wars, riots, and terrorism? Israelis would agree to those terms in a heartbeat.

Would any of the Palestinian leaders agree to such terms? Absolutely not. That is not conjecture, that is the truth. We know this is the truth because this scenario has occurred numerous times with the most damning instance coming from Yassar Arafat as he parroted the “three nos of Khartoum.” When you are enraging Bill Clinton with your pigheadedness, you have taken the mantle as one of the most obstinate people in the world.

The Palestinian People Deserve Better Than Leaders Who Refuse to Live in Reality

Part of what made Donald Trump’s perspective on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict so effective was that he saw the reality of the situation. For most of the last 30 years, American policy was ineffective because it was a-realistic. Time and time again, the supposed plans brought up by both Americans and Palestinians had no relationship with reality. But Trump was different. Trump took a look at the landscape of the Middle East and recognized two main truths: Israel is one of America’s greatest allies, and all other previous efforts to bring peace to the region failed.

So, instead of trying to force a round peg into a square hole like his predecessors, Trump decided to try and fit a round peg in a round hole. For all of Trump’s warts, Trump knows how to negotiate from positions of power. So, he took a look at the landscape and realized who has the power; Israel. If you want things to change–and change for the better–it is probably smarter to talk to your ally, who happens to be the one with the power, and see if emboldening them is a viable option.

Guess what? It worked. Instead of attempting to get to peace through weakness, Trump decided to try and achieve peace through strength. Thus, the Abraham Accords.

What Must Be Done if the Palestinian People Deserve Better

The Abraham Accords are monumental; the first major peace deals between Israel and Arab nations in almost 30 years. But all of that is being undone because Joe Biden took a look at the landscape and decided the avenue that brought peace was the wrong path.

So here we sit; with Palestinians suffering under the rule of terrorists and Israelis suffering thanks to a delusional American president and an antisemitic mainstream media. The rest of the world needs to stop this lunatic notion that terrorists should lead the Palestinians.

The Palestinian people deserve better than that. Once everybody acknowledges that this means getting rid of the Palestinian leaders, the Palestinian people will receive better. When we stop making excuses for terrorism, the Palestinian people will receive better. And Israelis will receive better. And the Middle East and the world will be better if the Palestinian people get what they deserve; better leaders and actual peace.