There is No Logical Case When Defending Iran

Defending Iran is something you do if you know nothing about Iran. Or defending Iran is something you do if you are aware of Iran’s atrocities and approve of what they are doing. Outside of these two scenarios, there is no logical case to make when defending Iran. Iran is the most perplexing topic when it comes to foreign policy; either you know about Iran and hate it with the passion of Gordon Ramsay getting served overcooked filet mignon, or you are an ignorant buffoon talking out your backside. There is no in-between.

The reason this is so cut-and-dry is that Iran does not hide their intentions. Nor does Iran hide its past. Iran is proud of what it has done, what it is doing, and what it wants to do. Listen to Iran. Go ahead, listen to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Listen to former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad. The two of them will tell you exactly what they think on a variety of subjects: Israel, Jews, infidels, Americans, and gays. If you are a progressive who has defended the JCPOA or Iran at any point since 2008, the only question is, “Why?” Why the hell would you do that? Do you not know the first thing about Iran?

The answer to that is, yes. Yes, or you are an ignoramus. That is why the debate surrounding Iran is so perplexing; if you knew the basics, you would know this is not up for debate. It is worse if you are a progressive. If you are a progressive, Iran is the last country to defend. However, everything is so polarized and partisan in America that the people least likely to defend a country like Iran are touting Iran as moderate. This, of course, could not be further from the truth.

It Makes No Sense Defending Iran, the Worst of the Worst

Iran is a theocracy. To be specific, Iran is a Shi’a theocracy. Nominally it is a republic, but it is a republic where the “executive, parliament, and judiciary are overseen by several bodies dominated by the clergy.” For a way too quick and watered-down primer on the differences between Sunni and Shi’a extremism, what you need to know about Iranian and Shi’a extremism is, “Shi’a terrorists, unlike their Sunni counterparts, enjoy direct state support and for that reason are far more likely to originate from Iranian embassies, consulates and state‐run businesses.” That is why when you hear about people getting so upset about the Houthis killing people in Yemen, it is in response to (1) the Houthis killing innocents in Yemen and (2) another proxy war originating out of Iran.

This is the reason President Donald Trump killed Qasem Soleimani in Iraq; Soleimani was there as part of an ongoing Iranian proxy war. The same way Iran supports and funds Hezbollah in Lebanon… and Hamas, and Islamic Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), and has its hands in Syria, and now has thrown all of its cards on the table and made a deal with China. Take a look at those names. Are those countries the defenders of human rights, or the main violators of human rights?

Iran is as Evil as Evil Gets and Those That Support Iran, Support Evil

That is why it is so perplexing when you encounter people and administrations defending Iran. Why is the Joe Biden administration meeting with Iran? Without preconditions? And now it sounds like they want to make a deal with Iran? Why? Name one redeeming Iranian government policy. It does not exist. If you support Iran, which is as evil as evil gets, you are supporting evil.

Yes, Barack Obama and the Obama administration supported pure evil when concocting the JCPOA, and now with Joe Biden and the Biden administration wanting to adopt an updated version of the JCPOA, Joe Biden is supporting pure evil. Yes, supporting evil by supporting Iran.

The same Iran that wants to “annihilate” Israel. The same Iran that indiscriminately kills protestors in the streets. That tortures and executes wrestlers, and does not even allow family to see him despite Iranian law.

How evil is Iran? Cutting off the fingers of thieves type evil. Flogging somebody 74 times type evil. “Savagely” hanging somebody for consuming alcohol type evil. That hangs more women than anywhere else type evil, and hangs them for killing in self-defense. And the coup de grace, hanging gays for being gay type evil.

The Binary Choice When Defending Iran

Defending Iran is a fool’s errand. That, or defending Iran is an evil person’s errand. Either you are ignorant and don’t know of what you speak, or you know what you speak and defend it anyways. That is what the Joe Biden administration is doing right now. They are defending pure evil by legitimizing Iran. That is why a progressive defending Iran is the most perplexing thing in the world; Iran is the anti-Progressive government.

So we should all be unified in our condemnation of Iran. The Iranian people are tremendous people. Iranians are some of the most courageous fighters of freedom anywhere in the world because they are literally risking their lives when protesting against their government. But Joe Biden spends his days–and American taxpayer money–defending Iran. That is a direct insult to freedom-loving Iranians and a capitulation of American values. When Joe Biden–or anybody else–defends Iran, he is letting freedom suffer and evil win.