The Post George Floyd Truths You Don’t Want to Hear

In the aftermath of the George Floyd murder, I have tried to write numerous articles. Each one was worse than the last. The problem was, quite simply, there was too much to cover. Too many topics with too much nuance and the word count kept rising and rising with each article. And yet, with all of those words, and all of those articles, the point kept getting lost because there was simply too much.

That is the feeling many people are struggling with right now; it is too much. Whether it is trying to come to terms with the police brutality that ends in the murder of George Floyd or the devastating riots that are causing America to burn, it is too much. So, in order to make everything as concise and understandable as possible, I have compiled a list of the post-George Floyd truths you don’t want to hear right now (concise being a relative term as this article comes in at 1,730 words):

The Most Obvious Post George Floyd Truths

The following are truths so obvious that if you disagree with any of these, there is no hope for us as a nation:

  1. Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd and three other police officers allowed it to happen
  2. George Floyd was not resisting arrest, but even if he was, putting your knee on somebody’s neck for minutes at a time is a recipe for murder and tragedy
  3. You do not deserve to die while in police custody and any officer that kills somebody who is not resisting arrest needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law
  4. Derek Chauvin needs to stand trial and go to jail forever (at the least)
  5. The other police officers did not do their job and were not protecting and serving while George Floyd’s life slipped away
  6. The vast majority of Americans (like 99%) agree with the above five facts
  7. Protesting is one of the most American things you can undertake
  8. Rioting and looting is never the answer
  9. The overwhelming majority of police condemn the actions of Derek Chauvin and want to see him prosecuted
  10. The people of Flint, Michigan, who have had so much to be angry about, produced one of the best moments of the past week

Some of the Harder Truths After George Floyd’s Murder

The following truths are hard to stomach, not known by many, or both:

  1. Cases of police brutality and black men getting killed by police without cause are rare and the statistics do not back up the narrative that the police are a rogue force indiscriminately killing black men
    1. Note: “unarmed black man” is not used in the previous sentence because somebody like Michael Brown would fall under that category, and that was a justifiable killing even though Brown was “unarmed” while attempting “to grab (Darren Wilson’s) gun.”
  2. The best type of day for a police officer is when they do not have to touch anybody, the worst type of day ends with them dead for doing their job
  3. White people are shot to death by police more than any other specific race
  4. While the anger of many people who are currently protesting and rioting is indeed real, the anger is overwhelmingly directed towards the specific case of police brutality against black people
  5. The George Floyd case had an eerily similar, tragic and worse predecessor in the case of Tony Timba, but there were no riots or protests in that aftermath
  6. One of the groups coming out and agreeing that police brutality and death by police needs to stop is the police themselves

The Hardest Truths to Consider

The following truths are the hardest to stomach because nobody wants to consider them right now:

  1. Lines like “F*ck all racist white people” are inherently racist and if you support people who say that, you have some racists tendencies
    1. The correct line is “F*ck all racists people”
    2. If you don’t see a difference in the two lines, you might not be a racist but you have racist tendencies
  2. All people of all colors can be racists and it is not just a one-way street
  3. The definition that racism can only be experienced as part of a power struggle between oppressor and oppressed is inherently illogical because positions of power are in no way static
  4. Cries of “deafening silence” and “we need your support” ring of hypocrisy when considering the following:
    1. The same people rioting and some of the same people protesting (not an overlapping group) did not utter a word as more and more Jews were getting harassed and killed across the country (with the exceptions being so rare, every outlet covered the same example)
    2. Some of the same people who are protesting and/or rioting were the same people beating the hell out of and killing Jews
    3. Jews will still stand with whatever group is being oppressed, but rarely will it be reciprocated
  5. All the different companies, teams, and organizations coming out with statements right now, standing in solidarity with the black community (a good thing), are completely silent when Jews are the ones getting harassed and killed
  6. Quoting Martin Luther King Jr’s “riots are the voice of the unheard” to support riots that destroy businesses, livelihoods and communities is simply excusing criminal conduct
    1. Even great and influential Americans and great and influential people can say and do terrible things
  7. Every business burned is taking food out of someone’s mouth and burning someone’s dreams to the ground
  8. Every item that is stolen or destroyed in a riot is taking food out of someone’s mouth and money out of their pocket
  9. Supporting celebrities who bail out rioters means you support taking food out of people’s mouths
  10. The rioting and looting is proving yet again why the 2nd Amendment is one of the most important things in American history and why any talk of banning semiautomatic weapons is a recipe for disaster
    1. If nobody can protect your store, your livelihood, and your family, it is on you to do so and an AR-15 is a much better tool for it than a hammer, bat, pistol or even shotgun

Philosophical Observations and Truths That Should Make You Angry

These are broader points that I’ve made before this, but are holding ever more true in the aftermath of the George Floyd murder. You might disagree with and get angry over some of the observations, but you will be hard-pressed to find statistics or evidence that substantiates your position:

  1. Religious institutions were limited to the number of congregants they could hold, but there is no limit on the number of protesters allowed to congregate
  2. The philosophy behind “it’s ok to loot and riot” has a direct correlation to the rise of godlessness in America
    1. If the only reason you can think of to not loot and riot is that you might get caught, you are godless and live an amoral life
      1. Rare is the looter who has the fear of G-d in him
  3. Rioting is the adult (and dangerous) form of throwing a temper tantrum
  4. The answer for less crime in all communities, including black communities, tends to be more police officers, not fewer and anybody that says differently has an agenda
  5. Antifa is a terrorist organization and people (like me) have been saying it for years
    1. Antifa is filled with almost all white people
    2. The Proud Boys is also a terrorist group… and is filled with white people
  6. The media stoked the flames of these protests and have been doing so for years by promoting narratives that were either merely anecdotal or outright factual fallacies
    1. Pushing “Hands Up Don’t Shoot,” which was a complete fabrication
    2. Lumping in Michael Brown with cases like Walter Scott and Philando Castile
    3. Laughing and downplaying Antifa simply because they opposed Trump
      1. Every journalist who is defending the actions of rioters is not a journalist but an activist and should be fired
    4. Publishing the 1619 Project which was blatantly ahistorical, but won Pulitzer Prizes anyways
      1. Any “journalist” or historian pushing this narrative is a biased activist and nothing more
  7. The riots and protests will be the start of the second wave and could help in developing herd immunity
  8. Returning to a state of lockdown after this would be completely irrational and illogical

The Silver Lining in the George Floyd Murder Aftermath

The video of George Floyd’s murder brought tears to my eyes and anger to my heart. Hearing his pleas was one of the most heart-wrenching things ever. The anger, frustration, and hopelessness that people are feeling right now is understandable, but burning America to the ground could have an adverse effect rather than making sure this never happens again. America is not this evil land filled with hate and built on slavery that many in mainstream media would have you believe. It is the land where things can get better. As it has in the past. And yes, it needs to do better in so many areas, specifically dealing with police brutality.

However, there is good news. The ones responsible for police brutality (the police), understand they need to do better. From cops holding up signs saying “End Police Brutality,” to sheriffs walking with protestors and taking knees, the police are listening. It has taken an obvious murder by a police officer to get there, but the police are listening. That is what the legacy of George Floyd needs to be. Not this violence and rioting and the burning of America, but the betterment of America and the betterment of ourselves. It was literally what George Floyd was talking about.

We need to stop being a lost and divided nation and start coming together to improve and understand what is most precious. Life is the most precious thing. Always. Some terrible police officers either forgot it or never learned it and a man is dead because of it. And we can never let that stand and we need to work on it until every police officer–and every American–acts accordingly. Because if we don’t do better and continue to kill one another–blacks on blacks, whites on whites, cops on blacks, and cops on whites–we’ll have ruined the legacy of George Floyd and killed him a second time, and that time, his murder will be all of our faults.