Why Was the Obama DOJ So Interested in Silencing Michael Flynn

Late this past week a peculiar thing happened; Jerusalem Post reporter Lahav Harkov broke one of the biggest stories of the last three years and nobody seemed to notice. Harkov reported that the Obama administration not only was the driving force behind U.N. Resolution 2334–which has been public knowledge for a while now–but that they also tried (and failed) to push a last-second resolution forcing “parameters for a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians… based on pre-1967 borders.”

On its face, this does not rise to the level of a bombshell; the Obama administration singling out Israel and trying to compel a completely illogical and untenable peace agreement was par for the course for Obama, Biden, Samantha Powers and company. However, there is something fishy lurking just above the surface in this report; it might be a tiny chunk of floating ice, or it could be a titanic sized iceberg. Namely, is this the reason for the reopening of the Michael Flynn investigation?

Conspiracy theories are not my thing. One of my most tried and true life philosophies is that of Occam’s Razor; the simpler of two explanations is preferred. It is why most of my critiques of Trump and the Trump administration are so easily defensible. When you are working off the premise that Trump is a narcissist who simply wants to show himself in the best of light while getting as many people to like him as possible, the things he does make more sense. No, Trump is not some evil mastermind playing upside-down 4-D underwater chess, he is simply a counterpuncher looking for a fight.

The same holds true for my numerous critiques of Barack Obama and his administration’s actions towards Jews and Israel. If a guy spends year after year listening to the words of a blatant antisemite, it is not much of a shock when he and his administration end up as one of the worst for Jews and the state of Israel in the last 40 years. But when it comes to Michael Flynn and the Obama Department of Justice’s investigation into the former general, the question has always been, “why did they go so hard after him and reopen the case when there was no evidence?” Lahav Harkov’s article might contain the answer.

The Michael Flynn Investigation Was an Obvious Abuse of Power, So Why Did it Happen?

We now know the FBI had no real evidence against Michael Flynn. The FBI said so itself. James Comey had already filed the paperwork to dismiss the caseĀ 20 days prior to the interview where Flynn was caught lying. And yet, they pushed forward. The narrative was that the FBI was looking for connections between Flynn, Russia, and Russia collusion. They went so far as to threaten him with the unconstitutional Logan Act. But why? With the Obama administration opening the Michael Flynn investigation in August of 2016 and the case being dead on arrival by January 4th, 2017, why did the Obama DOJ reopen the case?

Well, in December of 2016 the Obama administration orchestrated one of the most cowardly moves in the history of international relations. The lame-duck administration was the driving force behind U.N. Resolution 2334, which condemned Israel and accused it of illegal occupation; something it could have done in the prior eight years, but (ironically) abstained from doing until the very last minute. This was to be the Obama administration’s swan song in the U.N. If it could not get anything done, at least it could smear Israel on the way out. Talk about a lasting impression.

But now we know–at least according to the report by Harkov and the corresponding declassified Michael Flynn transcripts–the Obama administration had one more joker up their sleeve. They wanted to try and impose a peace agreement in the U.N. between Israel and the Palestinians predicated on the untenable and illogical pre-1967 borders. The move was so bad and disastrously concocted (a staple of Obama foreign relations) the Russians thought it wise to intercede and stop the move. That is part of what was discussed in the now declassified transcripts between Michael Flynn and Sergey Kislyak. Flynn brought up the subject in their phone call and Kislyak responded with, “So we are not going to support it (the peace agreement) in the quartet or in the Security Council, and we have conveyed [that] to our American colleagues.”

The Russian Collusion That Wasn’t and the Michael Flynn Russia Collusion That Was

The discovery of the Obama administration’s tactics behind pushing U.N. Resolution 2334 was appalling. That was simply a move to accuse and condemn Israel on the world stage for exercising its own sovereignty; something every other country in the world is allowed to do without repercussion. Now imagine if it came to light that while they did that they were at the same time trying to force a wildly outrageous peace plan that was illogical at best and overtly antisemitic at the worst.

If you had already shown the world how terribly you treated the only Jewish state in the world, would you want to try and cover up your most egregious maneuver, especially if it was your last move on the world stage? A move so egregious and wrongheaded the Russians said, “nyet.” I know I would. That gives you a pretty good reason to go after the guy in direct conversation with the Russian ambassador who could expose it all.

So when you look at the timeline of the Michael Flynn investigation, and you add this story from Lahav Harkov to the mix, there seems to be an oddly strong link between the two. This might not have beenĀ the main ingredient for the abusive and unlawful Michael Flynn investigation, but it certainly looks like the egg and flour in that corrupt cake.

From all reports, it is now clear the Obama administration and the DOJ investigation into Michael Flynn was corrupt and/or an abuse of power. Many have been looking for the reason why they tried so hard to discredit Flynn, and by extension, Trump. Especially after coming up empty in terms of actual evidence. The glue that supposedly held it all together was Russian Collusion between Flynn and Kislyak, and Trump and the Russians. In light of the Harkov article, we now know they were right.

The irony of all of this is there was in fact collusion between Trump and the Russians, but it was not with the goal to swing the election to Trump as many had theorized. No, it was in fact to deny the Obama administration’s historically terrible idea of instituting a forced peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. Michael Flynn was simply caught in the crosshairs and now we might know exactly why; to cover up an overtly antisemitic and disastrous last-ditch effort by Obama and one of the most anti-Israel administrations in U.S.-Israel history.