The Religion of Socialism and its New Pope, Bernie Sanders

Despite what many people now say, religions are a great thing. They bring people together behind a common cause, fomenting relationships and social orders while providing large numbers of people with a purpose. A shared goal that everyone can strive towards and–more important than anything else–provide its adherents with a set of guidelines to live by. However, not all religions are good, and not all religions are the same. Around the world–and in particular, in the United States–we are seeing the re-emergence of a 200+-year-old religion; the religion of Socialism.

Yes, Socialism is a religion. In the same way that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are religions. The equivalencies run deep, but you do not have to dig deep in order to uncover them; from having a figurehead that certain factions follow depending on the area to believing in something others can claim is just a figment of the imagination. The religion of Socialism is beginning to permeate numerous facets of American life, and–much like the poorer forms of religion–it is to the detriment of those swept away by its furor.

The Religion of Socialism is Indeed a Religion, Don’t Believe It?

First, like any Western Civilization religion, Socialism has its leaders. If you were in the United Kingdom this past election cycle, its leader was the antiSemite Jeremy Corbyn (who proceeded to get historically clobbered in the election). Now in America, it looks increasingly like the Democratic party is set to follow in the Labour Party’s footsteps and throw Bernie Sanders at the top of the ticket.

The similarities between Sanders and Corbyn are startling, even down to the ignominious past as it relates to Jews and Israel (with Sanders’ lauded surrogates doing the work Corbyn did himself). But just like the Corbynites in the U.K., in the U.S.A., Sanders is the head of a massive moment. He is the pope of the Religion of Socialism, and if not the pope, he is Socialism’s Cardinal for the United States; with his archbishop, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes, disseminating his message at every available opportunity.

Like any invigorated religion, Socialism works best on the younger and more susceptible of the population. While the current Socialist Cardinal of the United States is a near octogenarian, the most fervent of its followers are of the youngest (dare say ignorant) demographic. 51% of young Americans aged 18-29 look upon the religion of Socialism with favor. 51%! For those of you not mathematically inclined, that is more than half of people aged 18-29. Much like traditional religion, Socialism can get its hooks in the younger and more susceptible of the populace and convince them that its way is the right way (“indoctrinate the young!”). If you are older, you know better.

The Dirty Secret to the Religion of Socialism

The key to truly understanding the religion of Socialism is this very point; the less ignorant you are, and the more knowledge you have of world history, the more Socialism and its followers fall under the rubric of religion and devotees. The most common refrain against traditional religion is a simple one, “how can you believe in something that is not real? There is no proof that there is a god or many gods, and therefore–because there is no proof–no god or gods must exist.” While this statement is certainly up for debate (as in, it has been debated for literal millennia after millennia), it proves too much… especially for those believers in Socialism who denounce religion.

Why? Because it takes more blind faith to believe in the efficacy of Socialism than it does to believe in a supreme deity, deities, or an Unmoved Mover. History is replete with stories and personal accounts of people seeing god, or being helped by some unknowable source. Of miracles–both small and big–or unexplainable occurrences from miraculous cancer recoveries to people being saved by an arm, hand or voice. However, some people scoff at those stories, and they have the right to do so, but they must also scoff at anybody that says, “socialism works.”

Why? Because they can’t prove it! Put the religion of Socialism to the test and prove it. Name the one glowing socialist country that has succeeded. They won’t because they can’t. There is not a single socialist country in the entire history of the world that anybody can point to and say, “there… right there… that is a successful socialist country.” Even the countries that Bernie Sanders points to as socialists havens have come out and said, “ummm, no, we are not a socialist country.”

The Dehumanization of Socialism

Socialism and Communism have alway, do always, and will always end in ruin and despair. Worse, while most Western religions preach patience and caring for your fellow man, Socialism preaches hatred of those with more. Socialism boils down individuals into wallets and class systems. No wonder when socialism starts getting more and more popular the number of imprisoned, starving, or dead, rise dramatically; when you no longer look at people as people but rather mere dollar signs, it takes very little effort to dehumanize them completely.

The religion of Socialism and its followers want you to believe in the tenets of the religion despite there being no proof it works, ever (if you say China, Uyghurs and the Coronavirus would like a word). They want you to follow along in their bible (the Communist Manifesto), listen to their preachers (Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes), and help convert more to their cause (51%!).

They ask you to do so on faith alone. Blind faith. The kind of faith they deride other religions for. A type of faith that even when shown example after example of how ruinous and apocalyptic their religion is, they cannot be shaken from their belief system. An utter, unwavering faith that their cause is the right one, that their leader has been granted knowledge and wisdom to open doors to others, and despite a plethora of examples showing it is a false and deadly philosophy, they are unflinching in their support. There is only one word for that type of belief system. A religion. The deadly and dangerous religion of Socialism.